Planning a trip with toddler? Try Perth, Australia. We love it.

Travel Perth with Toddler - River

Last October, we finally brought toddler Vee on our first overseas holiday, to Perth in Australia. We’d a relaxing 8 days 7 nights trip, including 1 night at a farm. It was so memorable that Vee still talks about the trip after 9 months have passed!

Why Visit Perth

After shortlisting a few places to visit, hubby and I decided on Perth for these reasons:

  1. Relatively short plane ride: 5.5 hours between Kuala Lumpur and Perth
  2. No time difference: perfect for fussy sleepers like Vee
  3. Good mix of urban city and nature: for Vee’s learning and exposure
  4. Modern city with no language barrier: we can travel free and easy to suit Vee’s schedule

Where We Stayed in Perth

For the one week trip, we chose to stay in a serviced apartment instead of hotel. The advantages:

  • convenient to prepare some homecooked food for Vee daily
  • convenient to do laundry
  • more spacious for an active toddler

We stayed at Mounts Bay Waters Apartment Hotel, which is ranked #5 on tripadvisor and has relatively positive reviews. Here’s what we think:

  • It’s spacious and clean. During the second half of the trip, we were lucky to get a free upgrade from 1 to 2-bedroom apartment — absolutely huge!
  • I like the washing machine and dryer facilities. This enabled us to cloth diaper Vee for most for the trip. Otherwise, we used disposable Flip inserts or GroBaby Biosoakers. (I prefer the Flip inserts because they’re more absorbent and don’t tear at the seams.)
  • The kitchen is well-equipped with an induction stove, utensils and cutlery. I brought a small travel steamer to steam Vee’s lunch daily.
  • There’s a free Blue CAT shuttle bus that stops in front of hotel — very convenient to reach the train station and CBD area. Otherwise, it’s just a short stroll to the nearest train station.

What to do in Perth with Toddler

Travel Perth with Toddler - Kings Park & Botanic Garden

1. Kings Park & Botanic Garden: We love this park, which is near to our apartment hotel. It has beautiful greenery and is very clean and spacious — great for young children to run around. Vee had his tea break in front of the large fountain, picnic-style.

Travel Perth with Toddler - Aquarium of Western Australia

2. Aquarium of Western Australia: We were impressed by this aquarium, though it’s a little far off from the CBD — accessible by train, bus, then a walk. There’s a large variety of sea animals, and I was mesmerised by the tank of illuminated jellyfishes. A pity Vee didn’t want to touch anything in the touch pool.

After visiting the aquarium, we’d a sumptuous lunch facing the nearby harbour.

Travel Perth with Toddler - Perth Zoo Koala

3. Perth Zoo: We visited the Perth Zoo instead of the Caversham Wildlife Park because it’s nearer — accessible by ferry then a short walk. Perhaps the weather was too sunny, many animals were sleeping or hiding in the shade.

Our favourite part of the zoo is its spacious park for lunching at the benches. Vee enjoyed himself running around, chasing birds and mingling with other children. Many families were there for a picnic.

Travel Perth with Toddler - Fremantle Market

4. Fremantle Markets: Here at the markets, we got a good glimpse of the local culture. There was street performance, interesting things on sale and many dining choices.

Across the markets was a large playground that got Vee hooked.

Travel Perth with Toddler - Subiaco

5. Subiaco: We visited the market in Subiaco on the second day to stock up on fresh groceries. With the large variety of vegetables and fruits, it was easy to plan Vee’s menu. If you’re into shopping, then you’d probably enjoy the place more.

Travel Perth with Toddler - Boshack Outback

6. Wild Eco Outback Adventure and Farm Stay by Boshack

This is the highlight of our trip — half day of outback adventure, then an overnight stay at a small working farm.

We took a scenic 1.5-hour train ride from Perth city to Toodyay, a very small town. Upon alighting the train, we were awed by how “out of the world” the place seems. Boshack’s owner, Deryck, picked us up and brought us to the outback area.

