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[Tackling fussy eater] How to get more peaceful meal-time

2014 May 17
by MieVee @

Fussy eater homemade baby food

Have a fussy eater who doesn’t like to chew? Doesn’t like vegetables? Yet loves crunchy snacks like crackers? Just wish to have more peaceful meal times without resorting to TV / iPad / i-anything?

Here’s a compilation of the various ways I’m using to “tackle” my 2 older boys (Vee and Jae), written in a Q & A style. Baby El just started eating solids, which is the best time to set good eating habits.

Q: I’ve a fussy eater who eats very little during meal times. After that, he’ll say he’s hungry. Should I feed him snacks?

A: If my kid is hungry after finishing his meal, he can have healthy snacks, even straight after meal is fine. In fact, I do that myself. They watch me start eating snacks such as wholemeal cereal flakes / wholemeal crackers / banana after lunch and rush to do the same.

But not finishing meal (and not ill), I’ll remind him during meal time that it seems like he isn’t hungry. Next meal time is X o’clock.

I may refrigerate leftover food (not contaminated with saliva) and heat it up 1-2 hours later. Hungry? Continue with previous portion. Else wait till the next meal.

Breakfast: I’d usually include healthy foods they like. For example, banana, yoghurt, sunflower seeds, a few raisins (only about 1 to each year of age to prevent sugar-rush and hyper kids). This way, he gets one proper meal and has less craving in the day.

Even if they finish their meal, official snack is only milk and no / a little bit of food. I like to let them be hungry by meal time, which makes them look forward to eating.

Q: I don’t wish to force feed during meal time. But if I disallow snacks when he says he’s hungry after meal time, will he starve?

A: I’m rather sure most of our kids won’t starve. They need to experience real hunger to appreciate food. Quite the opposite is happening in our modern society, our kids seldom feel real hunger so fussy eaters appear.

Q: What is considered finishing his meal? How much should I offer my child?

A: I give toddler Jae (2.5yo, 14+ kg) 1 kid’s size bowl of food and 1 bowl of soup, which I know he can finish. This is based on observing his appetite since young. And on how much he can finish favourite foods.

Vee (5yo, 19+ kg) can eat more, probably 1.5 to 2 times of Jae’s. It really depends on the child.

If you’re starting a routine, offer a small portion of food including some fruits first, something he can finish. Let him experience a sense of achievement. Then gradually increase the portion.

For a baby or toddler, I usually will prepare 2 bowls. 1 bowl containing his full portion of food. Another bowl for the feeding portion. I’ll scoop a bit of food into his feeding bowl and let him try self-feeding or with some assistance (such as holding my finger). When that’s done, then scoop more food into the feeding bowl.

  1. This way, the child will have a small and easy “target” to reach each time. Feels much easier than facing a bowl full of food.
  2. Also, there’s less frustration if he accidentally spills the food, and less wastage if he really doesn’t wish to eat anymore.

For a child who’s under-eating, you may experiment with a bigger bowl. Recent research shows kids with bigger bowls tend to want more, eat more and waste more. (View the article here)

Q: How much fluids or soup before and during meals?

A: I don’t offer fluids just before meals else it’ll fill tiny tummies. If he’s thirsty, I do allow sips of water near meal time.

For the same reason, discourage gulping down soup at the beginning of meal. I’d add some soup to his food if he likes. The rest of the soup is reserved till the end of the meal. I read in a Chinese book that drinking soup at the end of the meal helps “expand” the stomach, to increase appetite in future.

(So for someone who wish to reduce appetite, drink soup at the beginning of the meal.)

Q: She doesn’t like to eat vegetables. Help!

A: For some time, Jae didn’t like to see green vegetables in his bowl. He’d try to pick them out.

For his self-feeding bowl, I put other food except vegetables. I’ll feed him vegetables mixed with some food from another bowl.

He has a hard time chewing leafy vegetables and anything too tough, so these have to be cut very finely. When outdoors during weekends, I let him skip our vegetables and take packet vegetable purée* as a supplement. He’s happy to feed himself an entire meal of rice / noodles, tofu, egg, etc.

You may also offer vegetables blended into milk smoothie or minced meat / rice balls with vegetables.

Whatever he says, I’ve never stopped offering vegetables to him since babyhood. Keep trying and let him watch the family eat vegetables.

Let her learn from natural consequences: When Jae’s bums hurt from slightly hard stools, I’ll remind him that he needs to eat more green vegetables. The next time he says he doesn’t want vegetables, I’ll comment “Oh dear… what if your bums hurt again?”

Another way is to include her favourite healthy food/fruit in meals. For example, Jae loves eggs and cherry tomatoes. For a long time, there’s egg during every lunch and cherry tomato bits in every dinner. This way, he ate with less fuss. Sometimes, I include apple / pear bits in his food when the rest of us are already eating fruits. He likes the crunchiness and natural sweetness of fruits.

Q: My child is unable to chew vegetables and anything too tough. She can keep food in her mouth for a long time.

A: I don’t fight with Jae over this anymore. With 3 kids to settle at the dining table, there’s no time for helicopter parenting. If that mouthful is inside for longer than normal, I confirm with him “Can’t chew?”, then allow him to spit back into the bowl.

I’ll cut it even finer, or put aside if it’s really too tough, and offer another spoonful. And I try to be careful that nothing is too hard to chew onwards. Else, he may keep spitting out or refuse to eat anymore.

We usually only eat (non-fish) meat outdoors, so I make sure it’s the softer or minced type, else no need to bother. I simply offer him rice / noodles + tofu / egg.

Q: My kid loves fried and crispy stuff with his meals. How to avoid this unhealthy habit?

A: My kids love crispy stuff too. Which kid doesn’t?!?  Try using premium-quality coconut oil such as this* to occasionally pan-fry animal protein including eggs and meat. (Top 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Oil). Coconut oil can withstand very high cooking temperature.

On the other hand, avoid frying and baking plant-based food such as potatoes: Acrylamide in Food and Cancer Risk

Apparently, breakfast cereal may produce acrylamide too. Yet during really fussy periods, I’ve added a few in the kids’ meals to eat with the proper food. As mentioned earlier, adding crunchy fruit bits does the trick too.

