[Pregnancy] Hospital Bag Checklist for Delivery

If you’re pregnant or planning for a baby, then the enclosed Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist is just for you. Before delivering Vee, I prepared a detailed checklist so that I won’t miss out anything essential.

Fortunately I was prepared because the labour was long — 29 hours of contractions in the hospital before Vee finally arrived. Read on for my tips and download an extensive packing checklist at the end.

Tips for Preparing the Hospital Bag

  1. Get the bag(s) ready by about 36 weeks, in case labour starts earlier than expected.
  2. Consider splitting Mummy, baby and Daddy’s stuff into different bags so that each bag is lighter, smaller, and it’s easier to find the needed items.
  3. Print the checklist: Stick page 1 on the wall for easy reference to know when’s the “real” labour. For other pages, stuff them into the relevant bags so that you can check off the items as they’re prepared.
  4. Arrange for a tour with your chosen maternity hospital so that you’ve an idea of the size of the room and storage space. Ask the staff which items will be provided, so that you don’t need to bring them along.

The checklist is very extensive. You may not need all the items, so just pack what you think would be essential for your situation. Have a smooth delivery!

Download your Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist HERE (pdf).

Acknowledgements & Further References:

  1. I got some of the packing ideas from an informative pre-natal class conducted by Ms Christine Choong at Mamalink (based in Kuala Lumpur). Christine is a professional lactation consultant, and her advice helped us with a great head start to breastfeeding Vee.
  2. For more details on recognising the various stages of labour, I read Your Pregnancy Week by Week* by Professor Lesley Regan. We even brought the thick book to the hospital during delivery to figure out how far I’ve gone.

Sharing Time: Which are the must-have items in your hospital bag for delivery?

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