5 Ways to Survive When SAHM Seriously Needs an MC

Every Stay-At-Home-Mum (SAHM) knows that she cannot afford to take MC (day off). If Mum is ill, who takes care of baby and the household? Will the virus be passed to baby? The questions are endless.

I try my best to stay in the pink of health, especially so after Vee was born because this little human being is totally dependent on me. Nevertheless, I was still struck with flu two weeks ago, with the onset of high fever and body ache. These are the 5 ways I coped:

#1: Visit doctor ASAP

Before having a baby, I would try to let my body fight the infection before seeking medical help. With Vee around, I could not afford to risk a full-blown illness that could take longer to heal. At the first symptoms of fever and body ache, I knew it was flu and went to the clinic within the same day. Getting better before any sneezing and coughing developed reduced the chances of passing the virus to the child. (Breastfeeding Mums: Always let the doctor know you are breastfeeding so that appropriate medication would be prescribed.)

#2: Rope in all help

On usual days, I took care of Vee solely. When ill, I accepted any offer to help entertain Vee, even if it was for five minutes. Small bits of help throughout the day allowed me to rest and take a breather from the active toddler.

#3: Minimise activities

The medication made me drowsy and all I wanted to do was sleep. But sleep was the last thing in Vee’s mind. We skipped our homeschooling practices and bath until hubby was back, just in case I fainted in the bathroom. I lied down in the play yard while Vee played around me.

#4: Give in to the child

There was zero energy left for discipline, so even if Vee wanted to tear down the house, I could not lift my voice or a finger. During meals, if he wanted to hold a toy, fine. During nap, if he wanted to nurse to sleep, fine too. At night, hubby carried and walked in to sleep. Whatever… as long as that made life easier.

#5: Sleep, Water and Vitamins

During MC, I took afternoon naps with Vee, but it wasn’t very successful because he woke up after 1 hour, before I rested enough. At night, I knocked out at 8.30p.m., sleeping a whopping 14 hours! Taking vitamin C supplement and drinking lots of fluids also ensured a fast recovery.

Fortunately, I bounced back after 2 days. No more MC, please, please, please…

Stay healthy, everyone!

Question: How do you handle the kid(s) when you need to take an MC?

Other Notes When Having The Flu:

  • Wear a mask when being near child or keep a safe distance
  • No smooches/kisses until well again
  • Wash hands with soap and water frequently

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Survive When SAHM Seriously Needs an MC”

  1. When I was down with flu, my gp asked me to express and discard my breastmilk. I tot it was rubbish but cldnt b bothered to argue with him. I wore a mask most of d time n carried on bf. During this time my supply plummeted to an alarming level. I stopped all medication at once and it took a long while to build up the supply. It’s difficult to find a gp with bf knowledge so I guess us bf moms r on our own.

    1. Huh, discard liquid gold? I think this is needed only in very rare circumstances. Glad that you are well again and the supply is up.
      I already find it tough to find a good GP, let alone one equipped with breastfeeding knowledge. Therefore, when help is needed, I always turn to a lactation consultant or our trusty home-visit nurse.

  2. So far throughout my 1 year as a SAHM, I fell sick twice (one time down with flu and the other stomach flu) and both time I’m still nursing as normal. Thank God I’m staying with my MIL and she helps take care of my toddler and hubby has his own business, so he stayed in to take over the care of our toddler. My toddler only appears to me when it is his nursing time, else, mummy is recuperating and resting all she can.

    Btw, thank you for your comment on my post. I’m so relieved Ben is OK! Thanks for your concern & feedback!

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