Q: What do you feed your children with?

Fussy eater lunch

Simple, wholesome, nutrient-dense food. Children’s tummies are small, so every mouthful of food (at home) has to be packed with nutrients. For lunch and dinner, these are our ingredients:

  • multi-grains such as brown rice mixed with pearl barley, millet and quinoa OR wholemeal pasta / noodles / bee hoon
  • lightly stir-fried organic vegetables (green leafy ones, broccoli, cauliflower, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, carrot)
  • beans such as French beans (combining beans with whole grains is an easy way to get complete protein,without relying on meat)
  • egg (usually hard-boiled), 1 for each lunch at home
  • fish high in omega fats, such as salmon and mackerel, during dinner at home
  • potato/carrot/tomato soup, 1 bowl per meal (boil 2 days’ worth and freeze extra portion for following day)
  • premium-quality olive oil and coconut oil
  • cherry tomatoes (cut / peeled into quarters) and Japanese cucumber slices as finger food during meal
  • super wide range of fruits — I started offering these since the boys were babies, so they eat lots of fruits, including guavas, passion fruits, dragon fruits, water apples, berries, and more

I do only a weekly rotation for the kids and myself:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: multi-grains + gently stir-fried veges + egg / fish + soup
  • Tuesday: gently stir-fried wholemeal pasta with veges + egg / fish + soup
  • Thursday: gently stir-fried wholemeal noodles with veges + egg / fish + soup
  • Saturday: gently stir-fried wholemeal bee hoon with veges + egg + soup (Or fried rice with everything in)

It sounds boring yet the ingredients are full of natural flavours and textures. Keeping things simple is easy for whoever is cooking too.

In the picture above, Vee’s having fun using a mould to make his own “sushi”.

In the picture right at the top, it’s Baby El’s rice cereal with steamed sweet potatoes and a bit of extra virgin coconut oil. He gobbled it up, phew!

Tackling fussy eaters can be challenging. When Jae kicks up a fuss about food (again!), I laugh it off that it’s karma – I used to be a skinny fussy eater. Hated rice, hated veges, hated plain water, refused to eat bread with even 1 tiny hole, rejected half-boiled egg with the yolk burst, wary of new food, loved junk food, fell ill every 3 months.

Yet now, I can live on a meatless diet, drink lots of fluids, am healthy almost all year round, and no longer underweight. Some day, I grew up and learnt about eating a proper diet for long-term health. Have faith that kids can outgrow fussy eating!

Hope this article helps and may you have a peaceful meal time! :)

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Disclaimer: The above is sharing from my personal experiences with my children, and is not substitute for medical advice.

Disclosure: Mummy’s Reviews™ is a review site that receives compensation if readers make purchases from affiliate links (these are marked with an *). If we receive compensation from the companies whose products we review, this would be disclosed. These compensation help to maintain and grow Mummy’s Reviews™. We test each product thoroughly and give ratings according to our experience with it. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

[Style] Maternity / nursing dresses (discount + giveaway) [Ubermums]

2014 March 31
by MieVee @

ubermums nursing dresses marseille_navy1

Need lovely maternity and nursing dresses? Check out today’s Ubermums review…

About Ubermums

ubermums logo

Here’s a little background on Ubermums:

  • Started by: Edwina Eng, mother to a toddler and a baby (from Singapore)
  • What’s HOT: DUO range that combines maternity apparel with nursing features — a practical and popular choice
  • Country of origin: Made all over the Asian region as different countries specialise in different fabrics

First Impressions

While breastfeeding Baby #3 (El), I’m still wearing Ubermums nursing clothes reviewed here and the nursing poncho is a must-have in my diaper bag.

This year, Ubermums provided me with 3 dresses to refresh my wardrobe during Lunar New Year. I chose Cadence DUO Maxi Dress in Plum, Marseille Tiered DUO Dress in Navy, and Issa Maternity & Nursing Dress in Fuchsia. (Left to right in the photos below)

Even during the peak Christmas week, the parcel arrived within a few days by normal mail. I was surprised! Still, I’d encourage registered mail unless you’re flying out of Singapore in a rush (like I was).

Once the package arrived, I eagerly tried them on to show my arty farty sister. She likes Issa dress (1st on the right) the most.
Mummy's Reviews - ubermums nursing dresses

I’m soooo short! When Baby El starts walking well, I’ll definitely be wearing high heels again!

Our Detailed Review – Ubermums Maternity / Nursing Dresses

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Laundry: ★★★ The care instructions recommend handwashing in warm water under 30°C. This is fine because I prefer handwashing my nice dresses anyway. However, I think the label should omit the word “warm” for clarity.

There’s no colour run after handwashing in cold water. I also hang them flat for drying to maintain their shape.

(b) Fit & Comfort: ★★★★★ Since size XS isn’t offered, I chose size S like the last time and all 3 dresses fit me perfectly!

The bad news: I’ve “grown” after giving birth to 3 babies.

The good news: Yeah, no need to send for alteration! *Must think positive* :)

The waistline is made of stretchy material. Marseille in Navy (the dress in the middle) should be able to accommodate a bigger pregnancy bump than the other 2 dresses.

All the dresses are comfortable in our hot and humid weather, thanks to the sleeveless design and thin material.

Going off-point a bit: I used to get cold easily in air-conditioned places. After my first confinement, my body changed and I get warm easily. Love sleeveless or short-sleeved clothes.

If I’m really cold, I use the Ubermums nursing poncho to keep warm.

The simple designs are versatile for different occasions. Just pair up with different shoes and accessories. Ok, now I need more shoes and accessories. Heh…

(c) Ease of Use:★★★★★ Nursing is a breeze in these dresses. Simply push aside the neckline to the access the nursing openings in the inner layer. When in public, I usually nurse with the nursing poncho as well.

(d) Quality: ★★★★ Sewing and workmanship are excellent. I’ve worn each dress several times, still not enough to judge the long-term quality though.

