Vee Turns 14 Months Old

It has been an eventful month, when Vee (and I) started Shichida classes and home practices, started walking very fast and experienced a record high fever. Oh… and I was ill for an entire week.

Learning & Communication

  • I felt sooooo “proud” on our first Shichida lesson. My boy’s first day at “school”… oh gosh!!! Anyway, he enjoys the lessons because there are four classmates of about the same age and lots of singing, which he adores. I am amazed by his (and his classmates’) performance — for both classes, he got 5/6 correct!
  • For a month, we have been doing home learning for an hour each morning (between breakfast and lunch). He recognises some colours and shapes. For instance, any rectangular toy becomes a remote control in his hand, so I deduce he knows the shape. (I observe instead of ‘test’ him as I learnt that children do not like to be tested.)
  • He is starting to say two-word phrases such as “deh-dao” for 跌倒 (fall down) and is trying to sing when he hears familiar nursery rhymes. It is such a joy watching him dance to music with his hands.


  • He is FINALLY walking quickly and rather steadily. This also means he goes all over the house opening drawers, cabinets and pulling things down. It is hectic clearing the mess after him and I started installing child-proof locks at every vulnerable corner. Refrigerator latch, wardrobe latch, bathroom latch, socket covers — you name it, I have it!!!

Diet & Feeding

  • Four teeth are in the process of erupting and that affects his appetite. Anyway, he loves juicy fruits (pears, apples, grapes, plums, peaches) and would eat more when fruits are offered.
  • After consulting with our home-visit nurse, I have finally decided to wean him off breastmilk in two months. Reason: Six months for my body to ‘recuperate’ before trying for baby #2. It is going to be a HUGE challenge for the night and early morning feeds. Wish us luck!
  • He has tried fresh organic full cream milk and enjoys it right out of the fridge, so he would be drinking that in replacement of breastmilk. To ensure that he gets sufficient nutrition, I would be supplementing his diet with a multivitamin, as advised by his nurse. (Apparently, there is only ONE brand of liquid multivitamin for children in KL; Singapore, here I come for vitamin-shopping time!)

Potty Training

  • He still uses the potty at every diaper change; I am still waiting for him to give me signals beforehand that he needs to let go. Patience is key here.
  • He has gotten his first pair of Imse Vimse organic cloth training pants, as I could not resist getting them when helping his cousin to buy a few. Can’t wait to try them on him and find out what’s all the rage about Imse Vimse!


  • We shifted room (AGAIN!), this time from the playroom back to our master bedroom. (The playroom is now a dedicated play and learn area.) Since the change, Vee refused to let Daddy carry and bounce him to sleep. For a week, he decided to roll over me for up to 30 (read: THIRTY) minutes before plonking his entire 11kg body on me to sleep. *Gasp… I need air!*
  • We bought a Twin mattress for Vee and placed it beside our King mattress. Hopefully, he would soon feel attached to his sleeping corner.
  • For more than a week, I have been using the Five-Minute Suggestion Method learnt from Shichida’s Parent Education Course. He made improvements and is able to fall asleep without rolling around. Milk feed, story, songs, massage, lights out, lie down on mattress tummy down, turn his head side to side for a few minutes, zzzZZZ… *Impressed!* (He still fusses a few times at night. Again, we need patience…)

Please help: Is your toddler taking any multivitamin? Which would you recommend?

P.S. View more developmental milestones (from 8 months old onwards).

P.P.S. Our latest homeschooling updates are posted at HERE,

23 thoughts on “Vee Turns 14 Months Old”

  1. Hi, so nice to read abt yr child’s development milestones going well above average. I’m weaning my son off breastmilk too and found out that he’s even more attach to my breast than before eventhough he accepts formula milk (still in quantity less than what he should be getting).Like u stressed, we need lots of patience! As for vits, I only provide him with vit C and calcium as I think that multi vit is too heaty for young toddler and is easily attainable from his solid diet.


    1. Hi Janet, thank you for your sharing. Formula milk is fortified with a range of nutrients, while fresh milk isn’t, that’s why we have been advised to give multi-vit, to prevent malnutrition. He is eating 3 meals well, just that it is difficult to cover all the nutrients sufficiently, especially as I am a vegetarian and offer him fish (and no other meat).

