Review: Moms in Mind Sarong Sling (Baby Carrier)

When I was shopping for baby stuff (at Kiddy Palace, Jurong Point, Singapore) during pregnancy, my best friend recommended the Moms in Mind sarong sling (listed price: S$45, without demo video) to me. I trusted her opinion and bought a cotton sateen sling in Lilac-Pink, which turned out to be one of my favourite buys.


The cotton sateen fabric is super-smooth and soft; the beautiful colour-combination and modern sling design creates an attracive layering piece when I wear it outdoors. I am always thrilled when other mums ask me where I bought the sling from. (Yes, I am a vain-pot at heart.)


The loop-design makes it rather easy to secure the baby correctly in the sling. Practice makes perfect. I certainly prefer this one-size sling over sized ones.

The little zip compartment is just the right size for a handphone, face cloth and pacifier. What a thoughtful design!

The sling is suitable for shopping in crowded or narrow places where the stroller is inconvenient — for instance, pasar malam (night markets) and supermarkets. When Baby V cannot fall asleep in the stroller, he would be happy to be in the sling. He used to take long naps in it while I shopped in peace, until curiosity took over at about 3 months old.

When no nursing room is nearby, I simply nurse him in the sling.

At home, the sling keeps Baby V calm while he watches me prepare food for my daily tea-break or do other light chores.

The sling has been so useful that I ordered another one (in Light-Blues) online to ensure that there is always a clean one available. (Baby V never spares my beloved slings from regurgitated milk or saliva!)

However, as the weight of the baby is born by only one shoulder, I found it too strenuous to carry Baby V in it when he weighed above 9kg.


  • Washes well (machine-washable, place in a laundry net) — looks new even after 6 months of frequent use
  • Cotton sateen fabric is very smooth, soft and breathable (keeps baby cool)
  • Versatile — several carrying positions possible
  • Attractive modern design


  • For petite mums like me, the ‘tail’ of the sling could be too long
  • Weight of the baby is born by only one shoulder

(Tip: Wrap the tail around the loop to keep it short and neat.)

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