(e) Overall Value: ★★★★★ The dresses retail between SGD59 to SGD63.90, which is a reasonable range for lovely and multi-functional dresses.

I love Ubermums nursing dresses! More designs, please…

What we like about them:

  • Lovely, simple and versatile design
  • Multi-purpose — 2-in-1 for maternity and nursing
  • Comfortable in hot and humid weather

What can be improved:

  • Omit the word “warm” in care instructions
  • More designs for beautiful nursing dresses, please… – There’re many with floral prints. How about stripes? And more with slightly stiff fabric (instead of so many drape-types)?

Win Your Own

Mummy's Reviews - ubermums nursing tops giveaway
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  1. First Prize: Tulip Maternity and Nursing Top in Black worth SGD42.90
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  • If you’re a winner, the colour / design of your prize depends on the stock available.
  • It will run until 11 April 2014 (Friday) 2359hr (GMT +8).
  • The usual Giveaway Terms apply.

Submit your entry now and good luck!

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To get your own stylish and wearable maternity and nursing wear, visit Ubermums.

  • Special Treat: 15% discount
  • Discount Code: Mummy15
  • Validity Period: For 2 weeks until 13 April 2014

Disclosure: I received a Cadence DUO Maxi Dress in Plum, Marseille Tiered DUO Dress in Navy, and Issa Maternity & Nursing Dress in Fuchsia from Ubermums for review.

Mummy’s Reviews™ is a review site that receives compensation if readers make purchases from affiliate links (these are marked with an *). If we receive compensation from the companies whose products we review, this would be disclosed. These compensation help to maintain and grow Mummy’s Reviews™. We test each product thoroughly and give ratings according to our experience with it. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

[Stylish Baby] Ciinolin Muslin Swaddle (Discount + Giveaway)

2014 March 25
by MieVee @

Mummy's Reviews - Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles

Today, I’m reviewing Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles, provided by Ciinolin. It’s a set of soft and comfy swaddles that keep Baby El sleeping snugly AND soundly as I’m typing away.

After trying several types of swaddles on Vee and Jae, this is the first time I’m using large muslin wraps. They’re much easier than I thought, on top of super-versatility. Here goes the review…

About Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles

These are the main features of the swaddle:

  • Fabric: 70% rayon from natural bamboo fibres, 30% cotton
  • Size: 47″ x 47″
  • Country of origin: Made in China (Designed in Malaysia)

The company is founded by Yin, a former banker, who’s now Mummy to a little boy. I love supporting Mumpreneurs who try to balance family and work!

Also, Ciinolin supports giving: a portion of the sale of each box of swaddles will be donated to provide 6 underprivileged children in Myanmar with their own sets of school stationery.

First Impressions

Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles 1936x1288-003

I chose the Cirebon Adventures prints because my older boys, Vee and Jae, love planes and hot air balloons. They arrived nicely packaged in a cardboard box, very presentable as a gift.

Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles 1936x1288-004

The print is very clear, with solid colours.

The fabric is thin and smooth, exactly what I’d put on delicate baby skin.

When I opened the swaddles up, oh my… they’re huge! Much bigger than the square cloth nappies that I use to swaddle newborns.

Our Detailed Review

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Laundry: ★★★★★ The instructions say “Wash in cool / cold water with like colours”. Since I only do one load of warm 40°C wash daily, I include these swaddles and they’ve been turning out fine.

I do put them in a laundry net with other towels before washing.

They’re very thin and open up for drying, so take only one sunny afternoon to dry.

(b) Ease of Use: ★★★ It takes several tries to learn the “art” of swaddling a baby snug enough for a good sleep. I’ve been doing this since Vee was a baby 5 years back, so it’s rather easy for me.

For a new mum, you may refer to the 4-step pictorial guide behind the box. Since a baby sleeps many times a day, anyone can be an expert “swaddler” in a few days!

During breastfeeding, if Baby El’s in a Ciinolin Muslin Swaddle, he may wriggle his arms out. After feeding, I’ll swiftly swaddle him back to let him continue sleeping.

As a newborn, Baby El usually pooped at night and needed diaper changes. I’d need to unswaddle him, change, and re-swaddle again. He sleeps through diaper changes rather well, phew!

(c) Fit: ★★★★★ The size is very generous at 47″ by 47″. Even at 4.5 months old, Baby El still fits into the Ciinolin swaddles. Since most babies can be swaddled until they start rolling (about 3 to 6 months?), these muslin cloths should fit rather well.

Here are snapshots of Baby El taking naps in Ciinolin swaddles as he grows…

Mummy's Reviews - Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles baby el
(d) Performance: ★★★★★The swaddle keeps Baby El’s arms snugly by his sides or on his tummy, allowing him to sleep soundly. He’s a bit like Vee — if his hands can reach his face, he’d start rubbing or sucking his fists and wake himself up. On the other hand, Jae could sleep with his hands beside his face.

For the record, with a Ciinolin swaddle, Baby El can sleep up to 2+ hours during nap, and from 9p.m. to 1a.m. before needing a feed. Of course, this differs from day to day.

In between feeds, if he stirs too much, I’d carry him up to burp or rock a bit, then put him down again. Snug swaddling makes it easy to let him continue sleeping more cycles.

These swaddles are also very versatile. I brought them during a recent trip to Sydney and have used them as:

  • Spare burp cloths (Baby El regurgitates several times after each feed and we need lots of cloths on hand.)
  • Nursing cover (He regurgitated all over my only nursing cover. Luckily, this Ciinolin swaddle is so huge that I can cover both of us adequately when feeding in public. It’s very airy as a nursing cover.)

The beautiful prints are perfect for use outdoors.

When Baby El outgrows swaddling, the boys can have one each as a small blanket.

At this point, I’d like to highlight safety. As a Mummy co-sleeping with baby (in the same room or on the same mattress), I’m always near Baby El. Even when he naps, I’m doing stuff in front of his cot or just the next room and check on him once in a while.

When baby is a few months old, he may stretch his arms during sleep and be strong enough to undo the swaddle and potentially cover his face.

