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Our new blog: Mummy’s Homeschool

Here’s announcing our new blog: Mummy’s Homeschool!

This plan has been in my head for months, and just got put into action last week, after several Mummies asked me to share where I bought the Montessori materials shown in Vee’s progress update post.

Finally, I got moving — designed the logo and website, wrote the initial posts, set up the email subscription software, set up the Facebook page, plus tweaked everything until they seem almost right… all while nursing a bad sore throat and cough.

Who’s Mummy’s Homeschool for?

This blog is suitable if:

  • you’re homeschooling or doing after-school activities,
  • your child is aged 0 to 6 years old,
  • you’re interested in knowing how we blend early right brain education with the Montessori Method, and
  • you wish to access free learning resources.

Tentatively, this is the direction that I’m working on. As Vee and Baby Jae grow older and I learn more, we may shift the focus.

What about Mummy’s Reviews?

Mummy’s Reviews shall remain as it is, focusing on Mummy / baby / toddler-related topics (such as pregnancy, cloth diapering, and breastfeeding), and reviews on useful products.

All new content related to early childhood education (for example, learning methods and educational materials) would be published at Mummy’s Homeschool.

So what to do now?

If you’re interested in early childhood education, simply join the new Mummy’s Homeschool Club to receive email updates of new blog posts and resources.

Visit Mummy’s Homeschool HERE.

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