Review: I can’t survive a day without this VeeBee Play Yard!

Vee Bee 6 Sided Play Yard
Baby-safe play zone in the room

Ok, the title is exaggerated. I can survive a weekend without this play yard, since hubby helps out. We have been using the Vee Bee Play Yard for 8 months and thought it is a good time to share this review with you.

Why Do We Need a Play Yard?

When Vee was younger, he loved playing at his Tiny Love Gymini. At 7 months old, Vee started crawling forward rapidly. One month later, he was pulling himself up to stand.

  1. He refused to be confined in the small baby cot or play pen. When I needed to do something without babywearing him, he screamed in the cot / play pen. Letting him roam dangerously around wasn’t an option either.
  2. He repeatedly did these: pulled himself to stand in the cot, let go of his hands and fell against the wooden rails. I was paranoid that he would get concussion soon!
  3. I like to give him some independent play time daily and needed a baby-safe zone for his free play sessions.

How Did We End Up with this Vee Bee Play Yard?

As usual, I shopped around and narrowed my options to the Haenim Play Yard and Vee Bee Play Yard. Key differences:

  • Haenim 6-Panel Play Yard: about S$174 (USD126), made of PVC
  • Vee Bee 6 Sided Play Yard: about RM999 (USD312), made of steel and fabric

I nearly bought the Haenim until I read that it is made of PVC (see note at the bottom). After viewing the Vee Bee Play Yard twice, we decided to invest in one.

About the Vee Bee 6 Sided Play Yard

These are the main features of the play yard:

  • Dimensions: 180cm hexagon
  • Country of origin: Made in Taiwan (by Valiant Enterprises Pty Lyd, an Australian company)

First Impressions

My husband was responsible for setting up the play yard and it was up in a short while. I was sooooo excited to see it in the room as it spelt F-R-E-E-D-O-M for me… finally! It is huge and can comfortably fit all three of us in.

Although the play mat is thick, it cannot cushion a fall on the head well enough. Therefore, we place foam play mats below it.

Update: With #2 Baby Jae, I place a thin foldable mattress ON top of the play mat. This way, I only have to change the bedsheet every week and wash the mat only when necessary.

Our Experience Using It

Best Time: The best time to place Vee in it is when he is freshly awake in the morning or from his nap. The boy would be happy to play with his toys inside while I rush to clean up, sort out the laundry and do stuff at lightning speed. He could be so engrossed with his toys until I need to coax him for his bath!

Safety: When Vee was learning to stand / walk and falling a lot, I threw 3 pillows into the play yard to cushion his falls. Sometimes, he would fall and hit the steel rods at the base but nothing serious.

Cleaning: Every 2 weeks, our domestic helper washes the play mat. It usually dries over the weekend. Vee loves to suck the horizontal rails (gross!) and I figured the only way to sanitise it is by using an electric steamer. Erm… I am guilty of not doing this. Good for building Vee’s immunity?

Irritating Velcro tabs: Inside the play yard, the fabrics are attached with strips of Velcro tabs, which Vee would curiously undo all the time, which irritates me to the core! Outside the play yard, the play mat is attached to the steel rods via 6 strips of fabric with Velcro tabs (AGAIN!!!). Vee would happily go round the play yard, pull off the 6 strips of connectors and leave them all over the place, like a treasure hunt trail for me. If cloth diaper makers can use snap buttons, why can’t Vee Bee?!?

Alternative Uses:

  1. Child Outside, Toys Inside: When Vee is roaming freely outside the play yard, I keep some toys away from him in the play yard to prevent a mega mess in the room.
  2. Everyone Inside: When I am exhausted, such as during the recent fever episode, I rested in the play yard while he played around me. Full confidence that he would be safe even if I fell asleep.

Some Mums have a tough time getting baby to play independently in a play yard, here are some tips I have learnt over time:

Tip #1: From the time baby is a newborn, allow her to have some independent play time daily (about 15-30 min). This gets her used to playing by herself occasionally.

Tip #2: Fill a new play yard with baby’s favourite toys to give her a sense of belonging.

Tip #3: Accompany baby into the play yard, get her interested in a toy. Excuse yourself by telling baby you need to do a small task such as switch on the fan or close the door. If baby is fine playing on her own, then let her do so for a short while.

Tip #4: Use the play yard for mainly for independent play. If you are in it with baby too often, baby may associate it with Mummy-time and may need you to be in it with her.

