Music Review: Natural Sounds (Gold) by Llewellyn

Since the Sound Oasis Sleep Bear was draining batteries quickly (RM10/week), a white noise CD to loop through night and nap-times should prove more cost-efficient in the long run. At Rock Corner in Bangsar Shopping Centre, we found Natural Sounds (Gold) by Llewellyn at RM65. It includes 2 CDs with 16 tracks in total — each track provides 10 minutes of natural sounds.

I decided on using “Gentle Rivers & Streams” for Baby V since it is a consistent and soothing water sound, which is similar to a running tap. Previously, we used sounds of ocean waves from the Sleep Bear, which may be too much volume variation.

However, Disc 1 (which contains “Gentle Rivers & Streams”) could not be read by my laptop to be copied into my iPod Touch, for playing in another bedroom. Therefore, we have since switched to playing “Refreshing Rain” from Disc 2 which replicates the effect of sleeping soundly on rainy days.

It is useful to keep a copy of the sounds in the car to be played during Baby V’s car naps, especially during long road trips.


  • Value-for-money — wide variety of sounds for relaxation and sleep
  • Good quality sounds


  • Disc 1 could not be read by my laptop

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