This cloth diaper feels like a teddy bear [SgBum review, giveaway + discount]

SgBum Minky Cloth Diaper

Singapore’s very own minky cloth diaper is here! Today, I’m reviewing SgBum Minky Suede Cloth Diaper, provided by SgBum.

I’ve secretly been wanting to try a minky cloth diaper but didn’t buy one because we already have a full stash. After 3 months of testing, I like SgBum Minky Suede Cloth Diaper for its fluffiness and keeping Vee feeling dry all night long.

About SgBum Minky Suede Cloth Diaper

SgBum Minky Cloth Diaper with inserts

These are the main features of the cloth diaper:

  • Outer fabric: Mink (100% polyester) with TPU lamination
  • Inner fabric: Suedecloth (100% polyester)
  • Soaker: 2 microfibre inserts (80% polyester, 20% polymide) – 1 large, 1 small, 3 layers each
  • Closures: 4 front snaps. 1 row of 10 waist snaps.
  • Rise: 3 x 3 snaps
  • Country of origin: Designed by SgBum in Singapore, made in China

Currently, the diaper is available in 3 solid colours.

First Impressions

SgBum Minky Cloth Diaper close-up

The minky outer layer feels soft and fluffy, just like a teddy bear. I like the ruffled hem at the thigh area too.

Overall, a refreshing addition to our current diaper stash.

Our Detailed Review

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Prewash & Laundry: ★★★★ I prewashed the SgBum Minky diaper by hand in warm water once, and it started absorbing.

The label tab on the diaper indicates 2 dots, meaning warm wash, but no specific degree mentioned, so I assume it’s 40 deg C. (As always, I’d prefer diapers that can specifically be washed in 60 deg C, at least occasionally. But these are rare gems!)

It dries in 1 sunny day.

(b) Ease of Use: ★★★★ The pocket opening and pocket are roomy enough for Daddy’s bigger hands and double-stuffing for overnight use.

With 2 front snaps per side, it’s easier to put on than cloth diapers with 4 snaps per side. (Velcro diapers are the easiest to put on.)

(c) Fit / Trimness: ★★★ On Baby Jae, this minky one-size diaper can fit him at about 3 months old and 6+kg, but it looks too overwhelming on him. I usually prefer Small or petite one-size diapers on newborns. (SgBum has a petite one-size diaper. Read the review here.)

Here’s how it looks on average-sized 3+ months old Baby Jae…

SgBum Minky Cloth Diaper different views baby

On Vee, the diaper fits well on the highest rise and second largest waist setting. Only a little bit more room for growth. I “warned” Vee that he’d better start keeping his diapers dry when sleeping or all the diapers will be too small for him. Ha!

Here’s how it looks on chubby 15+kg 3-year old Vee…

SgBum Minky Cloth Diaper different views toddler

The elastics at the back and thighs are gentle without leaving red marks.

It’s a comfy diaper that makes Mummy want to touch the fluffy bums more often. More of a “show-off” diaper than for going under pants or baby rompers because it isn’t very trim when the rise is folded. Just let baby wear a top / dress over this diaper will do.

(d) Performance: ★★★★ For Vee’s 2-hour nap, he tested this minky diaper with its 2 inserts. The diaper was soaked, with no leak.

For him overnight, I used the famous SuperDo insert (the only insert that works for my super heavy wetter) with this diaper, and the combination held up well overnight. As always, I love the superb stay-dry effect of suedecloth for overnight use, because the boys have very sensitive skin. Even Daddy praises it for its ease of use and effectiveness.

We didn’t get to test the diaper with poo. For newborn with explosive poo, SgBum Petite or Grande Suede may be more suitable, with the thigh elastics sewn in double casing, instead of ruffled hems. (Read the reviews here.)

(e) Quality: ★★★★★ The sewing and workmanship is excellent. After many washings, the diaper still looks and performs as good as new. And I’m very happy with the suedecloth that doesn’t pill.

(f) Overall Value: ★★★★ Each SgBum Minky Suede Cloth Diaper retails at SGD32, which is SGD4 more than the Grande Suede, likely due to the minky fabric.

It’s a good choice for bigger babies or toddlers (with no explosive poo), for a fluffy twist to the diaper stash. It can be used overnight when the appropriate inserts combination is used.