Therefore, please use muslin wraps on older babies only under close supervision. Actually, this is the same common sense principle as with all baby products. Always supervise baby closely, yah?

(e) Comfort: ★★★ The fabric is very soft and smooth. However, after folding down and wrapping around baby, there can be 6 layers of bamboo / cotton on him. This makes it rather warm in a hot afternoon without air-conditioning.

Moreover, Baby El perspires A LOT.

So when using this swaddle, I’ll dress him only in a singlet and diaper. Then turn the air-con on to cool the room down, before turning it off. Thankfully we have a huge ceiling fan that keeps the room cool after that.

(f) Quality: ★★★★★ The sewing and workmanship is excellent. After washing them on rotation for 4 months, the swaddles still feel soft and smooth.

(g) Overall Value: ★★★★ Each Ciinolin 3-pack  Swaddle retails at USD45, with free shipping within West Malaysia. Initially, I thought it was high for 3 pieces of cloths. After 4.5 months, I realised the true value of 3 HUGE, beautiful, lasting and versatile cloths. They can be used for a long, long time at home.

Multi-purpose swaddles that keep baby sleeping soundly. Would make a great baby shower gift.

What we like about it:

  • Generous size — can swaddle baby even as he grows; big enough to use as nursing cover
  • Superb quality — last through many warm washes
  • Attractive prints — nice at home and great for outdoors

What can be improved:

  • Replace the stiff yellow label on each swaddle with a softer fabric

Win Your Own

To thank supporters of Mummy’s Reviews™ Parents Club, this Giveaway is EXCLUSIVE to Parents Club members. FOUR (4) lucky members will win one box of Ciinolin 3-pack Swaddles worth USD45 each! (2 from Singapore and 2 from West Malaysia, 2 designs for each country)

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Other Information

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  • It will run until 4 April 2014 (Friday) 2359hr (GMT +8).
  • The usual Giveaway Terms apply.

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Get Your Own (with Discount!)

To get Ciinolin Muslin Swaddles for yourself or as gifts, visit Ciinolin.

  • Special Treat: 20% discount (not inclusive of shipping; shipping in West Malaysia is free)
  • Discount Code: C63B123DD7B5E97
  • Validity Period: 2 months until 24 May 2014

P.S. Read more reviews and tips on baby sleep.

Sharing time: Have you used a swaddle that you and your baby love? Feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

Disclosure: I received a box of Ciinolin 3-pack Swaddles for review.

Mummy’s Reviews™ is a review site that receives compensation if readers make purchases from affiliate links (these are marked with an *). If we receive compensation from the companies whose products we review, this would be disclosed. These compensation help to maintain and grow Mummy’s Reviews™. We test each product thoroughly and give ratings according to our experience with it. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Save money on baby food, vitamins & more [iHerb Review #2]

2014 February 27
by MieVee @

iherb review 2

iHerb is still one of my favourite online stores, since my first order in 2010. If you want to save money buying organic baby food, vitamins and more for the whole family, this follow-up review is for you.

You’ll also see my latest shopping carts filled with  favorite items and you may use coupon code EWO013 to get up to USD10 off your first order. (Up to 28 February 2014, there’s 10% off all orders.)

About iHerb

Here’s a little background about iHerb:

  • History: An e-commerce business that has been running since 1996
  • What’s on sale: One of the largest selections of high-quality nutritional products in the world. More than 35,000 products made by more than 1000 well-known, respected brands. At great value-for-money
  • Shipping: U.S. and international, with a range of shipping options
  • Country: Operates from a 360,000 sq. ft. air-conditioned warehouse in the city of Moreno Valley, California. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility following certification by NSF International
If you’re eager to shop, just go straight to my recent shopping carts* to peek at what I just re-ordered.

Our Detailed Review — My iHerb Experiences

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Selection: ★★★★ The selection is huge where I can find suitable and high-quality skincare products (e.g. kids’ toothpaste, baby body wash and shampoo) and vitamins. Often, these are items that are not easily available or more expensive locally.

After the previous review, there’re still limited cloth diapers available. More please, iHerb… so that mums can try them out.

Hubby and I still use African Black Soap as a natural and effective facial wash. Now iHerb offers pure African Black Soap in liquid form (see it here*) but I prefer to get a soap bar and dilute it at home to save on packaging and shipping cost.

(b) Ease of Shopping: ★★★★★ As good as before. iHerb’s website is very easy to navigate, with a smart search box.

The product information is very detailed with:

  • zoom-in images of information stated on the packaging,
  • product description and ingredients,
  • expiry date,
  • link to the manufacturer’s website, and
  • reviews by other users

After more than 20 orders over almost 4 years, I’m happy to report that all items have met expectations. Of course, I did my homework before buying a new product, by reading many reviews and comparing options.

Nowadays, I usually re-order the same items, so the re-ordering function saves me lots of time.

(c) Payment & Delivery: Payment is very easy via credit card, through a secure page with SSL.

Regarding packaging: Bottle caps / pumps are covered with tape, then bottles placed in individual plastic zipper bags (that can be reused). Each fragile glass bottle is packed in a thick mini egg carton. Very reliable packaging.

As for shipping, there’s a VAST difference now between shipping to Singapore versus shipping to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Sending my purchases to Singapore win DOUBLE. HANDS. DOWN.

Shipping to Singapore ★★★★★

(a) Direct delivery through Singapore Post:

  • Flat USD4.00
  • Weight: up to 14 pounds (6350 grams)
  • Value: up to $200.00, OK for P.O. Box
  • Takes 4-8 business days, with tracking number
  • Only for consumers, not for re-sellers

Since I’m visiting my parents in Singapore in a few weeks, I just submitted an order via this method. The shipping fee is very attractive.

(b) DHL Express International (for faster delivery):

  • USD8.00 for 8 pounds
  • $1.00 for each additional pound
  • Usually takes 2-4 days, with tracking number
  • Not for P.O. (post office) box. Max 150 lbs.

During my last stay in Singapore in December 2013, I realised that shipping from iHerb to Singapore is much cheaper and reliable than to KL, so I made a last-minute order using this method. The parcel arrived on time, as what I’d expect from DHL.

