Takashimaya Baby Fair (11-28 March 2010)

Thursday was the first day of the popular Takashimaya Baby Fair (in Singapore), which runs from 11 to 28 Mar 2010 (10a.m. to 9.30p.m.) To avoid the weekend crowd, Vee and I visited the fair on its opening day. At every corner, there were pregnant bumps, babies in carriers, and Mummies and Grannies with strollers, on a Thursday afternoon!?! Phew, how glad I am to have gone on a weekday.

Thankfully, Vee slept soundly in our beloved Beco Baby Carrier for almost 1.5 hours, giving me enough time to shop at my own leisure. He must have seemed very comfortable as a fellow Mummy shopper asked my feedback on our Beco carrier. Of course, I highly recommended it to her.

I saw some of our favourite items on sale at the fair:

Initially, I was looking for educational materials suitable for toddlers. Besides some Baby Einstein books and DVDs, learn-to-read systems and a few fabric wall charts, there are very few other options. Anyway, it is a ‘baby’ fair, so the items available are more suitable for mothers-to-be.

AVENT is having 25% off for many items. However, the BPA-free manual pump was not on sale, so I gave it a miss.

Maxi-Cosi car seat is having a steep discount.

There is a GIGANTIC booth offering Huggies disposable diapers and NO booth selling modern cloth diapers. How disappointing! I really wish more mothers-to-be would be aware of such cute, convenient and eco-friendly diapers for their newborn babies.

So, what did we buy to make our flight tickets worth the money?

  • Swim/bath robes at S$9.90 each (Vee loves to swim!)
  • Tiny Love links at S$7.90 (complement Vee’s Tiny Love Gymini and would help to attach toys to the stroller, car seat or highchair)
  • Replacement part for Combi Step 4 Mug at S$7.90 (First time seeing this spare part. His mug is perfectly fine; bought the top part as spare so that we do not need to buy a new mug in future.)
  • ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer ay S$68 (I was totally fascinated by this gadget, shall try it out asap! Keep you in suspense at the moment…)
  • Bosom Buddy Hot and Cold Gel Pack at S$30+ (I had engorgement recently and could not find cabbage leaves at home, so bought this for more convenience.)
  • Cute wrist band to write contact number at S$7+ (I am very paranoid about Vee wandering off on his own outside when he starts walking. As a toddler, I was lost once in a shopping centre and it traumatised the whole family; I can even remember the incident today.)

The total spending of S$150 entitled us to three lucky draw coupons. Well, I love lucky draws and Giveaways; good luck to us. (I started winning in lucky draws since 8 years old. The record was winning 3 different prizes in a week! My hubby has never won a lucky draw prize until I helped him participate once and he won a Manchester United CD. Talk about luck… Ha!)

Anyway, pregnant Mums may find visiting the baby fair worthwhile as you get to check out a good range of toys, strollers, car seats and other accessories, with some at attractive discounts. However, be careful of your bump, especially during the weekend as there are tonnes of strollers and children. Happy shopping!

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8 thoughts on “Takashimaya Baby Fair (11-28 March 2010)”

  1. Hi. I m actually looking for a carrier for my 5 months old baby, but not sure which brand/design suits her, probably you can recommend? i see that you are using the Beco Baby Carrier, how was it?

    1. Hi Babyishlove, you may read our detailed review of the Beco carrier here. We love that it allows baby to sit comfortably (instead of being dangled at the crotch); puts his weight at our waists; has an infant insert; and easy to adjust. You may try different carriers at the store to find one that suits you and your baby best.

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