Baby V Turns 8 Months Old

Today marks the completion of eight months of mummyhood and Baby V seems more like a boy and less of a baby by the day. I feel a great sense of achievement having gone through eight months of roller-coaster journey with this precious little man:

– waiting anxiously for the first drops of breastmilk in the early days;

– coaxing him to take naps in the third month;

– overcoming his 1 to 2-hourly night awakenings for the past four months;

– battling teething discomforts on the day he turned four months and feeling all excited when four teeth finally erupted;

– witnessing his first rollover just before turning five months;

– watching in amazement how fast he chomps down solid foods at six and a half months;

– cheering his rapid crawls at seven months;

– following him closely as he pulls himself to stand this week and keeps practising with determination at every opportunity.

If this were a report card, I would give this baby straight A’s EXCEPT for the subject on Sleep. I am looking forward to him sleeping through the night (i.e. five straight hours).

The first year of a baby’s life marks so many amazing developmental milestones and I feel blessed to be with Baby V through all the ups and downs.

He is the inspiration behind Mummy’s Reviews, which I dedicate to every parent.

Enjoy parenthood!

P.S. View more developmental milestones (from 8 months old onwards).

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5 thoughts on “Baby V Turns 8 Months Old”

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  4. my bb is turning 7.5mths soon and yet to learn to crawl … how can i help him to achieve the milestone? … im also struggling with his sleep prob… whining every 1-2hrs every night.. it pains me to see him still yawning with tiredness in the morning even aft 12hrs of “sleep”… this means his sleep aint quality at all

    1. Hi wen, does your baby like tummy time? Some babies dislike being on their tummies, so learn to crawl later or even skip it completely. I learnt these from our home-visit nurse: when baby is in a good mood, give him a few sessions tummy exercises every day, about 10 minutes each time.

      – Lay him on tummy, use an attractive toy/rattle in front to encourage him to move forward.
      – Place your palms on his feet, give him gentle pushes to let him push against you and move.
      – Put him across a big bolster and help him to crawl and roll over the bolster.

      You may find more tummy time tips here (Baby Center).

      How does your baby fall asleep every night? Is he a light-sleeper? One possible reason for whining every 1-2 hours: during sleep cycle changes, baby needs help to fall back to sleep again. After helping baby learn to fall asleep by himself, he probably could sleep longer stretches peacefully. This is what I learnt from The No-Cry Sleep Solution, reviewed here.

      When Vee was 4 to 14 months old, I “gave in” and simply nursed him back to sleep every 1-2 hours. This way, we slept better. At 14 months, he could understand me better, so I tried to teach him to fall asleep on his pillow. Finally, he slept through the night at 18 months old.

      You may also read this article “Sleep Solutions for My Fussy Baby” with 8 simple tips. Hopefully, some may work for you.

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