Shipping to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) No star for now

(a) Global Priority Mail by DHL:

  • Flat USD4.00
  • Orders up to $80.00, and 4 pounds (1814 grams)
  • Usually Takes 1-4 weeks, 10 days to Europe and Pacific
  • 2-12 weeks to Russia and Brazil
  • No Tracking & Non-refundable

The weight limit is very low, so I used to split packages into about 4 pounds each. In the past, they arrived in about 2 weeks. But from August 2013, they took much longer. I’d one parcel reach after 4 weeks, one after 6 weeks, and one didn’t even reach after half a year!

I subscribe to a branded mailbox service in town (open from 10a.m. to 10p.m. every day including public holidays) to receive my parcels, so having a lost mail is unacceptable. iHerb explained Global Priority Mail as this: “DHL will pick up your order from our warehouse, and then pass it to your individual countries’ postal service for final delivery.” So it could be the local postal service which is unreliable.

Anyway, I sent iHerb a feedback and the customer service officer gave me a refund out of goodwill because this is my first lost parcel report over 20+ orders in 3+ years. I used the refunded amount to ship my re-order to Singapore instead.

(b) DHL Express- International

  • Usually Takes 2-4 days, with tracking number
  • No P.O. (post office) box. Max 150 lbs.
  • Extra shipping discount for orders over $60.00
  • Also receive a minimum 5% off your order total if it is over $60.00

For my recent order (11.27lbs, 5.11kg, value USD134.53), the shipping fee is USD12 to Singapore vs USD14.48 to Malaysia. I like the high weight limit, but am concerned that Malaysian customs may check DHL packages, so I prefer to avoid this shipping mode.

I may experiment with this option in my next order and review its reliability.

(d) Customer Service: On iHerb’s website under “International”, the estimated delivery time for Malaysia is stated as “16 days”. It should be updated as “28 to 42 (with possibility of being lost)” based on my recent experiences.

Replies to emails are very efficient, within 1 working day when I tried.

(e) Overall Value: ★★★★ Prices are attractive and there’re often 5 to 10% discount for larger orders. With the new low-cost trackable shipping option to Singapore via SingPost, buying from iHerb is even more value-for-money than before.

Just an idea of the price differences: The kids’ Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA 16 fl. oz costs USD38.21 (~SGD48.36 / RM124.93) vs local retail price of SGD89.90.

Before delivering Baby El, I bought Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Milkmaid Tea again. This time, at USD4.95 (about SGD6.27 / RM16.18). The retail price is SGD11.90 / RM41.90 with discounts at several online stores.

I’d continue to shop at iHerb for its wide variety of choices and superb value for money, while noting that shipping to Singapore is cheaper and more reliable than to Malaysia.

What we like about it:

  • Very wide selection of natural and/or organic products for the whole family
  • Detailed product information plus reviews by other users to help me make sound purchasing decisions
  • Easy-to-navigate website — ordering and payment is a breeze
  • Attractive prices and low delivery charges (to Singapore)

What can be improved:

  • Offer even more brands and products, such as more cloth diaper brands and pure African Black Soap
  • Update delivery estimate to Malaysia; seems longer than stated

My Latest Shopping Carts

Every item below is a re-order because we love using them:

  1. Nordic Naturals, Children’s DHA, Great Strawberry Taste, 8 fl oz (237 ml)*: To supplement Vee and Jae’s diet, which includes some fish and eggs. Avoids hexane concern in formula milk with DHA. I was initially concerned whether they’d take fish oil. Fortunately, both love this high-grade liquid DHA and take it daily.
  2. Nurture Inc. (Happy Baby), Organic Baby Food, Broccoli, Peas & Pear, Stage 2, 6+ Months, 3.5 oz (99 g)*: To supplement Jae’s diet when we’re outdoors or travelling overseas because he’d only eat finely chopped or pureed vegetables.
  3. Dr. Woods, Shea Vision, Baby Mild Castile Soap, Unscented, 32 fl oz (946 ml)*: To replace Dr. Bronners Magic Soap which is no longer available at iHerb. This is a similar gentle all-purpose wash. I dilute it 1:1 with water to wash hands, body, toys, etc. Not as a shampoo to prevent build-up.
  4. Nordic Naturals, Prenatal DHA, 500 mg, 180 Soft Gels*: To supplement my largely vegetarian diet at home, I’ve been taking this high-quality DHA since pregnancy #3. Still taking now while breastfeeding Baby El.
  5. Nature’s Plus, Source of Life, Animal Parade Liquid, Children’s Multi-Vitamin, Natural Tropical Berry Flavor, 30 fl oz (887.10 ml)*: To supplement the kids’ largely vegetarian diet at home. Both boys love it. I suspect this leaves grayish stains on the boys’ front teeth after a while. The stains are easily removed during their dental checks.
  6. Lafe’s Natural Body Care, Baby, Foaming Shampoo and Wash, Fragrance-Free, 12 oz (354 ml)*: For Baby El. The older boys use it as shampoo. I like that the bottle is made of baby-safe plastic that reduces exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
  7. Hugo & Debra Naturals, Baby, Shampoo & Baby Wash, Tear-Free, Chamomile & Vanilla, 8 fl oz (237 ml)*: My shampoo — cleans well, not over-drying on my dry hair and barely any scent.
  8. Jason Natural, Kids Only! Natural Toothpaste, Strawberry, 4.2 oz (119 g)*: Vee loves this toothpaste. He used to hate toothbrushing, so I bought this to entice him. Works well! His teeth are fine during his 6-monhly dental checks.
  9. Hugo & Debra Naturals, Volumizing Conditioner, Vanilla & Sweet Orange, 12 fl oz (355 ml)*: My conditioner — does it job and barely any scent too.
  10. Garden of Life, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 16 fl oz (473 ml)*: To include good quality fats into my and the kids’ diet, we drink it directly or sprinkle over food or soup. Can withstand high temperature cooking. I’ve also used it to “dissolve” Baby El’s cradle cap and as a moisturiser. Its fragrance attracts ants, so I keep the bottle in an airtight container. I like that the bottle is glass instead of plastic. Sometimes I buy the larger size in 32 fl oz (946ml).