Our ergonomic Beco carrier came in very useful during the outback adventure, with lots of walking, exploring in the wild and feeding farm animals. We were silly to have brought the stroller along, which ended up in the caravan all the time.

The sunny October weather attracted LOTS of bush flies. There were easily 20 flies on hubby’s back at any point in time!

We were served a BBQ lunch in a huge tent that cleverly kept the flies out.

After lunch, we sat by the scenic lake and watched a group of camping school children play and canoe. Vee had a long, cosy nap in the carrier.

In the late afternoon, Deryck drove us to our host farm, where we were welcomed by a very nice farming family. It was a lovely farm house with modern toilet facilities — miles beyond our expectations. Ha… we were prepared to experience something really rural. And the farmer’s wife is a fantastic cook.

Travel Perth with Toddler - Farm Stay Cows

The next morning, our host drove us around in the tractor to look at the farm — a memorable first-hand experience looking at cows, wheat, oats, etc. This was a meaningful way to learn exactly how our food come about. The farmers work very hard indeed.

After leaving the farm and returning to Toodyay town, Vee and us went for the Duidgee Park Miniature Railway – a children train ride. I’m sure all young train lovers would enjoy it.

More Tips & Information

Here’s some more relevant information on bringing a toddler to Perth:

1. Strollers: Perth is very stroller-friendly, so we managed well with a heavy-duty Peg Perego stroller. (Just don’t bring it to the farm!) The buses even have ramps to allow strollers to go up easily. Also, buses and trains have designated stroller bays, and are hardly crowded.

2. Public Transport: There’s an extensive bus, train and ferry network, so it’s easy to get around without driving. Vee had a wonderful time enjoying the rides every day.

3. Food & Groceries: Bringing raw food (including fruits) isn’t allowed into Australia. We brought some toddler packed food to last the first 2 days. Supermarkets, such as Woolworths, in the city carry a comprehensive selection of breads, vegetables, fruits, and baby / toddler jarred or packet food.

4. Milk: Vee decided to reject the new tin of formula milk we brought. No worries though because in Perth, there’s a wide variety of fresh 100% full cream milk and UHT (long life) milk.

5. Baby Changing Room: In major departmental stores, there are huge baby rooms. My jaws nearly dropped when I saw one with a small play yard complete with kids’ tables and chairs! Otherwise, changing tables are common in the toilets.

Overall, we love our Perth trip and are glad that Vee derived many memorable experiences from it.

Sharing time: Do you have any baby or toddler-friendly places to recommend? Please share in the comment box.

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20 thoughts on “Planning a trip with toddler? Try Perth, Australia. We love it.”

    1. Late September or early October is a good period to visit Perth, still cooling and not yet too hot.
      And flowers are in full bloom.
      Australia can get REALLY hot during summer.

      Start planning early and a vacation will materialise for sure. A good rest for all busy parents. 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing your Perth trip.Will definitely consider this place for our next trip. For our very first trip, hubby & I are bringing our baby to Maldives this September. Our baby Moses will be 5-month old by then & we wanted to go somewhere relaxing and not have to move around too much. Plus we also want to introduce him to the waters.

    1. Hi Rhea, thank you for sharing! Maldives is a wonderful place, where hubby & I spent our honeymoon. Definitely relaxing and romantic too.
      We also love holidaying at resorts with young kids — they love the sun, sand and waters. I’m sure you all will enjoy your trip. 🙂

      1. Thanks! BTW, would you be able to recommend some good baby sunblock and insect repellant?

      2. For the Perth trip, we used Avalon Organics, Baby, Natural Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 18. Bought it at iHerb:

        Both Vee & I have sensitive eczema skin, and this worked well for us. With my referral code EWO013 (alphabet O then numerical zero), you’d get USD5 off first purchase. (Disclosure: I’d get 4% reward under the Rewards programme.)

