Beware: Do Not Let Your Child Play with Receipts Due to High Levels of BPA!

During shopping, your baby starts to fuss, so you conveniently let him play with a piece of receipt. He’s happy; you get peace. Sounds familiar?

I have perhaps given Vee hundreds of pieces of receipts to play with, and nearly choked when I read this article here (“High Levels of BPA Found in Cash Register Receipts, What You Can Do to Protect Yourself”).

Some quotes from the article:

  • Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, DC, has discovered that many cash register receipts contain levels of Bisphenol-A (BPA) hundreds of times higher than those found in hard plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and canned foods.
  • Never give a child a receipt to hold or play with.
  • Do not recycle receipts and other thermal paper. BPA residues from receipts will contaminate recycled paper.

Using BPA-free bottles, breast pump and cutlery is not enough. Remember to keep ALL receipts and thermal paper away from your baby. After handling them yourself, give your hands a good wipe too.

Stay safe!

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