Busy Mummy

There is a l…o…n…g queue of reviews to write yet so little time.

Poor Vee has been down with a flu since last Friday. He had a high 39-degrees Celsius fever that went away after 2 doses of paracetamol. We waited 1.5 hours at the clinic before finally seeing the pediatrician. The boy has been clinging on to me like super-glue; his fussiness went up ten-folds due to his runny nose and husky voice. Thanks to my beloved Beco carrier, I managed to get chores done and use the toilet!

I am very inexperienced dealing with a flu-ish baby because this is the FIRST time that Vee is down with flu, at almost one year old. He had a runny nose at two weeks old (no fever, recovered without medication), and two short episodes of slight fever (probably due to teething). I believe breastfeeding has built his strong immunity, so I would be weaning him off breastmilk sometime around his second birthday.

Interestingly, he slept very well last night — nursed till drowsy, unlatched by himself to fall asleep on my shoulder and stayed asleep for a l…o…n…g time. I think he nursed only twice in the night and I had the best sleep in months. This morning, he woke up, saw my eyes closed (I was pretending to be asleep again) and went back to sleep BY HIMSELF!!! It is the first time this happened and I hope Vee would be able to repeat the feat every day.

Please bear with this busy Mummy for now and more Reviews and Giveaways would be on the way.

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