For the full list of items in my latest shopping carts (orders placed on 26 February 2014 and 20 December 2013): CLICK HERE*

Get Your Own (with Discount!)

To start shopping, here’s my coupon code for you:

  • Special Treat: USD10 off for any first-time purchase of USD40 or more. Orders less than USD40 will receive a USD5 discount
  • Coupon Code: EWO013 (alphabetical “O”, followed by numerical “0″)
  • Validity Period: Anytime!
  • Additional Discount:  10% off all orders until 28 February 2014 (Monday, 3 March 2014, 10 a.m. Pacific Time)

P.S. If you’ve used DHL from iHerb to Malaysia (KL) regularly and find it reliable, do share in the comments box.

Disclosure: I’ve been a regular customer at iHerb since July 2010 and have joined iHerb’s Rewards Program. This review is written after I’ve made more than 20 personal orders through iHerb and have been a satisfied customer.

Mummy’s Reviews™ is a review site that receives compensation if readers make purchases from affiliate links (these are marked with an *). If we receive compensation from the companies whose products we review, this would be disclosed. These compensation help to maintain and grow Mummy’s Reviews™. We test each product thoroughly and give ratings according to our experience with it. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Takashimaya Baby Fair details out!

2014 February 12
by MieVee @

Takashimaya Baby Fair details are out! It’d be held from 26 February to 16 March 2014, which means 3 baby fairs in February alone.

This update is all thanks to reader, Rita, for emailing me.

The date for Baby Baby in July has been updated. There’re also 2 additional baby fairs: Motherhood Exhibition in May and Baby Market in October. (Thanks to Abby of Babe Hause and Moo Moo Kow for the info.)

Happy shopping!

P.S. If you’ve news of other baby fairs in Singapore or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), do drop me a comment / email so that the lists can be kept current for all mummies (and daddies) to benefit from.

P.P.S. Visit the updated list here: Baby Fairs 2014 (Singapore)

How to make 3 kids sleep at the same time

2014 February 4
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by MieVee @

How to make 3 kids sleep at the same time

When the 3 kids are sleeping, the entire house is soooo peaceful. Here’s a sharing on how I coordinate their nap and bedtimes so that I retain my sanity.

#1 Vee (4+ years old) – the agreement

As you may already know, Mummy’s Reviews was started after Vee-the-fussy-high-needs-baby began sleeping better. Some things never change… 4+ years has flown past and he still doesn’t like to sleep. Asking him to sleep is like throwing him into prison.

Nap: He started dropping his afternoon nap at about 3+ years old. Nevertheless, afternoon downtime / quiet time / nap time (whatever name you’d like to call it) is still compulsory in this tiger mum’s house.

  1. If he’s well-rested the night before (i.e. 10 solid hours): no need to stay on bed. Accompany me in the schoolroom. He may choose to do any quiet activities in our schoolroom while I create new learning materials. Curtains drawn, so there’s minimal bright light.
  2. If he needs a nap: must stay in bed

As long as he’s calm and quiet, everything’s fine.

BUT if he starts singing, talking, stamping his feet, jumping off the bed or disturbing his brothers (who are sleeping), he gets reminded to regain his peace. The problem is I can’t talk much during this time or I’d be the one disturbing the younger ones. So how? We have an agreement in the morning.

Months ago, we discussed his behaviour and came out with several house rules.

EVERY morning, he’s to “recite” the rules, which consist of “resting in the afternoon” and “cannot disturb others when they’re resting”. Then we hook our little fingers.

So when he breaks the rules during nap or bedtime and doesn’t calm down after gentle reminders, he’s “invited” to sit outside the bedroom (doors closed) until he completely calms down. He’s an attached child who likes to be in the same room as all of us, so this method works for him.

Note that we don’t use the word “punishment”; this is simply a way for the child to learn to calm down.

Now that he’s settled, let’s move on to Jae.

#2 Jae (2 years old) – the easy one

This boy is my best sleeper. Once he’s tired or too bored, he’d fall sleep. He takes the cues very well from the nap and bedtime routine. At the end of the routine, he’d lie on his pillow, be very quiet and fall asleep soon after. He doesn’t need anyone else to be with him in the room. Thank goodness for at least 1 easy kid to settle!

Of course, there’re afternoons when he’s too hyper and starts monkeying around. Since we make a similar agreement like his older brother in the morning, he gets similar treatment. Not calm? Go to the next room (our homeschool room), sit on a chair and calm down. The room is child-proofed, so it’s more suitable for him to find his peace there.

#3 Baby El (newborn) – do whatever it takes

Being a baby gets special treatment. I’ve learnt that a baby needs a solid nap in the afternoon, so that he only needs a short nap in the evening, and can tune down easier for a long night’s rest.

By “solid nap”, I aim for 1.5 to 2.5 hours in the afternoon.

Ways that help baby take a long nap:

  • Naptime routine: (for example) story time with siblings, feed, change diaper, swaddle, rock, put on bed, pat
  • Curtains with black-out layer to block out strong sunlight. I prefer to draw all curtains during nap time.
  • Easy-to-use swaddle that keeps baby snug and cosy
  • When baby stirs from sleep cycle, try to get him to sleep for another cycle. May try carrying upright for a quick way to burp him again, redo swaddle snugly, rock, nurse a bit, etc. Basically, whatever it takes to help him sleep again. This has worked for the 3 kids.

To coordinate the boys’ timings, I let Baby El take  a shorter morning nap (e.g. 1 hour at 3 months old). This way, he’d be awake during our lunch time. Then by the time we start our nap time routine after lunch, he’s ready to sleep again.

