Shop Review: Babe Hause

At the beginning of my cloth-diapering journey, I decided on using Drybees Pocket Diapers and searched for retailers in Singapore and Malaysia. Babe Hause offered an attractive Newborn Package, which I took up and became its customer. Since that first purchase, I have made many more orders at Babe Hause and referred a few good friends who also became happy cloth-diapering mothers.

I love shopping at Babe Hause (owned by Abby) for many reasons. There is a huge array of pocket diapers, inserts and diapering accessories to choose from. This was where I built my stash of Drybees, Happy Heinys, Knickernappies, LoopyDos, various inserts and where I bought Drybees AIO Hybrids as baby shower gifts to introduce new mums to cloth diapers.

Then one day, I got hooked to shopping for the personal care products available too and bought the heavenly-smelling Burt’s Bees shampoo and conditioner. With a fussy baby to look after, the convenience of online shopping and goods delivered to the door-step was simply irresistible!


  • Wide range of pocket diapers, diapering accessories and personal care products
  • Honest retailer
  • Efficient delivery
  • Low shipping costs


  • For cloth diapers: only pocket diapers  available (I hope fitted diapers will be offered in future.)
  • Inventory may not be updated online (Tip: email Abby directly to check stocks availability)

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