Review: Pureen H-A-D Liquid Detergent

After reading up on cloth diapering, I realised that the choice of detergent is important to protect the performance of cloth diapers. Most importantly, the detergent should not contain whitening enzymes, fabric softener and chlorine bleach.

Pureen H-A-D Liquid Detergent meets the requirements needed to wash cloth diapers; it is also specially formulated for babies’ sensitive skin. For the past 6 months, I have laundered Baby V’s clothes and diapers using the detergent. It is very foamy; 1/4 cup or less is sufficient to clean Baby V’s daily laundry load.

It leaves his clothes clean and smelling fresh (no artificial fragrances). Although I stripwash his cloth diapers only once in every 1-2 months, I have not had an issue with detergent build-up (that could cause diapers to repel liquid and lead to leakage).

Price could vary significant at different retailers, ranging from RM16+ to RM18+. I have found the detergent at Village Grocer at Bangsar Village and BabyJaya and do hope that they still carry it.

Update on 27 April 2015:

These are where we’ve found stocks:


  • Kiddy Palace, Ang Mo Kio

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

  • Village Grocer (Bangar Village, KL)
  • Parkson, Pavilion, KL

At a recent baby fair, a Pureen staff told me that they are still importing Pureen H-A-D.


  • Cleans cloth diapers well and does not affect their performance
  • 1/4 cup or less is sufficient to clean a full-load of baby clothes and diapers (Baby V’s clothes/diapers are washed daily and each 1-litre bottle can last about 3 months.)
  • Gentle on baby’s skin (no artificial fragrances)


  • Only available in 1-litre bottle (I would prefer 2-litre bottles for cost-savings and environmental-friendliness.)
  • Few places retail it

20 thoughts on “Review: Pureen H-A-D Liquid Detergent”

  1. Woo… this is expensive… I never change any detergent for cloth diapers and they still fine after 2 years washing… I would prefer the detergent to be a BASIC detergent for laundry… as it meets my requirements – cost saving and less additives…

    1. I wasn’t sure which detergent to use at first and read about Pureen H-A-D from Mia Bambina. As only a little bit (about 1/4 cap) is used for a full load, 1 bottle lasts rather long. Baby is 10 months old and I think we are using 3rd bottle. πŸ™‚

  2. Mummy to baby V, yup, many CD moms in Malaysia prefer n use this Pureen HAD, vey soft to baby sensitive skin and also hypo-allergenic. Also available in “serbuk” (in kotak)…

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  5. Hi mummy to baby vee,
    We have bought moo Moo kow modern clothe diaper after learnt from your website, going to use them soon, baby is abt 4 kg currently πŸ™‚
    Do you happen to know where we can find the Pureen HAD Detergent in Singapore ?

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    1. Hi aljule, are you from Singapore, Malaysia or somewhere else?
      – In Singapore, many mummies have said they can’t find it anymore. So you’d need to look for alternatives such as Nellie’s Detergent, Tiny Bubbles, etc.

      – In KL, you may get it easily from Parkson (Pavilion) or BabyJaya website.

      1. Actually work in singapore but from Malaysia. Am recently back in Malaysia to deliver my baby. In sg I found this in OG, but in Msia found it hard to find! But today while I was at aa pharmacy at lucky garden manage to find it for rm17!

  8. Hi there!
    want to check with you if the Pureen HAD detergent has expiry date?? as i am thinking of getting my cousin to buy them for me from KL. so wondering how many bottles should i get for starters. delivering in 2 months time

    1. Hi Amy, I’ve finally checked — no expiry date printed. Usually, I’ll use detergent within 3 years of manufacturing. My sister is delivering soon too, I bought 4 bottles for her, should be able to last 6-12 months, based on 1 load a day, 1/4 cup each time.

    1. Hi Anne, in KL, you may try Parkson, Jusco and BabyJaya website. In Singapore, I last read in a forum that you may try OG and KKH Pharmacy. Alternatively, email the manufacturer (Pureen) for latest update. Good luck! πŸ™‚

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