      Yes, we are concerned about the heatiness part, as I sometimes had fever when I took multi-vit as a child. The nurse suggests that we introduce it only once a week, let his body adjust, then slowly increase to twice, and finally daily.

      I’m really not sure how he would accept the weaning process, would be starting next week after our Singapore trip. Hope he would have a smooth transition. What is your weaning process like? (My nurse asked me to take 2 weeks to drop one feed, to let my body adjust.)

  2. I prefer fresh milk to formula milk anytime, really. I don’t buy the *nutrients in formula* story. To me, all milks are the same. The only superior one is breastmilk.
    Anyway…where do you get the organic fresh milk? Is it UHT in packs in the organic shop? I’ve only seen those kinds.

    And on the sleeping method, that’s very interesting. Sleeping is sort of a battle and I would very much like to learn more about this method 🙂

    By the way, weaning is not easy on both mother and child. Do it only when you are ready. All the best! 🙂

    1. Yes, breastmilk is the best! We found Organic Valley fresh milk at The Village Grocer, Bangsar Village. It is not the UHT type. I am mentally ready for the weaning; it all depends on my boy. We are taking it over a few months, so hope he can adjust well.

      The Five-Minute Suggestion method is actually one main reason for us enrolling in Shichida. I am definitely not qualified to teach this method. (*Hint: Someone posted the steps on the Net, if you find it, try if it works.)

  3. can i find out more why your nurse recommends a six-month breast between weaning your baby off breastfeeding and trying to conceive again? this is the first time i am hearing that a rest is needed. i have been hoping to breastfeed all the way through even during my next pregnancy if my boy has not self-weaned by then.

    1. We really hope to get a 2011 baby, so that the age gap is 2+ years (not too far apart), and while I am still ‘young’. As Vee still nurse very frequently (4 times in the day, a few times when asleep), my menses are still M.I.A. (missing in action). If I wait for him to self-wean, it may take 1-2 years to conceive. Also, I am very petite (hardly any reserves) and vomited a lot during my first pregnancy. In case history repeats, it is tough for me to eat for 3 persons (Vee, foetus and myself). Therefore, the decision is to wean him off in a few months, strengthen my body and get the ovulation process going again.

      Of course, the ball is now in Vee’s hands to accept the weaning process. 🙂

      1. Hi MieVee, great site. First time I’m commenting. Just wanted to say, I conceived my 2nd baby (22 weeks now) while I was still breastfeeding my son (he’s now 18 mths). I hadn’t gotten my menses yet either and the new baby was a shock to all of us!

        But after conceiving, the gynae and the paed both said it’d be best to wean my boy off before the 5th mth of pregnancy – hard for my body to supply for all 3 of us. So you’re probably right trying to wean Vee off and letting your body recover before conceiving again, but am sure the ovulation process has already begun.

        All the best in the weaning process. It’s not easy on both you and baby. Was probably harder for me cos I miss being able to provide that source of nutrition and comfort for my son. Those were special times which I will never have again – have to replace it with other activities 🙂 Good luck!

      2. Hi whyelse, thank you for your sharing! 🙂 And congratulations on having baby #2!

        You’re right about the ovulation cos I tested using an ovulation kit and it says so.

        It has been 4+ months since we started weaning and things have progressed well. Vee is only breastfeeding for the early morning feed as I want him (the-light-sleeper) to go back to sleep. Hope he’d wean himself off it naturally. Lots of hugs and kisses through the day will meet his emotional needs. All the best too! 🙂

  4. hi MieVee, i heard about this Shichida class in KL and Singapore, but it’s not available in Penang. good to hear that it is producing results so fast!

    1. The Five-Minute Suggestion method is easily used to help correct children’s ‘undesirable’ traits. One of the main reasons we enrolled in Shichida was to learn this method and I am glad that it works, especially on sleep issues which have been the most difficult to tackle for us.

    1. Organic Valley fresh milk is RM23.49 per 1-litre pack. Expiry date is usually quite long, if unopened in fridge. Yes, my boy drinks it cold from fridge, babycare book and nurse mentioned it is absolutely fine.

