Review: Mother World Pre-Natal Support Belt

Mother World Pre-Natal Support BeltWhen my pregnancy was in its sixth month, the pressure on the left side of my hip-bone became almost intolerable. Every attempt to shift from a standing to sitting position or vice versa was accompanied by excruciating pain and I knew that the pain would only worsen down the months as the baby grows bigger. My existing Woman-deare Maternity Belt no longer provided sufficient support and I looked for an upgrade.

My best friend recommended Mother World to me when we shopped at Jurong Point in Singapore. Since it is a Hong Kong company, I made a point to visit the store when travelling in Hong Kong during my pregnancy.

The large range of maternity clothes were on sale, so I bought a blouse, a dress, maternity briefs and a pre-natal support belt (at HKD269). The belt was my ultimate spine-saver and I never left home without it through the rest of my pregnancy. It is made up of two parts:

  1. a large piece of fabric that covered my huge belly and the ends connected by Velcro tabs, and
  2. an elastic band that wraps round the back; each end can be stuck onto the side of Part (1) using Velcro tabs.

The packaging states that it is made from polyester cotton and is suitable for bellies from 85cm to 115cm. Its unique two-piece structure supports the weight of the belly well and eases the pressure on the spine and hips. I have tried on various maternity belts and this seems to provide the most comfortable support, which is especially needed during late pregnancy.

The belt comes with small pieces of fabrics to protect the Velcro tabs when the belt is not in use and a pouch to keep it neatly. This belt has been a great investment and I would certainly use it during the next pregnancy well before any backache develops.


  • Large front piece can cover a huge belly
  • Two-piece structure provides strong support
  • Pouch keeps the belt neatly when not in use
  • Absolute value-for-money

Cons: Cannot think of any

9 thoughts on “Review: Mother World Pre-Natal Support Belt”

  1. My Dad bought this for me from Jurong Point. I only needed it when I started my 6th month as I started to get some backaches. It was very good and useful.
    I recommended and lent it to my German friend and she absolutely adores it. She had bought a maternity belt from Germany but it was not supportive enough, like this one.

    I have another belt from the same company for post-pregnancy, to help us moms to get back in shape. But I didn’t really use it because I was breastfeeding my LO and the Velcro was rough on his skin. It was a hassle to take it off, or to grab a towel to cover it. In the end, I stopped wearing it.

  2. Thank you much for your comment, EJ. Your Dad has great taste!

    I find it inconvenient to wear a belt when breastfeeding too. Anyway, breastfeeding is a fantastic and easy way to get back in shape.

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    1. HI BLANCA, Mother World’s website is here, displayed in Mandarin only. You may try emailing the staff at Or perhaps you have any contact in Hong Kong or Singapore who could help get it?

      The store in Singapore is at Jurong Point Shopping Centre:
      1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-58 Jurong Pt
      Singapore 648886
      Tel: (65) 67915669
      Fax: (65) 67915006

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