Avoiding Mummy burnout + giveaway winners (iHerb / Qubies)

The past weeks have been hectic! I’m so glad to survive it all and am back to writing again, though less frequent than before.

What happened? Well, our home is faced with water problems AGAIN — this is the third time this year! So back to basics of using water from pails, controlling usage, getting people in to do repairs, etc.

Then Baby Jae is teething (also AGAIN) and fussing frequently at night. Something like every 1-2 hours for 12 hours. Getting better these few nights. I wish I can do magic and make all his teeth appear at once.

Anyway, here are 4 simple ways I use to avoid Mummy burnout:

1. Prioritise

There’re a zillion and one things on my to-do list, so prioritising is key. For now, my #1 priority as a Stay-At-Home-Mum is to take good care of the kids. On the busiest days, as long as the kids are well-fed, well-rested and generally happy, that’s enough. It’s completely ok to have a messier house, not to homeschool, and not to blog.

2. Delegate when necessary

I acknowledge to myself that I’m no supermum. I try to do my best but if I need help, I’d ask for it and will delegate. In our case, this is usually to hubby or the family helper, if they’re available. Oh, and also to Vee. Fetching a handkerchief, picking up toys for baby, entertaining baby, putting clothes into the wardrobe, etc. Little things add up!

3. Me-time

During a crazily overwhelming period, me-time is even more important than usual to let me stay sane. With no mood and time to blog, I read after the kids slept. And I did retail therapy by online window shopping too!

Ok, not just window shopping. I bought stuff, including a new tourmaline ceramic hair dryer that makes my hair super-smooth after blow-drying. Looking good certainly makes me feel happier and more energetic, even at home.

4. Confide in someone

There was a recent stressful day when Baby Jae was fussy, Vee started skipping his afternoon nap for the first time, and hubby came home late. It was overwhelming, and I nearly snapped. I confided in hubby that night and quickly bounced back with his support.

So it’s perfectly fine not to be a supermum. Most importantly, Happy Mummy = Happy Baby!

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4 thoughts on “Avoiding Mummy burnout + giveaway winners (iHerb / Qubies)”

  1. Hi MieVee,

    I have always found that you are a great mum for sure. I must confess that I can’t be a stay at home mum. Tried that during my maternity leave and I almost gone crazy, being alone to look after a newborn first time and also to do all the housework. Phew~

    You must jiayou and must not doubt yourself. Take things easily and step by step 🙂

    1. Hi May, it’s no joke taking care of a newborn + do housework alone! Especially if baby is fussy. On both occasions, I actually cried the day the confinement lady left because I feel overwhelmed at having to handle things by myself. This is despite having the extended family’s helper to do major cleaning and cooking.

      Thank you for all your encouragement, and you jiayou too! 🙂

  2. Hi MieVee,

    I can totally empathise with ya! The past few weeks have been hectic and stressful for me too as I was rushing my work and getting prepared for the arrival of bb no. 2. But nothing beats settling my first son who turned 2 a mth ago. He was super clingy and wanted me to do practically everything with and for him and no one else can! Bathing, feeding, changing diapers etc and keeps insisting that i carry him despite being heavily preg!During the last week b4 bb no. 2 arrived, he kept waking up every half hr or so and is continuing to do so till now after birth of bb no. 2! Now it’s a nightmare as i hv to shuffle betw nursing bb no. 2 and patting first son to slp as he has to hv body contact n touch my belly button to slp! Gosh,its like tending to twins. For t past 3 nites, hubby and i only managed 2-3 hrs of slp after a 4 hr of shuffling betw both sons. Sometimes i even hv to carry first son on my lap and nurse bb no. 2 on top of him!!! I dunno how to wean first son off me frm slping and nites r like a nightmare to me cos both needs me to slp. Burnout, meltdown is a sure thing tt is not far away if this continues.

    Sorry for the rumbling. Sure hope ur situation of bb jae fussing frequently wil be over soon. Rest as much in t day and take care!

    1. Wah, Grace… I can feel your stress! Nursing baby on top of toddler is quite creative!?! Since baby just arrived, it’s understandable that your toddler is much more clingy. This phase will certainly pass when he feels assured that daddy and mummy still love him like before.

      Guess the key is to rest in the day when possible and also tune in earlier at night with the kids. Take good care!

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