Thank You For Reading Mummy’s Reviews™! Need Your Feedback…

Mummy's Reviews™ Achieves New RecordSince it is the first day of the month, I checked the traffic statistics for Mummy’s Reviews™ and got a pleasant surprise! The statistics have jumped significantly to reach a new record at ALL fronts:

  • Absolute unique visitors (that includes you!): 3,298 in a month
  • Pageviews (including the number of pages you visited): 8,032 in a month
  • No. of fans on Facebook page (are you already one?):  606
  • No. of RSS feed subscribers (88% of you subscribe via email): 326

Thank you very much for reading and supporting my blog!

I am finding ways to improve Mummy’s Reviews™ and make it even more beneficial to you. Please help to answer 2 simple questions in the comment box:

1. What do you like most about Mummy’s Reviews™?

2. What improvements do you wish to see at Mummy’s Reviews™?

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7 thoughts on “Thank You For Reading Mummy’s Reviews™! Need Your Feedback…”

  1. 1. What Do I like most about Mummy Reviews – Well I am a new mother too. So it is nice to find out about new things there is in the market for mothers and babies. And you really do your homework well. Well done.

    2. What improvements do you wish to see at Mummy’s Reviews™?
    hmmm… So far I have not seen others yet but yours is good enough for me.

  2. congrats for the popularity u gained 😀
    so long as yr topic is relating to my life…i like to read i.e. anything to do with baby stuffs now. but given previously before my baby’s arrival, i might not spend the time to read the details. so it really depends on relevancy i guess….

    overall, i appreciate your level of details, your studies, researches, reviews & etc ….

    big big thank you !!!

  3. Mummy’s Reviews has been an interesting read …more so coz i am gonna be First time mommy and am blessed with twins…i love the detail in your reviews and its relavance to life here in singapore . enjoyed reading up on cloth diapering…just like you couple o years back now its my turn as i eagerly await my batch of cloth diapers which are to arrive today…enjoying the ride and love your reviews…keep at it!!

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