Review: GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diapers [Giveaway #21]

GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell Set

Many mums are interested in GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diapers. Finally, I get to review the Hook and Loop version, with a sample provided by Mummy Knows Best Shop.

After 3 months of testing, I like that the GroVia AI2 diaper is trim and absorbent. The soaker pad is especially well-designed.

What’s an All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diaper?

GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell Set (inside)Well… “All-in-Two Hybrid” can sound overwhelming. Let’s break the terms down…

All-in-Two (AI2): This is a 2-part diapering system, with an absorbent soaker (usually snapped onto) a waterproof diaper shell.

AI2 is a modernised version of the traditional prefold / flats + diaper cover system. The soaker typically doesn’t need folding and is kept in place by being snapped onto the diaper shell. If the soaker has a stay-dry layer, then no liner is needed.

To add absorbency, you may lay extra soakers or boosters on top.

When the soaker is wet, you can reuse the diaper shell by snapping or laying on a clean soaker. Change the diaper shell when it’s soiled or after reusing it several times.

This means a more economical system than pocket diapers, where the entire diaper pocket and inserts are replaced during each diaper change. You may cloth diaper full-time with several diaper shells and a large stash of soakers and boosters.

Hybrid: The option to use a cloth or disposable soaker with the diaper cover or shell.

GroVia offers disposable one-size BioSoakers that can be used with the AI2 diaper shell.

In fact, you may use a disposable soaker with most one-size diaper covers and pocket diapers. I’ve done this regularly during our travels when doing laundry isn’t convenient.

About GroVia AI2 Hybrid Cloth Diaper

These are the main features of the diaper:

  • Diaper shell: TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) outer, mesh inner (100% polyester)
  • Closures: Hook and Loop, or Snap (Overlapping wing flaps)
  • Rise: 3 x 3 snaps
  • Soaker: Main body: Certified organic cotton (5 layers); Leg gussets: 88% polyester, 12% cotton; 100% polyester TPU waterproof backing
  • Country of origin: Made in China
These are the shell measurements:
Rise Setting Rise Waist Thighs
Small 11″ – 15″ 13″ – 22″ 7″ – 10″
Middle 12″ – 17″ 13″ – 22″ 8″ – 12″
Unsnapped 13″ – 19″ 13″ – 22″ 10″ – 15″


The diaper is available in a range of colours and prints.

There’s one year warranty on snaps, lining, elastic and waterproofing. But this is void if the diaper shell has been washed in hot (above 54.4°C). Read more at GroVia’s warranty page here.

First Impressions

GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell Set (close-up)

The Hook and Loop closures are the STIFFEST I’ve handled. I was so paranoid of ripping the diaper apart!

The design of the soaker pad is well thought out — unique waterproof backing and leg gussets to keep the diaper shell as clean and dry as possible, for further reuse.

Our Detailed Review

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Prewash & Laundry: ★★★ I prewashed the GroVia AI2 diaper by hand in warm water, and the soaker pad started absorbing.

The laundry tabs are very sticky, which is good. But they’re supposed to be tucked under the loops, which is quite tricky. I don’t bother doing that and hubby certainly won’t bother with such a detail. Anyway, I wash the diaper shell in a laundry net and it’s been turning out fine.

The diaper shell dries very fast, within a few hours under the sun. The soaker pad has a loop design, yet it often takes up to 2 days to dry.

Washing the diaper shell in hot water voids the warranty. I don’t like this because when Vee gets fungal outbreaks, I’d have to wash his diapers in hot. For a premium brand diaper, I’d expect it to withstand hot washes.

(b) Ease of Use: ★★★★ The Hook and Loop version is rather easy to use. Just snap on the soaker, fix the Aplix tabs and baby’s free to move.

When reusing the diaper shell, you’d have to unsnap the soaker and snap on (or lay) a new one. In the meantime, baby would have to wait, so it’s easier if she’s patient.

Alternatively, grab another diaper shell with snapped on soaker pad during diaper change. Then deal with the wet/soiled one later.

The Hook and Loop closures are very strong, and difficult (yet still possible) for toddler Vee to undo. He’s a strong bull!

Because I only have 1 GroVia soaker pad, I reuse the diaper shell with other soakers or prefolds without snaps. I need to ensure that the different brand soaker is long enough. If it’s too short, the back snap button on the diaper shell may press against Vee’s skin.

Note: Lay on only natural fibre fabrics such as cotton or bamboo, or soakers with a stay-dry layer (e.g. fleece or suedecloth). Don’t lay on microfibre because this would dry out baby’s skin.