More sleeping tips

To let the kids tune down easier, these are more ideas:

  • Bedtime routine: can’t stress this enough. Just create a calm routine that works best for your family.
  • Avoid letting the child fall asleep while drinking milk or nursing every single time. This is so that the child  doesn’t associate falling asleep with milk / nursing. This prevents the habit of waking up for milk (for an older baby). If nursing is the only way a fussy baby would sleep, I’d give in, as long as he can fall asleep by other ways too. (This also prevents tooth decay for an older child, who should brush his teeth before sleeping.)
  • Only calm activities before bedtime. When Daddy’s wresting-on-the-bed games get too exciting with Vee’s shrieks and laughs, I start shhhhhh-ing everybody to calm down.
  • Restrict foods with high-sugar content, refined carbohydrates and caffeine, especially before nap & bedtime: This means no grapes, cakes and chocolates before bed. (If I want to satisfy my own craving, I’ll hide and gobble down a chocolate or two. Ha!)

Hope this sharing helps and may you have a good night’s sleep tonight!

Baby Expo (Singapore) in Feb 2014 – urgent update

2014 January 29
by MieVee @

Baby Expo in Singapore has changed its venue from Singapore Expo to Suntec Convention Hall. It’d be held from 14 to 16 February 2014, which is only 2 weeks away. Just in time for mummies who need to grab some baby stuff soon.

This urgent update is all thanks to reader, Mrs Teng, for the heads up.

If you’ve news of other baby fairs in Singapore or Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), do drop me a comment / email so that the lists can be kept current for all mummies (and daddies) to benefit from.

In the meantime, our family would be busy during Lunar New Year and there’re several reviews of baby products in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Visit the updated list here: Baby Fairs 2014 (Singapore)

Baby Fairs 2014 (Singapore)

2014 January 27
by MieVee @

Baby Fairs 2014 Singapore

Here’s the list of baby fairs in Singapore for Year 2014. It’ll be updated as more information streams in.

1. Baby Expo 2014

  • Dates: 14 to 16 February 2014
  • Time: 11a.m. to 9p.m.
  • Venue: Singapore Suntec Convention Hall 405
  • Organiser: Vivacious Media Pte Ltd
  • Website: Baby Expo website here

2. BabyCare Festival 2014

  • Dates: 21 to 23 February 2014
  • Time: (Fri & Sat) 11a.m. to 9p.m., (Sun) 11a.m. to 8p.m.
  • Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6
  • Organiser: Mediacorp Pte Ltd
  • Website: Singapore Expo events page here

3. Takashimaya Baby Fair

  • Dates: 26 February to 16 March 2014
  • Time: Information not available
  • Venue: Takashimaya Singapore
  • Organiser: Takashimaya Singapore
  • Website: Takashimaya events page here

Takashimaya Baby Fair was very popular when I visited it a few years back. I wonder if it’s still as hot among mummies?

4. Baby Expo 2014

  • Dates: 28 to 30 March 2014
  • Time: (Fri & Sat) 11a.m. to 9p.m., (Sun) 11a.m. to 8p.m.
  • Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4A
  • Organiser: Vivacious Media Pte Ltd
  • Website: Baby Expo website here

5. Baby Market 2014

  • Dates: 18 to 20 April 2014
  • Time: Information not available
  • Venue: Information not available
  • Organiser: Expomal Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Website: Baby Market website here

My friend, Abby, highlighted Baby Market as being “happening”. I certainly need to see it for myself someday!

6. Motherhood Exhibition

  • Dates: 29 May to 1 June 2014
  • Time: (Fri & Sat) 11a.m. to 9p.m., (Sun) 11a.m. to 8p.m.
  • Venue: Singapore Expo
  • Organiser: Information not available
  • Website: Information not available

7. Baby Baby 2014

  • Dates: 11 to 13 July 2014
  • Time:  (Fri & Sat) 11a.m. to 9p.m., (Sun) 11a.m. to 8p.m.
  • Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 4B
  • Organiser: Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd
  • Website: Baby Baby Exhibition Facebook page here

8. SuperMom Bazaar

  • Dates: 22 to 24 August 2014
  • Time:  Information not available
  • Venue: Singapore Suntec Convention Hall 401-403
  • Organiser: Giraffe Consulting Asia
  • Website: SuperMom Bazaar website here

9. Baby Market 2014

  • Dates: 3 to 5 October 2013
  • Time: Information not available
  • Venue: Information not available
  • Organiser: Expomal Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Website: Baby Market website here

Credit goes to readers and merchants who informed me about the fairs, including Abby of Babe Hause and Moo Moo Kow.

P.S. To get updates on the next Singapore baby fairs list and more, join Mummy’s Reviews™ Parents Club now:

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Note: List updated on 24 March 2014. This list is subject to change. Changes may not necessarily be reflected on this list. Please verify with information from the organiser / venue website.

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Baby Fairs 2014 (Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur)

2014 January 24
by MieVee @

Baby Fairs 2014 (Malaysia Kuala Lumpur)
I’m compiling the lists of baby fairs in Singapore and Malaysia for Year 2014. First to be up is the list of baby fairs in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). It’ll be updated as more information streams in. (Stay tuned for the baby fair list in Singapore.)

1. 7th Maternity & Children Expo

  • Dates: 24 to 26 January 2014
  • Time: 10a.m. to 9p.m.
  • Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Halls 1, 2 & 3
  • Organiser: The Concept Exhibition (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Website: TCE events page here

2. Motherhood Expo 2014

  • Dates: 28 February to 2 March 2014
  • Time: 10.30a.m. to 9p.m.
  • Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)
  • Organiser: Harenet Communications Sdn Bhd
  • Website: Harenet website here

3. Mom & Baby Expo 2014

  • Dates: 16 to 18 May 2014
  • Time: 10a.m. to 9.30p.m.
  • Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Halls 1, 2 & 3
  • Organiser: Today Publishing Sdn Bhd
  • Website: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre events page here

P.S. To get updates on the next Singapore & Malaysia (KL) baby fairs list and more, join Mummy’s Reviews™ Parents Club now:

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P.S.: List updated on 24 January 2014. This list is subject to change. Changes may not necessarily be reflected on this list. Please verify with information from the organiser / venue website.

