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Mummy’s growth for 2017

2017 January 25
by MieVee @

The first month of 2017 has kept me on my toes:

  • Vee started P2 (at a KL Chinese primary school) and has been loaded with homework, which he often tries to avoid doing.
  • Vee is starting to learn Grade 6 piano pieces, which are more challenging and need a longer time to master.
  • Jae started K2 (still homeschooled) and I’m responsible for ensuring his foundation is solid before P1 next year.
  • Jae’s violin pieces are starting to get more complex (for me) too.

In 2016, my proudest “achievement” was to finish reading 25 books, after several years of finding “no time” to read books.

I was also glad to have made time to catch up with lovely girl friends over occasional breakfasts.

Amongst the craziness this month, I’ve managed to:

  • Brisk walk with hubby a few mornings each week
  • Find a gardener to redo our mini outdoor garden, just in time for Lunar New Year (LNY)
  • Declutter the house (since December actually because LNY IS super early this year — 28 January, 3 days away!)
  • Join in Jon Butcher’s LifeBook 30-day challenge with hubby at MindValley academy (online)
  • Meditate before bed each night (I’m joining The M Word 33-day challenge by Emily Fletcher in February.)
  • Reorganise the family’s finances
  • Finally have a haircut. Unbelievably, I didn’t have a haircut in 2016 because it meant leaving 3 active kids with hubby.

I also deleted the Facebook app from my handphone for good to minimise distractions from my life priorities.

This year, I’ve decided to refocus on myself. I need to build myself up in all important areas so as to take better care of the people around me and to share positively with others.

As I have learnt, we can always make time for important things in life. It all depends on whether we want to take action.

  • Spend time on exercise now or spend time battling illnesses in future
  • Spend time & money on good nutrition now or spend time & money in clinics in future
  • Spend time on guiding kids now or spend time being frustrated with their behaviour in future
  • Spend time organising the family’s finances now or find that the money isn’t there when we need it most
  • And more…

So 2017 shall be an extraordinary year because I’m taking daily small steps to make it extraordinary. May you have a fulfilling year ahead too!

~ MieVee

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  1. shia permalink
    February 23, 2017

    hi mv,

    wow 8yrs doing grade 6?
    can u share on how did vee achieve this?
    do u guide him besides his usual piano lesson?
    he is a piano prodigy?

    sorry im really interested to know because i try to coach my no1 besides his once a week piano lesson but at 7yo, this yr his piano teacher says he is not fit for grade 1. that is disappointing.
    it will be fantastic if you can share a little on his piano journey .
    many thanks! 😀

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