Review: Bumbo Baby Seat with Play Tray

The Bumbo Baby Seat seemed highly popular and we waited for a good deal before getting one at Chubby Chubby (original price: RM199, discounted price RM129). Since the play tray looked useful, we bought it as well (listed price: about RM49). This set was purchased before the highchair and portable booster seat reviewed yesterday.

Even though Baby V could sit well with support since about 4 months old, he enjoyed being on his tummy much more than sitting in the Bumbo Baby Seat. After he has been in the chair for a while, the strong boy would arch his back to try to get out of it. When he could sit independently at 6+ months old, there were even less opportunities to use the seat.

Nowadays, Baby V is in it for about ten minutes every morning when he watches me have breakfast in the bedroom. I have not bothered using the play tray because it is too tedious and heavy to lift the 10kg boy-with-Bumbo assembly, fix the tray, and after ten minutes, lift the 10kg boy-with-Bumbo assembly AGAIN to remove the tray before PULLING the boy out of the seat. ‘Pulling’ is not an understatement because the seat wraps his Buddha belly and thunder thighs very snugly, ever since months ago. It is also a mystery why yellowish stains have developed on the play tray when it is hardly used.

The Bumbo seat with the play tray attached is perhaps the most useful when I need to trim Baby V’s fingernails, as it prevents him from moving away from me.

Baby V took his first semi-solids meal in the Bumbo seat and that was it; he has been having his meals in the highchair at the dining table, which has more space for me to prepare his meals.

Without the play tray, the Bumbo seat does not restrain Baby V at all, so I cannot leave him in the seat unattended. You may wish to know that at least 28 children have suffered serious head injuries when they fell out their Bumbo Baby Seats, which had been placed on tables. The news released by U.S. CPSC on 25 Oct 2007 also mentioned the following:

The new warning label will state: “WARNING – Prevent Falls; Never use on any elevated surface.” Consumers should use the Bumbo seat at ground level, but should never leave a child unattended.


  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Allows baby to sit with support at a young age, facilitating feeding, playing and trimming of nails


  • Can be used only at ground level
  • Child is not securely restrained, so caregiver must watch him/her closely at all times
  • Insufficient space to accommodate big bellies and chunky thighs
  • Difficult to fix and remove play tray with heavy child in the seat
  • A  strong toddler can yank the play tray off easily

I hope to find more uses out of the chair to justify its cost. Do you have a Bumbo Baby Seat? If so, when do you find it useful?

Update on 8 June 2010:

Finally, we found two good uses for our Bumbo Baby Seat!

  • Great place for Vee to have his hair cut at home. The seat is very easy to clean after each haircutting session.
  • Every morning, Vee has his Shichida Method™ home practice session in the seat. The height is just right and he can use the play tray for simple activities such as matching small puzzles and drawing.

We actually love the seat more when Vee is a toddler.

Update on 11 Jan 2011:

For the past few months, strong Vee has figured out how to yank the play tray off the seat. He finds it real funny while I don’t! I really have a love-hate relationship with this Bumbo Seat. Ha!

Get Your Own

Bumbo Baby Seats are available in most major babystores. We bought ours at Chubby Chubby (KL).

You may also check the prices at here:

Bumbo Baby Seat*

Bumbo Seat Play Tray*

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10 thoughts on “Review: Bumbo Baby Seat with Play Tray”

  1. Mummy to Baby V,
    I bought the bumbo seat with play tray back in August2009. My 2nd boy was 3 months plus. I bought it because my then 3mths old wouldn’t want to lie down on floor nor on tummy for long. So I got the Bumbo seat so he could sit upright on his own (he was able to hold his head up steadily already) instead of having up holding him most of the time.

    Another reason is because we were travelling in Sept to beach vacation and I think Bumbo helped as we can place him on Bumbo while I attend to elder one with sand castle making activity. my younger one like it.

    I also used it to feed my baby solids. But honestly, it’s useful, but not worth the money I paid. Cause I only used to for 3months, and currently i using the booster seat already. The bumbo become another “Toy” for my elder one.

    I guess my opinion is “loan” one from friends or relative instead of buying it. Cause the “life-span” really short!

  2. Hi Mummy to Baby V,

    Would you be interested to sell off your Bumbo play tray? I’ve inherited a Bumbo seat from my sister and am looking for a play tray to complement the experience.

    1. Hi Joey, thank you for visiting Mummy’s Reviews™. We used to not fancy the Bumbo seat until recently, when my boy uses it every morning for his homeschooling lessons. He sits still in the seat and the play tray enables us to do simple puzzles and play games. How about I post your request on our Facebook page and see if you find a seller? Are you based in Singapore or Malaysia?

      1. Hi MieVee,

        So sorry I haven’t been going online lately. Thanks a lot for your offer to help. I’ve actually found a play tray for him. Thanks again ya!

    2. may i know what kind of booster seat u referring to?? I m too have a bumboo seat but seem like life span is really short!!

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