Vee Turns 16 Months Old

ELC Lift and Look Alphabet Puzzle Close-Up
Vee loves puzzles!

For the first time, it took me a little longer to remember Vee’s age by months. He is now somewhere between a big baby and a toddler with an independent mind.

Learning & Communication

  • Our first term at Shichida is coming to an end and we would be continuing as long as both of us enjoy it. It is amusing that he attempts to read aloud in his own baby language when he sees numbers and words on his cup.
  • He can recognise so many animals, their hand signs and sounds, and other objects that it is impossible to keep track.
  • When he hears us mention “Singapore” or “Malaysia” in the room, he would point to or bring us to the world map poster. I am planning to buy him a globe for learning geography.
  • He is super-sociable and greets EVERYONE in the family all day long, calling out their respective titles in Mandarin. His pronunciation is getting much clearer, for instance “baby” and 妹妹 (mei4 mei4, for younger sister/girl).


  • He attempts to climb onto and stand on chairs and mattresses, pulls open drawers, walks backwards, turns in circles (trying to wear his shoe), tip-toes and grabs whatever he can reach on our tables, etc. Every non-child-safe item has to be moved upwards or inwards. And not a day passes when he does not bang himself somewhere. I am on my toes all day long!

Diet & Feeding

  • He still enjoys eating and gobbles down whatever is offered with two exceptions: hard boiled egg yolk (must be hidden in other foods) and tomato (totally rejected). I love egg yolks and tomatoes, so he must have inherited this from his Daddy.
  • He is completely weaned off breastmilk in the day, except when he fusses during naps to be nursed back to sleep. After he is asleep at night, he still keeps waking up to nurse, perhaps due to teething. (I am so looking forward to my next menstrual cycle so that I can try cloth pads and mentrual cups!)

Potty Training

  • He is successfully potty-trained for poo, with no poopy diapers for the entire month! When we travel, he uses a portable potty seat placed on the adult toilet. There is no progress on telling me before he pees though.


  • For the entire month, he has been falling asleep with his head on his pillow on his mattress. However, sometimes it takes as long as one hour before he falls asleep. He is willing to sleep only when I am very assertive. Every couple of minutes, he would try to sleep ON me. If I cringe, he would never learn to sleep on his pillow.
  • Four new teeth have finally erupted a little, which means the past two nights have been more peaceful. Otherwise, he tried to latch on THOUGH the night and pulled on my n*****. Ouch!!!

If you have tried cloth pads and mentrual cups, which is/are your favourite(s)?

Some mothers have asked about our typical daily schedule for a 16 months old toddler. You may view our schedule here.

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6 thoughts on “Vee Turns 16 Months Old”

  1. what are menstrual cups? can i also know what brand is the lowercase alphabet puzzle that you have featured here and where u got it from?

    1. HI Carol, menstrual cup is a cup worn inside the vagina to collect menstrual fluid, as opposed to absorbing it via tampons. There is no harmful chemicals such as bleach, easy to wash clean, great for travels, saves money and environmentally-friendly. More information can be found here.

      I finally found the lowercase alphabet puzzle at ELC, within Mothercare outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. You may check out places that sell ELC toys in Singapore. It is pricey at RM49, yet is the only good-quality one I could find.

  2. interesting! i never knew abt menstrual cups before. is it painful to insert into the vagina? the cups sound big but i guess they can’t be in reality.

    as for the puzzle, most puzzles out there are in uppercase, but actually it’s better to teach tods starting with lowercase first. tks for the tip!

    1. I am not sure how it feels using a menstrual cup; have read tonnes of rave reviews, so I am looking forward to try it. 🙂

      Yes, you are right about the alphabet puzzles, easier to find those in uppercase. Learning lowercase first is better than uppercase, so I was elated to find this puzzle at ELC!

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