Review: Wahmies One-Size Microfibre Inserts

I like several Wahmies products (especially Drybees diapers), so decided to try two Wahmies One-Size Microfibre Inserts from Babe Hause (listed price: S$8.50 each). The inserts are wide and EXTREMELY long (5″ x 18″+) and can be folded to fit even Extra-Large pocket diapers. As Baby V is a large baby, these inserts could be very useful for him in the long-run.

My initial concern was whether the snaps in the inserts would cause discomfort to Baby V when he lies on his back, rolls onto his tummy or sits up. No matter how I position the snaps, they seem to be at a places where the baby could apply pressure on them. So far, Baby V has not complained, so I presume he is comfortable with the inserts.

Folding the inserts in front to fit a Medium-size Drybees pocket diaper gives 6 layers of microfibre (trimmer than I expected) and is great protection for Baby V’s 3-hour morning nap.

For play-time and outings, I would prefer to use other trimmer inserts.


  • Longest inserts that I have seen — can be folded for more absorbency in wetter areas
  • Can fit XL diapers, great for big babies


  • Would be bulky on smaller babies
  • One snap was missing after four months’ of use

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