Vee Turns 17 Months Old

Vee Turns 17 Months Old
Laundry Basket + Marker Pens = ?

What would you do when you see a laundry basket and a set of marker pens? Vee thought of doing this:

Vee Turns 17 Months Old 2

Haha… I was amazed by his little art piece. 🙂 Here is his progress over the month:

Learning & Communication

  • He is very intrigued with recognising and saying aloud “o” (alphabet) and “0” (for zero) everywhere he goes. He is no longer interested in plain alphabet flashcards, which is a sign that he knows the alphabets. Phonics still keep him interested.
  • A few months ago, I started teaching him to say / sign “Please”, “Thank you” and “Sorry”. It is now paying off: he would say “谢谢” (xie4 xie4, for thank you) when someone serves him food.
  • Often, he would run enthusiastically to the world map, point to the teeny-weeny Singapore flag and say “pore-pore”! Sometimes, he would also point out Malaysia’s flag. (Hee… got to be fair here.)
  • We finally set up a mini library for him, which he can access easily. It is now his favourite spot and he would indulge in books anytime of the day. From my observation of him when we practice speed-reading, I have a strong feeling he would start reading by himself soon. This is soooo exciting. 🙂


  • The fit and burly boy charges around everywhere. When he spots me move towards him with a cloth wipe or diaper, he would run away cheekily.

Diet & Feeding

  • He loves bread so much that I need to make it the last item of his breakfast. At restaurants, we need to cover it until he finishes his meal. Otherwise, he would say “包包” (bao1 bao1, for bread) NON-STOP and refuse to eat anything else.
  • For lunch and dinner, he has progressed to eating rice or pasta, like me. Saves time on cooking porridge.
  • Night-weaning is still Mission Impossible, leading to menstrual cycle being Missing-In-Action. Bleh!

Potty Training

  • Poo-trained except for a few mini “accidents” at home.
  • And he started telling me before he pees!!! He would say “poo poo”, “wee wee” or “wet wet” when he wants to pee or just pee-ed. A marked progress. 🙂 The only thing is I need to bring him to the potty many times a day. (7 diaper changes in 9 hours yesterday. Thankfully, we are using cloth diapers, so no additional cost involved.)
  • Our potty-training is so “successful” that sometimes he would say “poo poo” just to get attention!


  • This section is still graded F9. Several nights, he fussed, cried, and insisted to be nursed to sleep. Hubby observed that this happens when he is in the room. When he is not around, Vee could fall asleep rather easily on his pillow within 15-30 minutes.
  • During nap, he could fall asleep on his pillow within 15 minutes. But recemtly, he would cry after being asleep for 10-15 minutes and need to be nursed and carried. OMG… Regression again!

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