The soaker pad has NO stay-dry layer. For day-time, this feel-wet feeling is good to aid potty-training. For nap or overnight, I need to add a stay-dry liner, which is an additional step.

(c) Fit / Trimness: ★★★★★ The GroVia AI2 with Hook and Loop closures has a very trim fit, which I like.

The elastics at the back and thighs are sturdy yet gentle without leaving red marks. Vee has a big belly, so it’s good that the diaper rests nicely under his tummy.

The diaper fits Vee very well — the beauty of Hook and Loop closures. He’s on the highest rise, with room for growth at the waist.

If you’ve a huge toddler, you may find the cutting too small though.

Here’re his sexy bums…

GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell Set (different views)

(d) Performance: ★★★ Vee is day-time potty-trained, so we tested this diaper during his nap and for overnight.

For nap, the diaper surprisingly holds up well. Vee’s a heavy wetter plus tummy-sleeper, and we’ve faced only 1 minor leak (at the waist area) once. This is commendable because Vee usually leaks through various brands of pocket diapers during sleep-time. (Only pocket fitted diapers plus fleece shorts are bulletproof for him.)

Since Vee loves to sleep on his tummy, I prefer more absorbency in front. The fixed design of the soaker pad doesn’t allow me to adjust.

The waterproof layer behind the soaker pad effectively keeps the diaper shell dry, so the shell can be easily reused. No need to wipe or air-dry it.

For night-time, I’ve tried using a different brand stay-dry soaker plus a hemp insert. Amazingly, the diaper shell had no leak through the night!

For more absorbency, GroVia offers a Stay-Dry Booster (SGD22.90 for 2 pieces).

We didn’t get to test the diaper with poo. The soaker pad has leg gussets to help contain poo. Hopefully, this can prevent poo from getting onto the diaper shell. I’d only know if this is effective when baby #2 arrives.

(e) Quality: ★★★★ The sewing and workmanship is excellent. After many washings over 3 months, the diaper still looks and performs as good as new. I’m not sure how the Hook and Loop closures would hold up over a longer time though.

(f) Overall Value: ★★★★ Currently, the retail prices for GroVia products fall over a big range, depending on where you shop at.

At Mummy Knows Best Shop, each GroVia Diaper Shell Set retails at SGD45.90. Additional Organic Cotton Soaker Pads are at SGD32.90 for 2 pieces. Package discounts of up to 20% available. In the U.S., the retail price is much lower at USD16.95.

With an AI2 system, it’s most economical to get a big stash of soakers and boosters to reuse with several shells.

Personally, I still prefer pocket diapers, because I like to adjust absorbency easily by mixing and matching different inserts. As always, there’s no perfect cloth diaper, just what suits your family’s preferences best.

GroVia AI2 Hybrid Cloth Diaper is a good choice for mums who like the AI2 system and want organic fabric next to baby’s skin.

Updated Review (Tried on Newborn Baby)

GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell Set (newborn)

Baby Jae has been trying out GroVia AI2 over the past 1+ month.

  • The trim cutting fits him very well.
  • Aplix tabs give a good fit for newborns and are WAY easier than snaps to put on a screamy newborn.
  • The washable soaker is able to catch runny breastfed poo. Sometimes, the diaper shell may get dirty, which means it can’t be reused. Overall, no leak for pee and poo.
  • The disposable GroBaby and GroVia Biosoakers only worked well for us in the first 3 to 4 weeks. Like his brother, Baby Jae’s also a heavy wetter. When he reached 4 weeks old, the biosoakers leak after 2 hours (about 2 pees). Once saturated, the sides tear and gel escaped.

What we like about it:

  • Trim yet absorbent design
  • Very strong Hook and Loop closures
  • Waterproof backing and leg gussets on soaker pads keep diaper shell clean and dry for reusing
  • Gentle leg and back elastics that leave no red marks on chubby toddler
  • Wide range of choices: Hook and Loop, snap, colours and prints

What can be improved:

  • Use fabric that can be washed on hot, without voiding warranty
  • Is the loop on the laundry tab really necessary?

