Review: Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Cloth Diapers [Giveaway #9]

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diapers

This Review & Giveaway article is sponsored by Bottombumpers and (Malaysia’s sole distributor).

As I type this article, Vee is sleeping soundly wearing his Bottombumpers Side Snapping All-in-One Cloth Diaper, with my full confidence that it would hold all his pee through the nap. After all, we have tested it over nearly two months. This is the first All-in-One (AIO) cloth diaper that toddler Vee has tried and we are absolutely pleased with it — trim, absorbent, well-made, fits well and contains certified organic materials.

What is an All-in-One (AIO) Cloth Diaper?

In simple terms, an AIO cloth diaper means the absorbent fabric (or soaker) and waterproof cover are connected in one piece. This means neither stuffing of inserts nor covers are needed. During each change, the entire diaper is replaced. An AIO diaper with hook and loop closures (e.g. Velcro or Aplix tabs) would be very suitable for daycare centres, babysitters, Dads, Grannies or super-busy Mums.

About Bottombumpers Side Snapping All-in-One Diaper

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diapers - Inside
The ultimate convenience - just snap and go!

These are the main features of the diaper:

  • Outer layer: Made of waterproof 2mil polyurethane laminated (PUL) knitted fabric
  • Inner lining: Made of absorbent certified organic cotton
  • Absorber / Soaker: Contains 4 layers of organic cotton and topped with bamboo velour (total: 6 layers of absorbency); attached to the diaper by 2 snaps at the top
  • Closures: Hidden side snaps, 5 waist and thigh snap settings that can be independently adjusted
  • Country of origin: Made in the U.S.A. by a small family and select few contracted seamstresses in smoke- and pet-free sewing studios.

It comes in 15 solid colours and custom orders (with embroidery designs) are available at selected retailers.

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diapers - Soaker
Bifold and unsnappable soaker for quick drying

First Impressions

The workmanship of the diaper is excellent and the bamboo velour top feels luxurious. As Vee is wearing Large for his usual diapers, I wondered initially if the Medium Bottombumpers would fit him. The diaper is relatively narrow at the crotch; elastics are thick and gentle. The label stating the size is sewn outside the diaper, enabling quick identification.

How We Tested It

Prewash: Since the diaper is in a dark solid colour, I prewashed it once by hand with warm water. No colour run, great! The smartly designed snap-on AND bifold soaker means quick drying time, which makes it unique among AIO cloth diapers.

Regular Laundry: The diaper has been machine-washed in 60 degrees Celsius and still stays as good as new after two months. Tip #1: Put the diaper in a laundry net before washing, to prevent the cotton lining from picking up lint.

Ease of Use / Fit: Being used to side-snapping diapers, I find it easy to get the correct fit. I can even put it onto Vee while he is standing and busy playing. The soaker is slightly long in the front, so I had to make sure it is tucked in. Medium fits Vee beautifully and he is currently on the third waist setting and largest thigh setting. No red marks appeared on him. Tip #2: Side-snapping diapers allow independent adjustments for waist and thigh settings, which is suitable for babies / toddlers with chunky thighs.

The diaper is very trim and fits well under pants. The elastics at the thighs are not sewn in with a second row of stitches. Tip #3: To prevent wicking, always ensure that the cotton lining at the crotch area is rolled in.

Absorbency: Excellent day-time diaper for active play, outings and naps. We have not faced a single leak. Even after only one prewash, the Bottombumpers lasted through 2 hours of active play, with the soaker being 2/3 full. Most of the time, I change Vee (a super-heavywetter) after 3 hours and the soaker would be 2/3 to completely full. The cotton lining helps to absorb pee too, which ups the absorbency a notch. Tip #4: To further boost the absorbency, add a cotton / hemp / bamboo doubler below the soaker.

Both the cotton lining and bamboo soaker feel damp when wet. In the early months when Vee was a fussy newborn, I would have preferred cloth diapers with a stay-dry layer. Now, I actually like feel-wet fabrics, which would help him potty-train faster. To protect his sensitive skin, I simply change him every 2 to 3 hours.

Poo: Vee poo-ed on the diaper once. The solid is easily dunked into the toilet and a little spraying cleaned the rest off the bamboo velour.

Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diapers - Back
I love the pretty ruffled hem at the back!
Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diapers - Different Views
Fits Vee's chubby thighs and feels comfortable in various positions

Overall, we love the Bottombumpers Side Snapping AIO Diaper!

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use
  • Absorbent
  • Trim
  • Dries fast
  • Fits chubby thighs well
  • Gentle elastics leave no red marks
  • New snap-on soaker can be purchased if the original is worn out or stained
  • Contains certified organic cotton and bamboo materials

What can be improved:

  • Shorten soaker a little so that it does not tend to stick out in front, or shift the back snaps higher

Win Your Own

THREE (3) lucky subscribers will win a Bottombumpers Side Snapping All-in-One Cloth Diaper worth RM89 each, sponsored by Bottombumpers and This is how to participate:

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Other Information

  • If you are one of the winners of this Giveaway:
    • The colour of your Bottombumpers diaper will depend on the stock available.
    • You would need to send in three (3) photos of your baby in the Bottombumpers diaper won. The photos may be used in marketing materials.
  • This Giveaway is open to subscribers with a mailing address in Malaysia.
  • It will run until 14 July 2010.
  • The usual Giveaway Terms apply.

Send in your entries now and good luck!

Get Your Own

To get your own Bottombumpers cloth diapers, visit these retailers based in Malaysia:

The entire list of retailers is available here.

You may also check the price at here: Bottombumpers All In One with Side Snaps*

Disclosure: I received a Bottombompers cloth diaper for review.

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