Review: Drybees Pocket Diapers

Drybees Pocket Diaper

Before investing in modern cloth diapers, I read tonnes of reviews during my pregnancy and decided on Drybees Pocket Diapers. My first purchase was 5 S-size Drybees from Babe Hause (discounted newborn package) and I used them on Baby V from his second month.

They ran out extremely fast as Baby V poo-ed from 8 to 11 times a day! I did not like traditional cloth diapers (lampin) as it was time-consuming to fold them and they felt very wet around Baby V’s waist.

I bought another 5 S-size Drybees from Babe Hause; the 10 diapers were sufficient for most days.

Even though Drybees Pocket Diapers are popular, the production is stopped this year. When I first received the news, I armed myself with 10 M-size Drybees from Babe Hause and MiaBambina before they run out.

Baby V is a large baby with chunky thighs and he started using M-size when he turned 5 months (~8.4kg). I admit to squeezing him a little into S-size for a week or two!

Babe Hause is doing a clearance sale for Drybees pocket diapers at 25% to 30% off. Grab them while stocks last!


  • Velcro tabs: very easy to use and adjust (Daddy changes Baby V’s diapers and supports Drybees too.)
  • Inner suedecloth layer keeps baby’s skin dry and rash-free
  • Sunning the diapers removes poo stains easily
  • Leak-free when worn properly (for Baby V: up to 3-4 hours using 1 Drybees microfibre insert)
  • Roomy pocket for inserts
  • Attractive prints: save money on buying shorts and satisfy mummy’s vanity


  • Velcro tabs: those on 2 diapers curled outwards after washes, so may not stick as well as before
  • Elastic not encased with extra row of stitching, so needs to ‘roll’ inner suedecloth layer into the diaper (around baby’s thighs) for better coverage
  • Inner suedecloth material: 2 different materials used in my 10 diapers. In 3 diapers, the inner material pilled badly. I wished only the pill-free material was used.

Despite the above concerns, I still love Drybees pocket diapers.

Read more about other pocket cloth diapers that I love here:

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