Tip #5: Do not leave baby crying badly in the play yard or use it as a “Naughty Corner”. If baby associates the place with negative experiences or emotions, she may dislike being in it.

Overall, we find the Vee Bee Play Yard a worthwhile purchase, which allows me to do chores with ease for short periods every day.

Update: With #2 Baby Jae, this play yard allows me to separate the boys, keeping the baby safe. Baby plays inside, preschooler plays outside, while I use the loo!

What we like about it:

  • Extra large size gives baby ample room to play without feeling too confined
  • Easy to set up
  • Only fabric is in contact with baby
  • Play mat is easily washable
  • Bright and cheerful colours (play mat) keep baby interested
  • Light-weight frame — easy to shift play yard when cleaning the room

What can be improved:

  • Use snaps instead of Velcro tabs (hook & loop closures)

Get Your Own

So far, we have only seen it sold at First Few Years:

  1. Paragon in Singapore
  2. The Curve, Petaling Jaya in Malaysia
The price in Malaysia was RM999 when we bought it. First Few Years members may get a 10% discount.

P.S. Read why PVC is known as “The Poison Plastic” here

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40 thoughts on “Review: I can’t survive a day without this VeeBee Play Yard!”

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  2. O dear, just saw this . I already have the Haemin play yard and this one is too expensive for us.. 🙁 Didn’t know about the issue with PVC earlier, isn’t a lot of toys made from PVC? that’s bad…

    1. Yes, many toys and even bath books are still made of PVC. I always check the label before buying plastic toys. Even playmats and packaging could be made of PVC. It’s quite a pity that PVC isn’t banned in Singapore and Malaysia. My boy puts all sorts of stuff into his mouth and bites on them, so I am extra careful with this area.

  3. Hi. Very useful site you have. Do you know whether this is bigger than lindam safe & secure fabric playpen? Look bigger to me. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, dina. This play yard is a 180cm hexagon; I’m not sure about Lindam Safe and Secure Playpen. I saw a picture of the Lindam playpen with 2 toddlers inside, and it seems smaller than this Vee Bee Play Yard, which is spacious enough for me to lie down with my boy, with more room for toys.

  4. where actually i can get this thing..look useful for us…kindly text to my e-mail k or drop by to my blogspot 😀 really wanna know…^.^

  5. Hi, am contemplating this play yard. it is pricey for if my baby would stay put inside I wouldn’t mind. he’s learning how to crawl now. Did Vee allows you to put him inside when he knows how to crawl? How old did Vee stopped using this yard?

    1. Hi Mummy love, I bought the play yard when he started cruising at about 10 months old. He refused to stay long in the small play pen, and kept falling and banging his head on the cot bed. I used it until he was sensible enough to explore the room safely at about 18 months old.

      Of course, it’s up to individual baby whether he likes it or not. One tip is to NOT make it a habit to stay in it with baby. When you’re free to entertain baby, play with him outside the play yard. When you need to do something, then put him inside with his favourite toys and books. Rotate the items to make it interesting. Let him see you and assure him that you’d be with him once you’re done. (If baby is used to having you inside the play yard together, he may not want to be in it alone.)

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  8. hi! i found this playard is quite suitable for my LO 6mth old now. she likes to free hand lay down herself from crawling position to face up position. she is now often hit her forehead when she trying to bite the cot facial stick. i am considering if the playard is made by rod type fencing will my LO knock herself on it..
    for this veebee, do you find her corner stand dangerous for those bb whom quite active type?

    1. Hi Emily, my #2 (Baby Jae) has been using the play yard for 2 months since he started crawling at 5-6 months old. He’s super-active and adventurous, cruising before 7 months and of course, fell quite often in the beginning.

      – the metal rods that form the hexagonal perimeter is hard. So if baby just happens to fall onto it, yes, it will hurt a little. Nothing much to my 2 boys. I’d say it’s similar to knocking onto the floor when he’s out of the play yard. After a few weeks of learning, baby usually becomes more skilful and can change position from standing to sitting, so not much falling from then on.

      – the corner is rounded, no danger in my opinion.

      – Nowadays, I lay a thin portable mattress (those that can fold into thirds) onto the play yard as a cushion. It makes the base thicker and more comfy. Also if baby spits milk / drools onto it, it’s easier & faster to change bed sheet than wash the play yard mat.

