Baby V Turns 10 Months Old

Another month has flown by and Baby V has again managed little accomplishments:

  • from sitting to standing on his own without any support (I was amazed when he first did so and rushed out of the bathroom immediately in case he fell, which he didn’t!)
  • making the first hand signs to communicate with us:
    ~ milk (from ‘milking’ slowly with one hand to ‘milking’ quickly with both hands. Are you THAT hungry, boy?)
    ~ bye-bye (say ‘bye bye’ and he starts flapping both his hands. Hmm… maybe he can’t decide which hand to wave?)
  • peeing regularly in the potty chair/trainer (very adaptable baby)
  • pooing with ease in the potty chair/trainer every alternate days (He’s super adorable when mimicking my ‘straining’ sounds, then continues to do his big business. I’m still amazed by his control of bowel movements at such an early stage. Thank you for giving Mummy such clean diapers to wash, Baby!)
  • eating three meals a day on top of breastmilk
    In case any Mummy is interested, these are usually what he eats:
    ~ Breakfast at 9.30a.m.: Brown rice cereal (4tblsp), some apple bits to chew
    ~ Lunch at 1p.m.: Brown rice porridge cooked with vegetable stock (5tblsp), vegetables, 1/2 apple/pear
    ~ Dinner at 6.30p.m.: Brown rice porridge as in lunch, vegetables
    (Baby, thank you for gobbling down anything that is prepared for you. Muak!)
  • sleeping for longer stretches (2-3 hours) on several nights without nursing for comfort (Slow progress, which is better than none! He loves sleeping on his tummy nowadays and squeezes his head onto his Daddy’s or my pillow. Can’t you sleep on your own pillow, Baby?!?)

I have been showing flashcards to him for 5-10 minutes daily as he enjoys them. He plays rather freely the rest of the day.

We are considering enrolling him in The Shichida Method Programme for right brain education 1 hour per week, so that I can learn a more structured way to educate him.

Are any of your child(ren) on similar programmes in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? Please share your experiences and feedback. Thank you very much!

P.S. View more developmental milestones (from 8 months old onwards).

P.P.S. Our latest homeschooling updates are posted at HERE,

6 thoughts on “Baby V Turns 10 Months Old”

  1. Hi Mummy to Baby V, there’s no Schichida in Penang so far, but my friend’s son attended Shichida class in KL…their son now is 1 and half years old…and so far, they say the classes are pretty good. But you will see the outcome of the children’s progress much later e.g. 3 years old. can give it a try 🙂

    1. Hi mumzzy, thank you very much for the info. This is the 2nd positive feedback on Shichida at KL I have received so far. 🙂 We aren’t aiming for quick results, just need a structured programme to enable me to educate baby while at home.

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