What we like about it:

  • Gentle leg and back elastics that leave no red marks on chubby toddler
  • Love the minky feel and ruffled hems
  • Stay-dry suede that doesn’t pill — suitable for long hours of use

What can be improved:

  • Indicate specific washing temperature on label tab and packaging, instead of 2 dots, to help new users
  • “Easy-to-use closures like disposables” on packaging and website should be for diaper with velcro tabs instead of snaps
  • Introduce prints in future?

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8 thoughts on “This cloth diaper feels like a teddy bear [SgBum review, giveaway + discount]”

  1. Hmm, I tried the discount code PRMTMR05 for some sgbum pocket diapers from mummytoon’s, but it says coupon code not found?

  2. Hi

    I read that u have used many types of cloth diapers. Need your advice. 

    My boy is 16mth old. Before 10 mths, he has no prob using disposable diapers. After 10 mths, it started to leak at night. The leakage is always on the waist line where the band is. Not too sure why, I have secured the diaper “tightly”. Where is your boy’s urine leakage? 

    I have tried many different disposable diapers. Still leaking. Thinking to try cloth diaper. Which will you recommend? My boy will pee about 3/4 times in the night and he weighs about 11kg now. 


    1. Hi Janet,
      – when the disposable diaper leaks at the waist band, is the diaper very full or still not saturated? If it’s full and leaks, means your boy’s pee volume is more than the diaper can take. This is possible for a heavy wetting toddler. (Vee is a super heavy wetter. When we tried Mamy Poko at a hotel stay, he outpee-ed it after only 4-6 hours. But my friends’ children can use them overnight.)

      – If Vee outpees a diaper, it’s usually at his tummy area because he sleeps on his tummy.

      – Before going into cloth diaper, I’d suggest a more immediate and familiar solution for you first. (Cloth diaper takes a bit of time to learn it well, so it’s better to guide you gradually into it to ensure success.) If we need to use disposable diaper overnight overseas, I’d lay a disposable insert on a Mamy Poko. This enhances the absorbency of the Mamy Poko! See review of Flip disposable insert here To ensure dry clothes, I let him wear a pair or water-resistant & breathable fleece shorts over the diaper. You may skip this unless you find it necessary later on.

      If you wish to try cloth diapering, that’s wonderful. Pls let me know more info to guide you better:
      – your boy’s size and shape: at 11kg, are his thighs slim or chunky? Wear his usual diaper over him, then measure his waist, thigh circumference (meatiest part), and rise (from top of diaper under belly button down to underneath him to behind him, to the top of the diaper). How many inches each — waist, thigh, rise?

      – His sleeping position — tummy down, side, back, roll about all night?

      – For a start, you may try using a pocket diaper with suede cloth (very stay-dry all night). 1 pocket diaper usually comes with 2 microfibre inserts. For overnight heavy wetter, the 2 inserts may not be enough. My favourite is Knickernappies SuperDo insert, very absorbent yet trim enough. Available at (Use discount code from my blog’s sidebar. If you are not from Singapore, let me know & I’d try to find a retailer for you.)

      If pocket diaper + SuperDo is still not enough, then let me know and I’d guide you further.

      Also, your boy may pee even more overnight as he grows older, and need even more absorbency. This is still possible with cloth diapering. Or in the best case, he starts staying dry overnight and don’t need diapers anymore.

      Hear from you soon. 🙂

      1. Hello,

        I have been following your blog for some time now… very useful tips on cloth diapering, which I am considering for my soon to be born baby.

        I ordered some stuff from milagro, but haven’t been able to get Knickernappies SuperDo anywhere. Milagro has the Knickernappies LoopyDo, which is less absorbent than the SuperDo. Any recommendations on where I can get these in Singapore? Don’t want to ship them from the US as they can get quite expensive.

        Thanks again, for all your help.


      2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! 🙂 SuperDo is needed for heavywetters, usually overnight, not needed for newborn yet. Newborn usually needs diaper changes at night for a couple of months till they start sleeping through. At that time, usually 2 regular inserts or 1 insert + 1 hemp insert should do the job.

        You may try cloth diapering your newborn for a while until you know if he / she is a heavywetter.

        When you really need SuperDo, you may ask Yee Ling from Milagro if she can ship in for you. She imports rather regularly from the U.S. and has met my special requests before. Hope this helps and all the best! 🙂

  3. Hi

    Thanks for your reply.

    The diaper is very full when it leaks. So my boy is like your boy, heavy wetting.

    I would like to go for your advice to try the disposable insert but i am not sure where i can get it in Singapore. I clicked on the link but it does not bring me to disposable insert.

    Please advise.

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