Review: Drybees Microfibre Inserts

I bought 6 S/M-size and 6 M/L-size Drybees microfibre inserts from Babe Hause (Inserts Package) to go with Baby V’s Drybees Pocket Diapers.

The S/M-size inserts did not work for Baby V at all. Ironically, the S-size diapers leaked when used with the smaller inserts but not with the larger inserts. The S-size inserts are shorter than the diapers while Baby V may have pee-ed a lot at one go, therefore giving the inserts insufficient time to absorb. Now, the inserts act as spare boosters or to be used two at a time.

On the other hand, the M/L-size inserts are longer than the S-size diapers, so I folded the excess to fill the front of the S-size diaper and this was perfect for boys like Baby V. These inserts work well with the M-size diapers too.


  • Absorbent even though made of microfibre (For Baby V, at 5 months old, one can last for 3-4 hours. With 2 trim GAD hemp boosters added, they last through 12 hours!)
  • Wash well and remain stain-free after sunning
  • Dry relatively quickly (11a.m. to 4p.m. on sunny days, so can be re-used fast)
  • Fit width of Drybees Pocket Diapers nicely for optimum absorption


  • S/M-size inserts did not work for Baby V when used alone

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