      Shichida Method: it is most effective to start from age 0-3 years old, then continue until age 6. There is a Singaporean boy who started at 4-5 years old, uncovered his musical talent and achieved very good performance in harp internationally. There are also many other testimonials from children who started as preschoolers. Frequent home practice (we do so once a day for 30-60 min) is key to the child’s success in Shichida Method education. I would think it is still good to try it out before age 6, with lots of dedication, especially from one parent.

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  6. Hi, it’s great to read your website. I went to local pharmacy to check for the multi-vit and found out there are few brands in liquid form. After comparing, I finally decided to take Appeton though it’s actually for infants as my daughter is 13 mth old now. May I know which brand you are giving to Vee? Thank you.

  7. Thanks MieVee for your good recommendation! I have tried to use your referral code but it was invalid. 🙂 it’s ok. Thanks so much.

  8. Hi MieVee, I know this post is quite old but it addresses the issues I am thinking about right now and I am sooo happy to read that generally you reached the same conclusion as me after doing your separate research. Too many people around me are telling me I may be making a mistake not giving my girl formula, my daughter’s pediatrician and my endocrinologist including. I would have thought healthcare professionals would be more enlightened, esp specialists that seem otherwise very sensible on other issues, which makes me doubt myself. Your posts vindicated my actions. Coincidentally I am also giving my girl Animal Parade Liquid but just curious what made you choose this over the other options out there. I chose it largely because it contains minerals (especially concerned about iron) on top of vitamins and the reviews on iherb that said it tasted good. However, I am again concerned about how sweet it tastes and fructose is listed as the second item in the other ingredients list which indicates to me that probably quite a lot of it is added. Sophia and I are also not convinced about the good tasting bit. To me it smells like artificial berry flavor similar to those in commercial sweetened cereal. But she will eat it when mixed with fresh fruit and cereal. Would be grateful if you could share how you arrived at the decision to go with this multivit and How was Vee’s reaction to it both in terms of taste and things like whether it caused constipation. Many thanks in advance!

    1. Hihi Elaine, our nurse told us that almost all children’s multi-vit is added with sugar because it tastes really bad on its own. (Same as for children’s liquid medicine.) Since Vee doesn’t take sugar otherwise, i’m ok with this. She recommended 2-3 brands of liquid vit to me and I only found 1 in KL then.

      Hubby went to S’pore and the salesperson recommended 2 brands. Hubby chose Animal Parade because it contains minerals too, like you said. I showed the bottle label of nutrition to our nurse and she said it’s fine. Vee loves taking it, straight from the spoon, after breakfast. And his health has been good, so we continued with it.

      His poo frequency is once in 1-3 days. This is likely because of his mainly vegetarian high-fibre diet (e.g. brown rice, multigrains, veges & fruits). (Too much fibre can lead to constipation.) This is easily overcome by 2 prunes a day and tummy massage.

      Since he was about 2.5 years old, I’ve been giving him multi-vit on alternate days instead of daily. Because he eats really well, grows well and is very healthy too.

      1. Ahh.. Thanks for the info! Amazed you managed to keep sugar out of his diet for so long. I’m already finding it a struggle against well meaning adults wanting to give my girl cookies……

      2. Ha… Vee has soy allergy, so it has been easy for us to prevent anyone (including relatives) from offering him tidbits. We simply say we need to look through the ingredients list. Then now, he has the habit of checking with us before accepting food from others.

  9. hi there, it’s a joy to read such an organised blog. puts mine to shame!! could u share the 5min method by shichida pls? TIA

    1. Hi Janice, thank you for your kind words! The Shichida 5-Minute Suggestion method is described in Shichida’s book (七田真0-6岁育儿法) and Shichida Parents Handbook. The book is available at,, and Singapore libraries. You may also try googling “Shichida 5-Minute Suggestion method”.

      Basically, the method is about communicating to the child in his subconscious mind, within 5 minutes of him falling asleep, in a specific manner. It’s best that you read the relevant section in the relevant book / material to get the results. It must be done specifically to be effective.

      Hope this helps!

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