Vee Turns 21 Months Old

Lego Duplo Legoville Deluxe Train Set
Vee’s obsession with trains and vehicles has started!

Inspiration this month: To take good care of my child(ren), I must stay healthy.

This update is overdue for 2 weeks as I just recovered. Vee grew up over the month with minimal care from me. Most of the time when he was playing, I could only lie down and give him some guidance. It was a month when every toy in the house came in useful, especially his new LEGO Duplo Legoville Deluxe Train Set*. (If you’re planning to splurge on a Christmas gift for a child who loves trains, this is THE one.) Otherwise, I read, sang or chatted with him. Here goes his progress…

Learning & Communication

  • Vee’s speech development accelerated at an amazing pace. The longest phrase he said contains 7 Chinese words — 我和妈妈捉迷藏 (translated as “I play hide-and-seek with Mummy”), which is the title of a book he loves. He also began using short phrases such as 谢谢爸爸 (“Thank you, Daddy”).
  • Since we’re a bilingual family, he has picked up both English and Mandarin in his unique way. He uses terms such as “ter ter 水” (for water), “包包 bread” and “玩 play”. When he’s eager to play, he even says “玩 play” PLUS the hand sign for “play” — that’s 3 languages at one shot! Very effective way of delivering your message, dear son.
  • His favourite book of the month is Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (illustrated by Eric Carle)*. It’s colourful, builds his vocabulary, and suitable for practising linking memory.


  • Like most toddlers at this age, he tries to jump. But with words sounding much LOUDER than action — feet still not lifted off the ground yet.

Behaviour & Social Skills

  • During the past month of resting, I began to appreciate his behaviour. Being a food-lover, he’s very cooperative during meal-times. At play-time, he would play near wherever I was resting, without tearing the house down. As long as he’s well-rested, there’s hardly any tantrums. What more could I ask for?

Diet & Feeding

  • Since he’s nearing 2 years old, I’ve started letting him taste more restaurant food, such as vegetarian pizza and lasagna. So far, he enjoys everything that he has tried, except for olives.

Potty Training

  • Progress with pee control is still slow. Before nap and bedtime, he’s able to give sufficient notice before peeing in the potty. During the day, he doesn’t bother telling me, probably because he’s engrossed with playing.
  • Though he’s potty-trained for poo, he MUST eat 2 prunes daily to soften his stool. Otherwise, at bedtime, he’d feel uncomfortable and INSIST on sitting on the potty for up to one dreadful hour, sometimes without any output.


  • After 1 month of effort, he’s finally sleeping on his own side of the bed, without squeezing onto me at night.

In the upcoming weeks, I must resume momentum for our home-learning activities, while juggling loads of writing backlog. Enjoy your weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Vee Turns 21 Months Old”

  1. Happy 21 months old to your beloved Vee! Wow! I’m quite impressed that Vee can insist on sitting on the potty for up to 1 hour! I’m still on the slow and steady mode with Ben, so far, sometimes when I asked him whether he wants to shu-shu into the potty, he’ll nod or just mumbles ‘mm’ (for yes) and then pees into the potty. Other than that, no luck getting him to even sit on it!

    My Ben just turns 21 months old today! Which also marks my 21 months of breastfeeding as well! (and not a speck of formula powder yet…)

    1. Happy 21 months old to Ben too! 🙂 Yup, breastfeeding is certainly the healthiest and most convenient. I just heard that a girl was breastfed until 6 years old. Amazing!

      As for potty-training, as long as you’re encouraging and asking regularly, the rest is up to the child. It’s already great that Ben is peeing sometimes into the potty. 🙂

      Vee has been poo-ing in the potty or toilet since 9-10 months old. It’s quite a headache when he cries pathetically and refuses to get up until he poos. I need to convince him to try again the next day and dra…g him to bed. Every child is unique, enjoy potty-training!

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