[Stylish Mum’s Essentials #2] The Pat-a-Cake-Baby Wet Bag [Giveaway #14]

The Pat-a-Cake Baby Wet Bag

Welcome to Part 2 of Stylish Mum’s Essentials series! Spinkie gave me the opportunity to review The Pat-a-Cake Wet Bag, which is the perfect match to The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket in the same Alexander Henry’s popular “Juicy Jungle” print. In case you’re new to Mummy’s Reviews™, read the many uses of wet bags and why I never have enough of them here.

About The Pat-a-Cake Wet Bag

These are the main features of the wet bag:

  • Outer layer: Made of printed cotton fabric
  • Inner layer: Made of waterproof ProCare fabric
  • Loop handle: Yes, with snap button
  • Dimensions: (Large) About 14.5″ x 14.5″
  • Capacity: 4 to 6 cloth diapers (Actual test: up to 8 cloth diapers)
  • Country of origin: Made in the U.S.A.

The wet bags are available in 2 sizes (small or large), and a range of lovely designer prints.

First Impressions

The Pat-a-Cake Baby Wet Bag (Handle and Inside)

The wet bag is beautiful, big and roomy. I like the snap handle, which means it’d be easy to attach it to the stroller, diaper bag or virtually anywhere convenient.

The is the first time that I try a wet bag with ProCare as waterproof barrier. ProCare feels thicker than polyurethane-laminated (PUL) fabric. It also gives off an odd smell, which is common with new plastic items. Suddenly, a thought ran through my mind, “Please don’t let this contain PVC!” If it contains PVC, I wouldn’t use it (see note at the bottom).

As a cautious Mummy, I did a search on ProCare. Wazoodle says that it contains 25% polyester and 75% vinyl. It is a proprietary formulation that does not contain DEHP, Phlalates or BPA plasticizers. Furthermore, the barrier fabric comparison page mentions that ProCare is of higher duty than PUL and can withstand more washes. This convinces me that ProCare is a safe fabric to use and puts my mind at ease. Phew!

How We Tested It

Laundry: Before initial use, I handwashed it once. I didn’t like the lingering odd plasticky smell, so aired it by the window for 2 days. After another wash, the smell finally disappeared.

Performance: During our recent trip to Perth, this became our spare wet bag in the diaper bag, since we went out every day for a week. It’s thicker than my usual PUL wet bag, so takes up a little more space in the diaper bag. But that’s a marginal difference.

It’s very spacious, and can actually hold up to 8 medium and large cloth diapers, instead of 4 to 6 as described. As what wet bags should do, it successfully keeps dampness and smell in.

Each large wet bag is USD25, while the small version is USD18. This is reasonable as it comes in attractive designer prints, quality fabrics and excellent workmanship, the same qualities found in The Pat-a-Cake Baby Blanket. For a short trip, it is pretty enough to hang on its own by the stroller. And yes, your fashionista girl-friend would definitely love it as a baby shower gift.

What we like about it:

  • Loop handle with snap button for attaching to anywhere convenient
  • Durable ProCare fabric that can last many washes
  • Beautiful print that livens up the nursery or stroller
  • Machine-washable for easy maintenance

What can be improved:

  • Specify content of fabrics used
  • Air the ProCare fabric beforehand to remove the odd smell

Win Your Own – CLOSED

THREE (3) lucky subscribers will win a The Pat-a-Cake Wet Bag (Large) worth USD25 each!

This is how to participate:

  • Send an email to me(MieVee [at] MummysReviews.com) with the following information:
    • Method of subscription: in a reader or via email
    • Your name
    • Your name in Facebook (to get extra entry mentioned below)
    • Visit Spinkie and tell me (in your email) your favourite print among the wet bags
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  • To get EXTRA entries:
    • 1 extra entry (unlimited total): For each participant referred by you (e.g. through sharing the Giveaway on Facebook / Twitter / email)
    • 3 extra entries: Share this Giveaway on your blog / website

Other Information

  • This Giveaway is open to subscribers with a mailing address worldwide (except countries that don’t allow participation in lucky draws).
  • It will run until 12 November 2010 (Friday) 2359hr (GMT+8).
  • If you are one of the winners, the print of your wet bag depends on the stock available.
  • The usual Giveaway Terms apply.

Send in your entries now and good luck!

Get Your Own (with Discount!)

Spinkie logo 125x125
To get your own The Pat-a-Cake-Baby Wet Bag and a wide range of stylish products for baby, visit Spinkie. Be prepared to drool at all the designer prints!

  • Special Treat: 20% STOREWIDE discount
  • Discount Code: 20MUMMY2010
  • Validity Period: Until 31 December 2010

Disclosure: I received a The Pat-a-Cake Baby Wet Bag for review.

Read why PVC is known as “The Poison Plastic” here

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4 thoughts on “[Stylish Mum’s Essentials #2] The Pat-a-Cake-Baby Wet Bag [Giveaway #14]”

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  2. You determined ProCare was safe simply because it stated no phthalates or bpa plasticizers? Notice how they did not say “BPA-FREE”, they said no plasticizers…well of course there are no plasticizers because there is no coating, it is built into the fabric. So whether there is BPA in the fabric remains a question. Companies who word things in a tricky way to deceive are not to be trusted.

    The main concern with vinyl, other than the slew of toxic chemicals it offgasses (what you smelled), is the lead content found in PVC commonly. Notice how they do not say “LEAD-FREE”….doesn’t that make you wonder?

    On top of this, it is not recyclable, created tons of pollution to be made and will create pollution once you’re done with it. Any idea what the “antimicrobial” additive to the fabric is? A whole other toxic arena to enter with this engineered fabric.

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you very much for your comment. I’ve tried searching more information based on the points you raised.
      – Personally, I’m more concerned about BPA leaching at high temperatures.
      – At least for now, I understand that vinyl may not mean PVC: http://www.healthybuilding.net/pvc/SortingOutVinyls.html
      – Lead: we can do lead testing at home by following the steps at: http://www.ceh.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=195&Itemid=207
      – Recyclability: seems like vinyl can be recycled, since not all vinyl are PVC. Since the ProCare here is used in a wet bag, it could be used for very long. When the bag gets old, it can be recycled to store other miscellaneous things at home.

      Of course, I support avoiding the use of plastics wherever possible. Thank you again for your thoughtful comment.

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