Customer Service – What a World of Differences!

Baby V is outgrowing his current night-time diapering solution, so I have been spending the week researching on even more ‘bullet-proof’ night-time cloth diapers, contacting manufacturers for information and sourcing out retailers in Singapore and Malaysia. The vast difference in the quality of customer service received has been alarming!

Positive Experiences

  • Manufacturer A (from the U.S.):
    • Replied my email within a day
    • Answered all my questions and indicated that she has ready stocks
  • Manufacturer B (from the U.S.):
    • Replied my emails within a day
    • Answered all my questions
    • Offered me a discount to help offset the shipping charges
    • Flexible ordering through the same email
    • Sent me an invoice very efficiently as she knew I needed the diapers FAST
  • Retailer C (from Singapore/Malaysia):
    • Replied my email in 2 days, explained she was kept busy
    • Answered all my questions
    • Honestly told me she does not carry the items needed and referred me to Distributor D
  • Distributor D (from Singapore):
    • Replied my email in an hour
    • Answered all my questions
    • Gave me a discount code meant for existing customers (though I am a new customer)
    • Sent me an invoice and amended it very efficiently

Negative Experiences

  • Retailer E (from Malaysia):
    • Replied my email after I followed up with another message
    • Explained that my email has been directed wrongly to her spam box
    • I place an order for 3 diapers in the e-shop (Stated remaining quantity: 4)
    • Before making payment, the owner sent me an email mentioning that there was only 1 piece left.
    • I cancelled the order and was relieved that payment was not made; ending up buying from Manufacturer B despite high shipping costs.
  • Retailer F (from Malaysia):
    • After sending her an email, I called her to check her inventory for the items I need.
    • No reply after 3 days!
    • I sent her an SMS to follow up; she replied this morning that stocks are available
    • I placed an order for 3 diapers in the e-shop but the quantity was capped at 2. (Another case of incorrect inventory information in the e-shop. Argh!!!)
    • I emailed AND sent the owner an SMS to request for an amended invoice and am hoping for a timely reply…


  1. 4 out of 6 of the above online shopping experiences were positive.
  2. Both negative experiences were from Malaysia e-shops.
  3. E-shops from the U.S. and Singapore (2 each) provided positive experiences.
  4. I will make repeat purchases at the e-shops that provided positive experiences and recommend them to my friends and readers.
  5. I will patronise the e-shops that provided negative experiences only as a LAST RESORT at my own risk and not recommend them to anyone.

What were your best and worst online shopping experiences like?

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