Revealed: Cloth Diapering Essentials – A Quick Guide

Yesterday, a friend asked me some questions on how to start cloth diapering her 4 months old baby. These are questions that many of you may have in mind:

Question 1. Which cloth diaper should I start off first?

There is no straightforward answer as factors to consider include:

  • Baby’s shape and build: Different diaper cuttings suit different babies. Weight is only a very rough gauge. Take into account baby’s waist, thigh and rise measurements.
  • Baby’s pee and poo patterns: If baby produces runny poo frequently, choose diapers that are able to contain poo well.
  • Baby’s preference: For instance, some babies like to remove Velcro / Aplix tabs; some are sensitive to suedecloth or wool.
  • Caregiver (Mummy, Daddy, Granny or babysitter?): Typically, Mums are more experimental with cloth diapers. Other caregivers usually prefer diapers with Velcro / Aplix tabs.
  • Budget: If budget is limited, consider economical diapering options such as prefolds/flats with diaper covers and one-size diapers. If budget is UNlimited, the world is the limit!

Question 2: Do I need to buy inserts or other accessories?

The diapering accessories to buy depend on your preferred diapering system. Cloth Diapering Essentials – A Quick Guide has been specially prepared for you. Download it here.

Question 3: What are the other things I need to take note, including how to wash the diapers?

Cloth diapers can be washed together with baby’s clothes and even your home clothes. I have been doing that since Vee was born. Read How to Wash Cloth Diapers — Everything You Need to Know here.

Question 4: How often to change the cloth diaper?

During the day, cloth diapers should be changed every 2 to 4 hours, when soaked or when soiled.

During the night, if breathable cloth diapers (e.g. fleece or wool) are used, they can keep baby’s skin healthy even after 12-hour nights.

Hope you find the above information useful. Happy cloth diapering! 🙂

Get your special download: Cloth Diapering Essentials – A Quick Guide (pdf)

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7 thoughts on “Revealed: Cloth Diapering Essentials – A Quick Guide”

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  2. Hi Mie Vee, I’ve followed your blog 🙂
    Your blog is my handy source of info for cloth diapering and others too, I made a link from my blog to yours (here), since your information is very complete & clear, I recommend to visit your web for great reviews 🙂


  3. Hi Mee Vee,
    Thanks for your quick guide, it is very good for me eho intend to cloth diaper my baby..i’m waiting the arrivalmof my baby in 2 wks times;)

    Btw, i still confuse as what is the difference between pocket diaper and All-in-Twos?
    I have bought few pieces of Moo Moo Kow as per your review, I thought i also can just change the insert without changing the diaper when the baby pee or poo as long as the diaper didn’t soiled? Or am I wrong?
    Please enlighten me;)



    1. Hi Fonny, congratulations on your newborn baby!

      – Pocket diaper: insert is meant to be inserted into the pocket
      – All-in-Two: insert has a stay-dry layer, can be laid onto diaper shell
      – Some pocket diaper brands now offer inserts with stay-dry layer. This type of insert can be laid ONTO a pocket diaper. This means you can use it as a regular pocket diaper or AI2.

      The regular MMK diapers come with inserts that should be inserted. So change the entire diaper after baby poos or within 2-4 hours in the day.
      There’s a FAQ section on MMK’s website that explains more on how to use inserts.

      Anyway, most babies fit better in one-size diapers from about 2 months old. They may look too bulky on newborns.

      Hope this helps and all the best. 🙂

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