Other GroVia products we’ve tried but not reviewed yet:

  1. GroBaby BioSoakers (Size 2): This is the previous version of GroVia BioSoakers. Vee used them during a few trips and leaked through them after 1 to 2 hours. Worse, the thin seams tore when the diaper was saturated, and SAP gel beads leaked onto the diaper cover. Not for heavy wetters! Still, I’ve bought 2 boxes of Size 1 and 1 pack of the newer GroVia BioSoakers One-Size , for baby #2. Reasons: (1) newborn should be a light wetter (2) these are gentler on the skin and greener than regular disposable diapers (3) there was a good promotion.
  2. GroVia BioLiners: Vee uses these at night to protect his diapers from diaper cream buildup. Each liner is wide enough to be folded and has stay-dry effect. I like them and have bought more for baby #2 as well.
  3. GroVia All-in-One (AIO): Easily pulled up and down, great for day-time and outdoors potty-training. But 1 leg elastic has shot only after being gently used for a few months.
  4. GroVia Cloth Wipes: I use these to wipe Vee’s face. Very soft and economical in a pack of 12. The first pack I bought in Year 2010 were made of 100% cotton, which is what I like for Vee’s sensitive face. But the recent 2 packs I bought says “88% polyester, 12% cotton” instead. I got a shock. Duh, please bring back 100% cotton!
  5. GroVia Tiny Bubbles Detergent: I’ve started testing this for handwashed items, including cloth pantiliners. So far so good, gentle on our sensitive skin and no buildup. Would be testing it for regular laundry and cloth diapers.

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P.S. Read more on cloth diapering here.

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17 thoughts on “Review: GroVia All-in-Two Hybrid Cloth Diapers [Giveaway #21]”

  1. My baby has a very sensitive skin and is very rash prone. I would love to try Grovia which seems to be of very high organic quality, so that I can stash up more by buying. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jwalya, same here… my boy has super-sensitive skin and is very rash and fungal infection prone. For such skin, organic cotton is great for day-time. Keep changing once it’s wet, especially because there’s no stay-dry liner. For nap and night, must add a stay-dry liner to keep the skin dry and healthy.

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  4. Hi,

    Just want to check if the snap is still durable after a yr?
    I’m trying to start cloth diapering for my second child. I’m not sure which brand to choose. Grovia or Charlie banana or moo moo.

    I would v much prefer one where inserts can be placed on top so the diaper can be reused stay new until it gets soak up then change. Find this also good for travelling.

    I notice some of them the inner shell is micro fleece some not thus unsure why is tere a difference and should use which? Singapore is so humid I wouldn’t want to purchase and it become not usable for baby.

    1. Hi Meihui,

      For GroVia AI2: we’ve only tried the velcro version. The snaps for the soakers and rise adjustment are still working well (Baby Jae is 11 months old). We only use GroVia AI2 occasionally though, because my personal favourite is still pocket diapers with velcro tabs.

      If you like AI2, GroVia has new soakers with stay-dry layer. This is better for longer-period use.

      Yes, AI2 would be trimmer for travelling, provided your baby has passed the explosive poo stage. Explosive poo tends to soil both the soaker and shell. For older baby with more solid poo, AI2 is more suitable.

      Inner shell microfleece? Do you mean inner stay-dry layer?
      If so, inner stay-dry layer is the layer that touches baby’s skin. This helps to keep his skin dry and comfortable.
      – Suedecloth is most stay-dry. thus most suited for very long hours, e.g. overnight.
      – Followed by microfleece, suitable for day-time, change 2-3 hours.
      – Bamboo feels damp, cotton feels wet, so needs to be changed frequently. Alternatively, can add a washable or disposable stay-dry liner on it.

      We’ve been cloth diapering in Singapore and Malaysia, very hot and humid weather indeed. Those you mentioned (GroVia, Charlie Banana and Moo Moo Kow) and many others that have been reviewed are fine for my boys. The older boy, Vee, perspires especially easily. The key is to change the diaper regularly (2-3 hours in daytime at home), whether or not soaked completely. This gives baby’s bums a chance to be wiped, dried and aired.

      As a general guide, choose diapers that are as breathable as possible.
      E.g. Breathable PUL diaper. You may read the product fabric description, or clarify with the manufacturer / retailer.

      If you don’t need a waterproof diaper all the time, e.g. occasionally at home, you may also try a mix of prefold and fitted diaper, which have maximum breathability but not waterproof.

  5. Hi MieVee! Any tips on how to keep the Grovia soakers as soft as possible? Mine are always a bit crunchy after line-drying and I have to either wait a day before using, or I have to soften them by hand by wringing and twisting until it’s a bit softer. I’m quite careful with the amount of detergent and rinsing everything out.

    1. Hihi jun, same here… I find that natural fibres such as thick cotton, bamboo and hemp stiffen up after line drying under the hot sun. After they’re in a humid environment for some time, they soften again. You may try bringing the soakers in to dry indoors before they’re completely dry. 🙂

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