      – the play yard is huge and we have a ceiling fan in the room, so it’s very well-ventilated. As long as the room is well-ventilated, the play yard won’t be stuffy cos the top is open and big.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  9. Hello Mie,

    I am looking at a play yard in advance before R starts getting too mobile. (She already rolls all over the floor and can’t be left alone for a minute, only solution for now is keeping her in her baby cot if need be since she doesn’t mind playing alone under her mobile.

    The problem is we lived in a (rented) 5 room flat in Singapore and even though it is
    technically quite big, it has been heavily renovated. So in some rooms the floor is uneven.
    We could put it up in the dining area by moving the furniture around a bit, but could you tell me if it is a contraption that can be quickly folded and put away if we have guests and of course to clean the floor?
    Relying heavily on your review as always!

    1. Cleaning the floor is easy because it’s quite light. Just lift the bar and clean underneath. Or pull it around.
      Alternatively, undo the clips, remove the mat for sunning / washing.
      This way, the inside of the playyard is completely empty, easy to clean.

      I can set it up and keep it all by myself. Doesn’t take long.
      Rough steps:
      – Undo 6 clips, remove clips, fold the mat
      – Undo velcro and zips for side panels, separate them, fold
      Then put everything aside.

      Another note: the play yard is covered with fabric. Teething baby tends to drool all over the top bars, which can’t be washed.
      So I use a steam cleaner to sanitise it every couple of weeks.
      I also use the steam cleaner to sanitise other non-washable fabric / soft toys.

    1. Hi Sharoo, the “Get Your Own” section has been updated:
      So far, we have only seen it sold at First Few Years:

      – Paragon in Singapore
      – The Curve, Petaling Jaya in Malaysia
      The price in Malaysia was RM999 when we bought it. First Few Years members may get a 10% discount.

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  11. Can this play yard be folded and keep easily? I’m looking for one that I can keep at night so that there’s space when #1 and hub is back.

    1. Hi Jk, one way I use the play yard is to put a small foldable mattress in it, instead of using the mat that comes along. To keep the play yard (6-sided):
      – unzip 3 alternate panels & undo velcro
      – press the buttons at the bottom of the zips to separate the panels
      – fold 2 panels together, so you get 3 sets
      – put the 3 sets against a wall or something else

      To me, it’s quite easy. But I don’t do it every night. Only once when the toddler finally outgrows it.
      Perhaps you may ask the staff at the store to show you before concluding? 🙂

  12. Hi MieVee, I’ve been reading your blog since I was pregnant till now where my baby is 8.5 months! Anyway, I’d like to get here a veebee play yard, but because we live in HK, I’d have to have one shipped to us. Can you please help me and tell me how long the rods are? I’m assuming that the play yard comes to you disassembled and the longest items should be the rods? Also, are the screen panels foldable? Thanks a lot!! I’m looking to ship it from Taiwan and I don’t think the seller understands my question.

    1. Hi Erin, thank you for following my blog and congrats on your baby! 🙂 Our play yard is currently stored away high up since 2-year old Jae is too old for it while baby El doesn’t need it yet. So I can’t measure it easily.

      The play yard comes packaged in one box containing the six panels laid on top of one another. When stored away, the area is that of 1 side panel. I remember disassembling into 3 pairs of 2 panels each, and the 2 panels are foldable.

      For the actual shipping dimension, perhaps you may check with veebee[dot]com[dot]au or the seller? Found this online but not sure how accurate it is:
      Diameter: 2m.
      Width of each panel: 97cm.

      Hope this little info helps…

  13. Hi everyone. I’m working at First Few Years Malaysia. Just roaming around and finally come across to this website. Thank you for a good review of our product. Anyone who interested with Valco Six Sided can drop by to our website. PM us to know when the stocks are available.

  14. Hi,

    I am really really really interested in buying the VeeBee 6-side playyard. But it seems that this product is only available in Australia.

    I live in San Francisco, California and was wondering how I can buy it here?

    Thank You So Much!


      1. Hi. Thanks for reply my comment. Im looking exactly this kind of play yard but preloved one. But they sell red color design. Sorry if Im asking, aren’t you plan gonna sell it one day? If yes, please let me know. 🙂

  15. Hi,
    I am in Singapore, looking to Sell our VeeBee Valco 6 sided playyard. This very one which I bought after reading this review. i know this is not a classifieds site but these are so hard to come by and I see so many of these updates asking where it can be bought plus it is much loved so I thought of putting it up here first in case anyone is interested.
    MeeVee, please feel free to delete this if not appropriate.

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