Review: Happy Heinys One-Size Pocket Diaper (Snap)

At the rate that Baby V is growing, I figured that he would burst his M-size Drybees Pocket Diapers by 8 months old (he is now 6.5 months old). Before he was born, I naively thought that he would be using M-size cloth diapers until toddlerhood!

My hunt for pocket diapers that fit chubby babies with thunder thighs thus began. I searched various brands; explored both one-size and sized diapers; and emailed the manufacturers or retailers to confirm the largest waist and thigh settings for their diapers.

The two finalists were Knickernappies 2G Large and Happy Heinys One-Size Pocket Diaper (Snap) (listed price: S$36.50), both available at Babe Hause. Happy Heinys falls into No.2 position because it is packaged with two microfibre inserts, so comes at a higher price tag. I have recently stocked up on inserts and certainly did not need any more. However, I was sold by the cute Silly Monkeys print:

Anyway, the Happy Heinys diaper arrived first and I tried it on Baby V after pre-washing it and the inserts 3 times. It was my first experience with one-size snap diaper and the DOZENS of snaps certainly overwhelmed me! After spending a few minutes figuring out the best settings for the squirmy baby, I was pleased at how well it fitted, with lots of room for future growth.

Both the inner fleece and outer PUL layers were very trim and soft. The elastics were also gentle and did not leave any red marks on Baby V’s chunky thighs. However, the inner fleece layer feels damp whenever I am changing Baby V. My conclusion is that fleece is not as stay-dry as suedecloth (used in Drybees).


  • Largest settings are huge: up to 19-inch thighs and 31.5-inch waist*!
  • Gentle elastics
  • Trim and soft
  • Cute designs available
  • Packaged with 2 microfibre inserts, so is cost-efficient for mums new to cloth-diapers


  • Packaged with 2 microfibre inserts, so is more pricey for mums with a large stash of inserts
  • Inner fleece layer feels damp during diaper changes

Happy Heinys can make mums happier by giving an option to buy the diapers without inserts. I will decide which diaper to stock up on after trying out Knickernappies.
*Fully stretched, measured by retailer

Get Your Own

Happy Heinys One-Size Pocket Diaper is available at (Singapore).

(Update on January 2013: They’re on clearance sale at SGD25 each, instead of the usual SGD35!)

You may also check the price at here: Happy Heiny’s One Size Cloth Diapers*

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