Review: Munchkin Stay-Put Bowls

I was bringing Baby V’s lunch to the dining area when his Daddy suggested that his bowl ought to have a lid to ensure hygiene. Good idea! We shopped at Robinsons (The Gardens, Mid Valley) and found these fabulous Stay-Put Bowls by Munchkin (RM69.90).

The 3 colourful bowls have snap tight lids, so I could scoop the desired amount of cereal into the bowls in advance, and simply add water/milk at meal-time. After feeding Baby V at a restaurant on Sunday, I snapped the bowl tight and threw it into my new wet bag, successfully keeping the mess in.

The suction base also allowed me to stick the bowl onto the table and feed Baby V with one hand while supporting him on my lap. The bowl and base are connected and do not separate, so the baby cannot pull the bowl away from the base easily when he grows smarter.

I love these cleverly-designed bowls!

  • Lids keep baby food hygienic and keep the mess in after meal-time
  • Suction base do not separate from bowl — baby cannot pull the bowl up easily (Tip: use bowl on a smooth surface & wet base a little before sticking it on)
  • Washes well
  • Colourful design keeps baby interested during meals


  • Made of plastic instead of glass or stainless steel
  • Rubbery material at handles and suction pad prone to mildew problem
Update on 13 November 2012: For Baby Jae, I’ve swopped to feeding him from a stainless steel bowl (with lid for outdoors) or recycled baby food glass jars.

Get Your Own

Munchkin Stay-Put Bowls are available in most major babystores. We bought ours in the baby department at Robinsons (KL, Mid Valley).

You may also check the price at here: Munchkin Three Stay Put Suction Bowl (3-Pack)*

Disclosure: I bought my own Munchkin Stay-Put Bowls.

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