Giveaway Winners and Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy Updates

I’ve been “missing” over the past week because our home Internet connection has been down. Finally got it fixed!

Also, it’s only less than a month to baby #2’s EDD on 10 Nov 2011. Gosh, time flies! Baby’s super-duper active and growing well, just a little smaller than Vee was, so we’re hoping that he’d stay inside me a little longer. Besides, I’m anaemic again and need to take iron supplements, which is important since I lost almost 1 litre of blood when delivering Vee. (Read his birth story here.)

Time’s feeling really tight right now. I’ve started washing, cleaning and scrubbing the newborn items plus organising the room. Really tough work but we’re almost done. Phew!

If you suddenly don’t hear from me for weeks, then it’s likely that baby has popped and I’m diligently doing confinement, handling Vee’s expected clinginess, and breastfeeding round the clock.

Alright, enough of me… The winners of Giveaway #18 sponsored by and  Giveaway #19 sponsored by SgBum are out!

Winners of Giveaway #18: Angel Mel Collections Mama Wonder Bag

Angel Mel Mama Wonder Wet Bags small

Here are the lucky winners (first 4 names generated by

Prize: 1 x Mama Wonder Bag (Small, Double Zippers) worth RM63.90 each

Pauline who would like the wet bag in Trillbrook Pink.

Chin Mei who would like the wet bag in Trillbrook Pink.

Prize: 1 x Mama Wonder Bag (Small, Single Zipper) worth RM49.90 each

Susanne Wong who would like the wet bag in RK Night Owl.

Soo Li who would like the wet bag in Peaches.

Timestamp: 2011-10-11 16:18:40 UTC

Winners of Giveaway #19: SgBum Grande Suede Cloth Diaper

SgBum Grande and Petite Suede Cloth Diaper

Here are the lucky winners (first 3 names generated by

June Lim who would like the diaper in Aplix Lemon Grass.

mary lam who would like the diaper in Snap Red.

Joey How who would like the diaper in Aplix Red.

Timestamp: 2011-10-11 17:38:24 UTC

Congratulations to you!

To claim your prize (design depends on stock availability), please contact me within 7 days of this post with your mailing address and contact number.

Thank You for Your Feedback

Many of you have given me constructive feedback and kind words of encouragement. Thank you very much! I’ve been looking into them and using some of your suggestions. If you still have an urgent question that needs to be addressed, do drop me an email.

Stay tuned for the next Review-cum-Giveaway —  a luxurious range of skincare items for your precious baby!

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  1. wish you luck in your coming delivery 😀
    i hope yr baby can wait just one more day as this date is too memorable 11/11/11 ……
    not forgetting it’s a date very meaningful to me too as i received my twins on the same date 9 years ago, LOL !!

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