Review: Amby Baby Motion Bed

In my quest to help Baby V sleep better and longer (without co-sleeping and frequent night-time nursing), I had been eyeing the Amby Baby Motion Bed, which has been endorsed by Dr. Sears.

Initially, I thought that it was only supplied in the region by BayB Supplies (S’pore), which requires a shipping cost of S$120. Fortunately, I called Florence from BayB Supplies and she mentioned that stocks of Amby Baby Motion Bed just reached Fabulous Mom in KL last month!

On Saturday, we visited the new store at TTDI. Baby V had the honour of being the first baby to try the hammock. The moment he woke up from his nap, we placed him in and he looked calm and comfortable. I certainly like the 30-degree incline (which can help to ease Baby V’s gastric reflux), so we bought one set home.

First Night

On Sunday night, at the end of Baby V’s bedtime routine, I placed him in (swaddled up) when he was almost asleep. After a few minutes of slight bouncing and patting, he fell asleep. However, he cried suddenly after about 15 minutes. I patted him on the tummy and bounced him a little and he was settled into sleep. He lasted for 1hr 45min before I had to carry him out to nurse and ended the ‘experiment’. This is a vast improvement compared to having to carry and re-settle him within 30-60 minutes of falling asleep.

3-Hr Morning Nap

He slept for 2 hours until I had to carry him out to re-settle. After placing him back in, he lasted till the end of his nap.

2-Hr Afternoon Nap

He opened his eyes after only 55 minutes, without fussing. After 10 minutes of light bouncing and some patting, he fell asleep again. I had to wake him up at the end of his nap to feed! When feeding, he was still sleepy.

Update after two months of use:

The benefits of the motion bed certainly outweigh its limitations as it has given Baby V and I many peaceful afternoons. At 6.5 months old, Baby V suddenly weaned himself off the swaddle and started learning to fall asleep on the bed. For our next baby, we would look forward to using the motion bed at an early stage.


  • 30-degree incline helps babies disturbed by reflux problems
  • Helps baby re-settle to sleep longer. Less carrying and nursing to sleep needed.
  • Foam mattress provides more space around the head compared to a normal hammock/sarong without a mattress. The conventional type is too clingy.
  • Takes up little space in the room
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy spring provides a steady and quiet bounce
  • Optional colour of unbleached cotton
  • Travel bag fits easily in car boot
  • Safer than previous sleeping arrangement: sleeping on an adult pillow on our bed


  • Fabric needs to be handwashed & drip-dried. I’d prefer fabric that can be machine washed & tumble-dried so that the hammock can be used again sooner.
  • Inclination is adjusted by velcro (hook and loop), which I’m not sure will last through a few babies.
  • Rubber at the spring area is subject to wear and tear
  • Pricey at RM1119.90. Even at this price, the set is made in China.

6 thoughts on “Review: Amby Baby Motion Bed”

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  2. We found your reviews very useful and bought a few things that you recommended such as the Beco Baby Carrier and books by E. Pentley.
    We have been eyeing the Amby Baby Motion Bed as well because my baby only naps in the carrier. We were about to buy it online until we saw this news about 2 infants were found dead in Amby Baby Motion Bed in USA. We are not sure now whether different brand baby hammock will be better or they are all the same. Any advice?

    1. Hi Kam Khong, thank you very much for reading Mummy’s Reviews™. Last December, I read about the recall at CPSC’s website here and contacted the retailer for the repair kit. The repair kit is pending approval in the U.S. and has not reached me yet.

      During our few months of use, I only allowed my boy to sleep in the Amby Baby for his naps and first part of his night sleep, when I am at close range watching him. Once he awakens, I carry him out of the hammock.

      The hazard is the baby being entrapped by the mattress pad when the hammock tilts. Therefore, when the baby is at a very active age, able to pull himself up and try to get out of the hammock, it may no longer be suitable.

      Instead of ordering online, I suggest you bring your baby to try out the Amby Baby at the store, to see if he likes it.

      Before the Amby Baby, my boy tried a hands-me-down traditional Asian hammock (without mattress pad). He did not like the fabric sticking closely to his face.

  3. Thanks for your advice. After much thought, we bought Miyo Baby Hammock instead simply because the wooden frame looks stylish and it can be used with any type of baby hammocks.

    My baby is already 19 weeks now and it won’t be long before he outgrows it but it definitely worths buying. He napped for 3 hours this morning 🙂
    We should have bought it earlier when my mum suggested me to hang a sarong at my hubby’s pull-up bar. I thought it was dangerous and further didn’t know where to buy the spring . Now, I can’t wait to tell her the outcame.

    Amby Baby Motion Bed is cheaper in UK. It’s about £150 here and free delivery.

    1. Hi Kam Khong, the Miyo Baby Hammock seems very stylish indeed. Glad that it works for your son. It’s such a bliss when babies take long and peaceful naps. The thing about traditional sarong is that it wraps around the baby’s face and my boy disliked it. These modern hammocks with mattresses are much better. 🙂

      Even though Vee weaned himself off the Amby Baby after 2 months, I never regretted the purchase. If the next baby is a fussy sleeper, I’d use the motion bed right from the start and save everyone’s sleep.

      Many baby essentials are cheaper than in Malaysia, where the import tax is rather high. I absolutely envy you!

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