Review: Drybees Fleece Pocket Diapers (Night-Time Diapering Solution)

Drybees Fleece Pocket Diapers have given Baby V and me hundreds more hours of night-time sleep and I adore them!

Initially, Baby V was on Mamy Poko disposable diapers at night and had to be changed every 4-5 hours. Any longer, they could leak or Baby V could develop a diaper rash. As Baby V was a super-light sleeper, it could be a battle trying to get him back to sleep again.

I ended these night-time changing episodes by putting Drybees Fleece Diapers (bought from Mia Bambina, listed price: RM63) on him. They work wonderfully and last through 12 hours.

These are the effective inserts combinations tried:

Since Baby V is a large baby, the thick diaper looks fine on him. We simply have to put larger pyjamas on his bum.


  • Breathable fleece material and stay-dry innert suedecloth material keep Baby V diaper-rash free even after 12 hours nightly
  • Eliminates need for night-time diaper changing and gives parents and baby more hours of sleep
  • Inner material washes well and remains stain-free after sunning


  • Bulkiness can overwhelm smaller-sized babies

Update on 7 April 2010:

These diapers are now available at

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  10. I just ordered these so I could get my baby out of ‘sposies at night. I’m so excited to finally be able to go all cloth and bid that nasty rash goodbye!

  11. Hi Mie, I couldn’t find the Drybees fleece diapers on the Mia Bambina website. Can you help? Also could you advise how many I should get (cover and insert) for a newborn. I am preparing for the birth of my first baby and would really like to use cloth diapers. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sheela, I just saw it at Only 1 Small available.
      You may also contact Drybees directly to check for a retailer near you.

      For newborn, it depends on which diapering system you prefer. For using pocket diapers full-time, I’d suggest 15 to 20 pocket diapers and 30 to 40 inserts (many pocket diapers come with 2 inserts). One size diapers usually fit better when baby is 5kg.

      For first 1-2 months, I like using traditional cloth diaper / prefold with washable / disposable liner and diaper cover. I have 2-3 dozens of cheap square nappies and about 6 diaper covers. Read more at Successfully Cloth-Diapering a Newborn.

      For night, you may use disposable diapers for a few weeks. When you get the hang of cloth diapering in the day, then progress to night-time cloth diapering.

      Do refer to Cloth Diapering Essentials – A Quick Guide as well.

      All the best in your pregnancy and delivery! 🙂

      1. Many thanks. Appreciate your advice. I’ll consider the option of traditional diapers with covers. I think that might work for me for the first few months.

      2. You’re most welcome, Sheela. Newborns grow very fast, so usually by 2-3 months old, they’d fit well into Small or One Size modern cloth diapers. Of course, if your baby is chubby, he/she would fit well early on. Hope you’d enjoy cloth diapering like we do. 🙂

  12. Hi mie,

    Would like to know if the size does matter for loopydo from Knickernappies . I saw u bought a large insert. Wonder if it would fit what size of diaper. Does it fit into small size?

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