Winners of Giveaway #4: Moms & Tots Cloth Diapers

After spending a long time verifying the entries for Giveaway #4 sponsored by Moms & Tots Store, the winners are finally out!!! Thank you very much to all who have participated.

The favourite colours chosen are “Orange” (44%) and “Apple Green” (31%).

Here are the two lucky winners in random order (first two names generated by

  1. Ayu Rafikah binti Mohd. Amin
  2. Nor Marshaliza bt Shaidan

Timestamp: 2010-03-25 15:01:12 UTC

Congratulations to you and your baby!

To claim your favourite Moms & Tots Cloth Diaper, please notify me of your shipping address (in Singapore or West Malaysia) within 7 days of this post via email.

Thank you again for your support and you are welcome to participate in Giveaway #5.

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