        As for insect repellent, we use TGP Nature Mozz Mosquito Repellent Stick, covered here:

  2. Have been wanting to visit Perth with the kiddos for the longest time. Definitely on our list when the budget permits. My boy and girl will probably dive into the touching pool LOL

  3. We are planning for a trip to Perth and your post comes in handy with the relevant tips which save us a lot of time of researching + sourcing!! Appreciate much! 🙂

  4. We are going to Perth from Sg in about 10 days with our 11mo baby who’s quite active! It was a last minute decision to join my friends as they will be traveling in a group & 2 couldn’t make it. Would appreciate suggestions for the travel steamer. And how did you usually settle baby Vee’s dinner?

    1. Hi Sharon, Vee was 20 months old when we went. So for dinner, I let him eat 1 serving of organic baby food (easily available at Perth’s supermarket) plus some of our dinner with minimal seasoning. E.g. Request for roasted vegetables without seasoning, and the fish of the inside of our fish & chips.

      For 11 month old, you may try bringing baby oats/cereal that you can add water to replace porridge/rice. Then add in some baby food vegetables/peas plus a fruit (buy in Perth). If your baby is already taking egg yolk, then just request for hard boiled egg wherever you’re eating, and feed him the yolk only. Hope this helps. Enjoy Perth! 🙂

  5. Hi, am going to Perth too in a month with a 10mo. Could you elaborate more on the packed food? I enquired and was told that I can only bring enough for the flight. But youmention you could bring enough to last 2 days. I plan to bring his cereals (which can last 4-5 day)and snacks then buy the packed baby food in Perth or steam some veges. My son isny very adventurous with food. He only eats porridge or cereal. Any tips are welcomed. Thx!

    1. Hi May Kwan! I bought the packet type of baby food, such as Rafferty Garden and Happy Baby. From our experience 2 years back, the personnel were fine with baby food in its original packaging, unopened. I also brought in 1 new small tin of formula milk powder. Just need to declare and show it to them.

      It’s hard for them to know whether what you bring is for the flight, 1 day or 2 days. Who knows, your baby may have a HUGE appetite? Also, in case of flight delay or accidentally spilling the baby food, you have some backup. A young baby can’t conveniently eat any other food, so do bring enough and a little more.

      The good thing about Perth is its easy to find good quality baby food and fresh ingredients once there.

      In fact, we just returned from a Hong Kong trip with 10+ months old Baby Jae, brought enough packed food to last 6 days. Bought at a good price from iHerb* (affiliate link here).

      Enjoy your trip! 🙂

    1. We were there to attend a good friend’s wedding and met up with family friends, barely shopped. Haha… We didn’t visit Disneyland (since Vee doesn’t watch TV anyway) and opted for Ocean Park which was rather enjoyable. And it was interesting that we stayed up in the hills at Hong Kong Parkview, super-spacious 2-bedroom serviced apartment. That’s our trip in a gist! Enjoy yours… 🙂

  6. Hi, I’m planning for a trip with my boy and hb to Perth this coming sept. wld you be able to share if you had rented any car to drive ard throughout your trip? If no car was rented, how did you get fr the airport to the apartment as well as mode of transport fr Perth City to Fremantle?

    Any advice or recommendations on places to dine or explore with a toddler in tow?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy, our Perth trip was ~3 years back, so my memory’s a little fuzzy by now, except what’s recorded in the blog post. :p

      We didn’t rent any car because we wanted to explore the city via public transport, a “luxury” that my boy doesn’t enjoy much in Malaysia (where we live). The Perth apartment we stayed in had a free shuttle bus at its door step. It was also a short walking distance to the MRT station. We enjoyed the stroll in the cooling weather. 🙂

      – Airport to apartment: we took a taxi from the airport, very convenient.
      – Perth City to Fremantle: should be via MRT.
      – To the farm stay (which was waaay out of the city), we took a train.

      We learnt to pack light (mainly 1 backpack) to get around easily. Places to explore are the ones shared on the post. We weren’t particular about dining, simply ate wherever we were. One memorable lunch was at a restaurant facing the harbour, outside Aquarium of Western Australia. Very relaxing!

      Hope this little info helps. Have a great trip! 🙂

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