Review: Fisher-Price Healthy Care™ Deluxe Booster Seat

Before plopping Baby V into a highchair when we dine out of home, I would wipe (more like scrub) the seat thoroughly with a wet wipe. However, there are occasions when being armed with wet wipes is not enough:

  • One Japanese restaurant had ONLY 2 highchairs when there are 3 children in our dining group
  • One eatery had many highchairs, which were full of RUST (I didn’t even want to touch them!)
  • One restaurant had highchairs without straps (Baby V was constantly turning his entire body around and I was paranoid that he’d fall out of it any moment.)

To prepare ourselves for the many dining out occasions ahead, we shopped around for a portable booster seat and decided on the Fisher-Price Healthy Care™ Deluxe Booster Seat (bought at Chubby Chubby, listed price RM199). It was easy to assemble out of the box and the simple rounded edges mean easy cleaning. I like that the tray comes with a cover to keep the surface clean, and it is adjustable to accommodate bigger tummies as the child grows. The height of the seat is adjustable as well.

We keep the portable seat in the car and have used it twice at neighbourhood eateries. One of the straps dual-functions as a shoulder strap to carry the seat around. It took only a short while to secure the seat onto an adult chair. Once Baby V is in the booster seat and secured with a three-point harness, I can enjoy my meal in peace knowing that he is in a safe and clean chair.

An improvement that the seat needs is the way the tray is clipped onto it when it is to be carried via the shoulder strap. The tray clips on rather loosely and may fall out easily. Otherwise, we are rather satisfied users of this booster seat.

Update on 11 Jan 2011: We love the booster seat so much that we just bought another one! One for the dining room and one in the car boot, so that we won’t forget to bring it along.


  • Adjustable options allow the chair to ‘grow’ with the child
  • Easy to use outdoors
  • Easy to clean
  • Shoulder strap makes it convenient to carry about


  • When carrying the seat, be careful as the tray may fall out (Tip: Fasten strap over tray to keep it in place)

Get Your Own

Fisher-Price Healthy Care™ Deluxe Booster Seats are available in most major department and baby stores. We bought ours in Chubby Chubby (KL) and Isetan (KLCC).

You may also check the price at here: Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat*

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20 thoughts on “Review: Fisher-Price Healthy Care™ Deluxe Booster Seat”

  1. Hi Mummy to Baby V!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Btw, one of my blog reader also recommended the same product and I did went to check out the info on this.

    Weight limit 45lbs/20kg… My 9mths old is half of that now… and some website mentioned can be used until 1 year old only so I’m kinda hesitant to consider further… 🙁

  2. Hi Mummy to baby V, my elder boy has been using this booster seat for more than 2 years already. Like u mentioned, bb high chair at restaurant really raised my eye brow and how could we ever place them on the high chair when they are at the stage of exploring everything with their mouth??!

    I like it very much too as it’s light and easy to carry around. The cons u mentioned is very true. My solution is I used the bottom strap to secure booster to adult chair to secure the tray lo. So it doesn’t fall out! LOL

  3. To I’m a Full Time Mummy: Understand your concern as my boy is also 10kg at 9 months old (85th percentile). 🙂
    Referring to the WHO Weight-for-Age Chart for Boys 0-5 Years Old at,
    85th percentile (20kg) is for 4.5 years old boy.
    Seems like the booster seat can be used for quite some time. Hope you find this helpful.

    To Lynette: Thank you very much for your idea! I shall try it too. :p

  4. Fisher-Price’s website states only the weight limit, no age limit, so it seems like the retailer added the information. When the child is bigger, the seat can be used without the tray to dine at the family table, so I think the age limit is irrelevant. 🙂

    1. I’m a full time mummy, I think the age limit is irrelevant. I also went fisher price web and state only weight limit like mummy to baby V said. Also my elder boy is 18kg now (2 year plus) He still uses the booster seat at dining table, elder one uses it without the tray. And when my younger one use it, he uses it with straps and tray.. So I would say it’s definitely worth the money i invested in.. And currently i been using it for almost 2 years, and i can stretch to use it for at least another 2 years for my younger one.. 🙂

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  6. A fan on Facebook wrote this:
    “Hoppop Diaper Bag & Booster Seat is cool & portable! Carrying a plastic chair ard is a chore.Hoppop can be used as a diaper bag with generous compartments, easy set-up; no tray attached but easily move the kids close to the table.”

    Thank you very much for your sharing! 🙂

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  15. I have 2 of this Fisher Price for my little girl and got 2 more recently for my boy…. one /two will be in the carboot and the other is placed at home.

    Money worth spending as it was recommended by my elder sister… her eldest, now 5+ is still using it.

    I use it outside as most of those baby seats are either/dirty/worn out/ ikea type but they cut out the straps etc…. mostly, with this seat, it keeps Sophie seated… she will not even try to stand or put her feet up on the tray or move around… and she DOESN’T complain about it!

    It is a must have!

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