Vee Turns 23 Months Old (But Hospitalised)

Vee Turns 23 Months Old
Vee fixes a 6-piece puzzle by himself.

Inspiration this month: I thank God for giving me a strong and healthy child. Even though he’s ill today, I’ve faith that he’d recover and be back to his normal self very soon.

Vee turned 23 months old on Tuesday, but was hospitalised for a day due to high fever of 39.6 degrees Celsius that even led to febrile seizure (fits). I’m writing with a heavy heart as he’s still having diarrhoea, and not eating nor drinking much. I’m very concerned about him being dehydrated. While he’s napping and recovering, let me jot down his recent developmental milestones and try to cheer up a little…

Learning & Communication

  • Finally, my little singer has blossomed! Over the weeks, he started singing many of his favourite songs, including most of the lyrics and the correct rhythm. He even had his first karaoke experience, and totally enjoyed himself.
  • He’s speaking in short, complete sentences such as “爸爸,快点下来!” (Daddy, come down quickly!). Since we’re planning to send him to a Mandarin school in future (and I find Mandarin a tough language to master), I’m glad that he’s doing well in its pronunciation, sentence structure and has a wide range of vocabulary.
  • For the first time, he fixed a 6-piece puzzle by himself!
  • He started counting up to 30, with a bit of help in between. When he plays with his Melissa & Doug Peg Puzzle*, I observe that he recognises most (if not all) of the alphabets. He also knows the basic phonics.
  • We started practising pre-writing skills and he can draw vertical, horizontal and circular lines. He likes “writing” and is more interested in colouring on blank sheets of paper than on pictures.
  • Vee enjoys speed reading and memory games — he can recite the 10 animals in The Very Busy Spider’s Favorite Words (by Eric Carle)* faster than I flip the pages! To meet up to his challenge, I also learnt to recite as quickly as him. Nowadays, he wants to recite without holding the tiny book. It’s such fun home-schooling him and witnessing the wonders of right brain education.
  • His new favourite book of the month is Dr. Seuss’s ABC*. It covers the capital and small letters with interesting rhymes and illustrations. Great for practising speed reading (while trying not to get tongues all twisted) and widening vocabulary.


  • Working as a team, both of us broke last month’s record and stacked 21 blocks!
  • He feeds himself well with a spoon and can drink independently from an open cup.

Behaviour & Social Skills

  • He asserts his independence by saying “excuse me” to us when he wants personal space.

Diet & Feeding

  • He became fussier during meals and started spitting out food and rejecting some food just after glancing at them. He’s not interested in greens, which he used to eat a lot. Also unwilling to try new foods. Hope his previously good appetite would return soon.

Potty Training

  • He’s mostly potty-trained in the day. Even when outdoors (and in Shichida class recently), he’d request to pee in the toilet. At night, he’s wearing fitted cloth diapers without a cover. Once I feel that he’s wet, I’d change him. Hopefully, over time, he’d learn to hold his pee until morning. (Tip for easy night-time diaper changes: let child wear diapers and leg warmers instead of pants. Place a fleece blanket underneath child to protect bedsheet.)


  • Due to the current high fever, he has been sleeping like a newborn: needing a nap after being awake for 2-3 hours.

Vee’s turning 2 years old next month and all I wish is for him to get well soon.

Any Mummy with experience of child having high fever, febrile seizure, diarrhoea and dehydration, please share your knowledge in the comments box. Thank you very much!

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11 thoughts on “Vee Turns 23 Months Old (But Hospitalised)”

  1. hi,

    my son(11months) had high fever with diarrhoea as well last month. it was ‘roseola infantum’, viral fever. u could try goggling it out. we only gave syrup paracetamol and fever subsided after 3 days, followed by rashes. the symptoms were distinct. febrile fits might not be threatening at this stage.

    hope all is well. pray for Vee to get well soon. take care


    1. Thank you for sharing, shia! After reading your comment, I just found out more about Roseola at The paed did prepare us to expect some rashes due to herpes, seems like he was referring to Roseola. So far, he hasn’t develop rashes. But frequent diarrhoea (5 times when sleeping last night!). And he refuses to drink much. Guess got to try more creative ways to get him to drink…

      Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Speey recovery wishes for Vee! Hope he’s back to his normal self soon!

    The last time Gavin had a fever that high it was also because of Roseola. The spots don’t appear until after the fever is gone. Gavin wouldn’t take paracetamol – he’d scream and throw it up so I kept sponging him to keep his fever down. I was in Australia at the time and it totally freaked me out because it was in the middle of the night. Luckily they have this Nurse-on-call where you can call an emergency number and a registered nurse will talk you through it. She was completely calm and said that if the fever is below 40 degrees, it’s ok.

    Gavin wasn’t taking anything either – no fluids, no food. Luckily he was still being breastfed. He was incredibly crabby and only wanted me. Whenever I had to go to the toilet or shower, my parents had to hold him while he screamed and cried for me.

    Huge hugs! Hang in there. I know it’s rough.

    1. Thank you, Shen-Li. It’s time like this when I wished Vee was still being breastfed. Just now, he cried non-stop for Daddy and hubby came back during lunch to help out. His lips are cracked and bleeding from lack of water intake. Really hope he drinks more today.

  3. hi, sorry to hear that vee needed to be hospitalised 🙁
    while catching a fever at this age is absolutely normal & i wish to take it as immunity building cycle, watching the ‘fit’ episode on our kids r definitely no joke. i had my experience & no matter how others said it’s ok ….. my heart just couldn’t take it !!
    so whenever fever visits, i’ll stay very very alert & would try my best to stop the temperature from hitting 39deg to avoid another ‘fit’ ….. sponging & medicine ….. and i hate to recall that we relied a lot on suppository!!!
    hopefully my little baobei won’t have the same fate as both his elder twin brothers!!

    big hugs to you & hope vee will recover soon …. in time to celebrate his big 2 birthday 😀

    1. Certainly hope your bao bei will be free from such experiences.
      Though I’ve read up about febrile fits before, it was totally worrying when it happened.
      Yes, I’d start sponging when his temperature is raised in future.
      Thank you again for your comforting words, jacss. 🙂

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