Review: GAD One-Size Hemp Inserts

GAD One-Size Hemp Inserts need to be primed by MANY times of washing and drying before reaching their full absorbency, which is higher than microfibre inserts. I did not count the number of times they were washed before being primed; it was easily 10 or more! I am going to try boiling new ones in future to see if they get primed faster. (Update: Yes, boiling just once is enough.)

They fit well with Baby V’s Drybees Pocket Diapers, Drybees Fleece Pocket Diapers and GAD Mid-Weight Windpro Diapers. The inserts turn rather stiff when line-dried and become very soft when machine-dried. To save energy, I always dry them in the sun.

Due to the stiffness after being line-dried, they could scrunch up at the crotch area, leading to potential leakage. To prevent this, I ensure that the insert is well spread out across the crotch area of the diaper when changing Baby V.

As hemp absorbs liquid slower than microfibre, there are also occasions when pee leaks through before being absorbed. Therefore, I hardly use them alone on Baby V, preferring microfibre inserts during the day and pairing them with microfibre at night.


  • Very absorbent — great for long naps, outings and night-time use (Tip: place behind microfibre)
  • Long and can be folded for more absorbency in wetter areas
  • Loop design enables faster drying


  • Need many washes before being primed (Alternatively, boil them once.)
  • Stiff when line-dried and can scrunch up at the crotch area
  • Absorbs liquid slower than microfibre
  • Shrinks a little after being primed

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  3. Hello Mievee

    When you said boiling, how long do we have to boil the hemp inserts? The absorbency is the same as after 10 prewashes?

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