[Breastfeeding] My favourite nursing tops and bras

The arrival of baby Jae means ensuring my wardrobe of clothes is breastfeeding-friendly again, at least for 12 to 18 months. Below are my favourite nursing tops and bras.

1. Nursing Tank Top

This is my TOP must-have for breastfeeding. With a well-fitting strappy nursing tank, I can wear any loose fitting or flared top. This goes well under a polo T-shirt or and a top with empire line. No restriction to wearing only nursing tops, so the sky’s the limit when shopping!

  • Pro: Complete coverage at the waist and tummy area, so I can breastfeed easily in public.
  • Con: It could be warm wearing a nursing tank top plus a top.
  • Where to buy: I bought my nursing tanks from Spring Maternity when nursing Vee 2+ years ago, and they still look as good as new after many washes. (Haven’t tried other brands though.)

2. Nursing Top with Empire Line Nursing Access

Pika Bubi Nursing Top

It’s very convenient to breastfeed while wearing a top with nursing access at the empire line. Simply lift the small flap and feed baby.

You may also explore other types of nursing access, namely drop cup (similar to a nursing tank top), pull down, side seam and side slit.

  • Pro: Only need to lift the front flap; don’t need to lift the entire top. Very discreet.
  • Con: Limited variety, only from nursing range of clothes
  • Where to buy: I received one top from Little Dreamer to review.

Featured above is the Pika Bubi Nursing Top available at LittleDreamer. It’s very comfortable and a little thick, so is suitable for air-conditioned places. Because it’s long, I pair it with pants instead of a skirt.

3. Cotton Sleep Bra

FabulousMom Sleep Bra

At home, I wear the above cotton sleep bra. It’s thin and cool, very suitable for our hot and humid weather. Simply pull the front part sideways and latch baby on. Easy peasy!

  • Pro: Very convenient, especially for sleepy Mummy at night
  • Con: Little support, not for outdoors and the well-endowed
  • Where to buy: I’ve been buying these from FabulousMom. The seams frayed after many washings, so I bought new ones.

4. Nursing Bra with Removable Wires

When I found this, I thought it’s a genius’ invention! The best of both worlds, whether you want the wires or not. Erm… I’m not well-endowed, so I prefer to remove the wires.

If you can’t decide between wired or wireless, then this nursing bra is the best bet.

  • Pro: Switch between wired or wireless bra
  • Con: Needs time to remove or insert the wires
  • Where to buy: I bought these from FabulousMom 3 years back. These are rare gems and I’m not sure if you can still find them easily.

With the above nursing tops and bras, I can breastfeed my baby easily on any occasion.

Sharing time: What are your favourite nursing clothes and bras? Feel free to share your experiences and reviews in the comments box.

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P.S. Read more on breastfeeding.

Disclosure: I received a Pika Bubi Nursing Top from LittleDreamer for review, and purchased all the other products mentioned.

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8 thoughts on “[Breastfeeding] My favourite nursing tops and bras”

  1. Hi thanks for sharing. My gal is 17month now and I’m still breastfeeding her but partially. My favourite nursing bra is the padded wireless bra from spring maternity. As for tops I like maternal love and mums R us. Also blush topless shirt to cover the tummy and you can nurse with any of own top discretly.

  2. haha! I designed those removable underwires!!! Brainwave that I had. I still prefer my own style of empire waistline nursing opening. More convenient than that shown in your pix.

  3. Wonder is there of the bra u use to hold up the milk pump while pumping will be review. I am sad did not prepare earlier enough how to breastfeed my baby due to premature 1 mth. I promise if I got 2nd one must and only breastfeed.

    1. Hi Julianne, I’m only a light breastpump user because I breastfeed directly all the time. Breastpump is only for me to clear excess milk or to raise supply. So when pumping, I simply push the front of the cotton sleep bra to the side, and hold the pump with my hands.

      Hope your baby is growing well now. All the best when #2 comes along. Take your time to read up. 🙂

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