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Mummy’s Reviews™ is a review site that receives compensation if readers make purchases from affiliate links (these are marked with an *). If we receive compensation from the companies whose products we review, this would be disclosed. These compensation help to maintain and grow Mummy’s Reviews™. We test each product thoroughly and give ratings according to our experience with it. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

[Birth Story] How I delivered Baby El with no pain relief

2013 December 14
by MieVee @

Baby El Birth Story

Before zooming into Baby El’s birth story (induction with no pain relief), here’s a quick update:

It’s been 3 weeks since the confinement lady left. Over the past week, Jae developed a fever and cold, followed by Vee. I’m slightly affected too. Gosh, I’ve been battling tsunami waves of major tantrums one after another from the boys.

Add in a baby who needs to be cuddled / rocked / nursed / changed frequently, and no wonder I wish I’m Mummy Octopus with 8 arms. Thank goodness for our helper who cooks, cleans and occasionally helps out with the kids.

Anyway, here goes the birth story, while my post-delivery brain still remembers it…

Second Last Check-Up

15 Nov 2013

39 weeks of gestation. Baby’s due on 24 Nov, but still no “action” except for Braxton Hicks contractions that were on and off.

From the beginning, we knew that our trusted female ob-gyn would be on vacation from 25 Nov. After discussing, we decided to continue waiting for baby to arrive.

Last Check-Up

22 Nov 2013

2 days before EDD and baby’s still comfy inside me. 2cm dilated, no regular contractions.

I assumed that the replacement oby-gyn would be another female doctor, whom I wouldn’t mind. Then I’m updated that the replacement ob-gyn this time would be a male instead. Oops… something unexpected .

I looked forward to a natural delivery with no pain relief, which I knew is possible only if I feel completely relaxed. I also know myself well enough that I can’t relax fully with a male ob-gyn I see for the first time.

We explored the option of inducing the birth gently. The doctor said that I’m a suitable candidate. The induction wouldn’t fail. Since she supports natural delivery, she doesn’t recommend it. It’s for us to decide.

We booked at appointment for induction for the following night. Went home to think about it again and double-confirmed our decision. Out of 3 babies, this would be my first induction experience. And I trust my ob-gyn to do it gently.

Inducing the Birth

23 Nov 2013

9.45p.m.: Settled the older boys, Vee and Jae, to bed. Hubby and I sneaked out of the room after they fell asleep while MIL stayed with them.

10.15p.m.: Reached hospital. Interestingly, this is the first time hubby and I got to sleep overnight without the older kids.

11p.m.: Still 2cm dilated. Prostaglandin half tablet 1.5mg to induce the birth. Tried to catch some sleep.

On D-Day

24 Nov 2013

6a.m.: Still 2cm dilated. Another half tablet Prostaglandin 1.5mg to induce the birth.

8a.m.: Doctor came. As a Group B Step carrier, I was given penicillin via injection. She’d examine me at 12 noon.

10a.m.: Strong frequent contractions. Finally, some progress!

How I managed pain during contractions: Through every contraction, I fully relaxed my mind and focused on deep breathing. I’d image myself blowing a candle far away or image blowing baby out of the birth canal. This is where Shichida imaging techniques came in very useful.

As per my second labour, I like to curl up on my right side with head slightly raised. This position also relieves the pain on my left hip bone, which I get during pregnancy due to slight scoliosis. I relaxed my hands and tried to feel as soft as a bunny, something I learnt during prenatal class years ago.

Although walking about could speed up the labour, I chose not to do it. For my first labour, I learnt that walking about made me tired, especially with my painful left hip bone. And if I’m exhausted, I won’t be able to focus on my breathing and relaxation. So I chose my most comfortable position, which worked for my second labour (a very fast one).

11a.m.: Contractions at 6-minute interval.

12p.m.: Doctor asked midwife to examine. 4cm dilated. Cervix 1.5cm thick and soft.

12.15p.m.: Given next dose of penicillin and oxytocin for further induction

12.50p.m.: Very strong contractions. 5cm dilated.

1.10p.m.: 8cm dilated. EXTREMELY strong contractions, when I’d to groan in pain with every breath. This is when I knew baby would arrive soon. And when I tell myself “NO MORE BABIES AFTER THIS ONE!”

Doctor told me not to push yet and wait till 10cm dilation to prevent tearing. I tried my best to focus on breathing and not to push, which is so hard when there’s the urge to do so.

Then suddenly, while I was still lying on my side, I felt baby’s head emerge. Things just happened so quickly and we were all surprised that it took only 5 minutes from 8 to 10cm dilation. Doctor told me to lie down properly so that they could get the baby.

1.15p.m. Job accomplished! Baby El was born, with no perineal tear. Yippie, my first time! And I’m glad that all was over in only 3 hours 15 minutes from the time of strong regular contractions, similar to my second labour.

After Delivery

5p.m.: After Baby El was cleaned up, I started to breastfeed him. Being a third time mum, things were definitely much easier. Once the latching was done correctly, everything else fell into place. It took several hours before we were transferred to the normal ward.

I spent two nights in hospital — just Baby El and me. He was easy the first night and difficult the second. I latched him on and off from 5p.m. to 4a.m.!!! Turned out that he wanted to pass gas and poo. After he relieved himself, he was much calmer. Thankfully, not another fussy high-needs baby.

Life Now

Baby El is 7 weeks old now and still spends much time sleeping day and night. In the day, he’s often in the sarong sling or Fisher Price rocker chair while I handle Vee and Jae. Nap-time, he’s swaddled and sleeps in the cot for up to 2+ hours, if I’m lucky.  When all three boys are taking their naps, I get much-needed peace, writing articles or creating homeschooling materials.

Night-time, I sleep with him in the homeschool room so that his cries don’t disturb the hubby and the older boys. He rarely cries at night, as long as he’s fed, burped well and clean. So far, I’m glad we’re getting into a good rhythm.

I’m so looking forward to him growing up to 2 years old so that all three kids can do a lot more activities together. Swimming, cooking, playing, etc. It’d be fun! :)

P.S. Here are my other birth stories:

Do you have a birth story to share? Feel free to share your link or write it in the comments box.