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BookFest@Singapore 2009

2009 December 18
by MieVee @

I just made a trip to BookFest@Singapore held at Suntec Singapore and was nearly drowned in books. With only ONE hour to spare (as fussy Baby V needed to take his nap after that), I zoomed straight to the Chinese Children’s Books section and grabbed two boxes of bilingual flashcards at S$2 each. (At this kind of price, who needs more than 1 minute to decide?)

My shopping bag was soon filled with jigsaw puzzles (S$2 each), children’s learning clocks (S$3 each), a Chinese book on healthy diet (20% off), a book on identifying gifted children (in case Baby V is one and I miss the signs, ha!) (S$8.90 less 25%!!!) and recipe book for Asian parents (S$37+ less 25%).

Before I could explore the English Children’s Books section, Baby V started getting cranky. Arghhhh!!! He even SCREAMED at the cashier counter when his Daddy carried him. That marked the end of my super-rushed trip and I am contemplating going there again before it ends this Sunday.

Visit the event if you are free. It is really worth the time.

I visited the fair a second time in the evening and loved that it provides sparkling clean shopping carts (trolleys). Best of all, shoppers must return the carts before exiting, so there are plenty of carts for everyone. We bought a few packs of high-quality flashcards and I am eager to practise them with Baby V.

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  1. December 19, 2009

    Yippie!!! I visited the BookFest again after dinner and managed to grab 3 boxes of flashcards from going at 15% off. Hubby says i’m turning into a Flasher!?!

  2. February 18, 2010

    if u r staying in kl….chk out tumble tots,…..have been sending my son since he was 6 months old… he is in playgroup tumble tots…..try it out..

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