Review: Energizer Booklite

In order to read during Baby V’s naps (in a dark room), I bought the Energizer Booklite booklight. It is good for a short period of reading. We also found useful as a bedside torchlight, reading a bedtime story to Baby V or to shine upon Baby V’s bums in case of a rare night-time nappy change.


  • Sufficiently bright
  • Low cost, about RM20+


  • Neck does not stay in bent position, needs to  hold it quite often
  • Light is not evenly spread throughout the page, not for long reading

Get Your Own

Energizer Booklite is available in most major bookstores.

You may also check the price at here: LED Reading Light, Energizer Trim Flex*

*: affiliate link to support the growth and maintenance of Mummy’s Reviews™

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