Jae from 12 to 15 months

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Jae turns 15 months old and has been keeping me real busy…

Health, Diet & Feeding

  • I gradually weaned him off breastfeeding after he turned one. After several tries, he accepted organic goat’s milk formula. Phew! We dropped 1 day feed each week. Recently at 14+ months, night-weaning was finally successful. This means after his last milk drink, his tummy can last until breakfast is served about 12.5 hours later.
  • He drinks milk directly from a bowl, and ONLY if there’s something else such as pieces of wholemeal bread in it.
  • For his solid meals, he has been eating the same healthy food as Vee and I at home. His current favourites are lightly-fried rice (dunked in soup), sweet potatoes, egg yolk, cereal flakes (finally overtaken Kallo’s Organic Rice Cake) and dragonfruit (all-time favourite!). He enjoys eating most fruits, likely because he has a sweet tooth like mummy. He eats vegetables, though not a big fan of them.
  • He still loves finger-feeding himself fruits and snacks. Most of the time, he’ll insist on having some finger-food while I feed him his meal. Without finger-food, he’ll push the bowl away, turn / shake his head, and even kick up a big fuss! And he flatly refuses to eat his main meal with his hands, be it pasta, beans, vegetables, etc. Oh whatever, as long as he eats!
  • These few days, he’s also into learning to spoon-feed himself. When he starts refusing his food, I’ll offer him the spoon and he starts being enthusiastic in eating again. He also likes using the fork to pick up pieces of fruits.
  • When we’re out during weekends, I’ve stopped bringing homecooked food for him most of the time. (This is unlike for Vee who was offered outside food only at 2.5 years old, mainly because of his food allergies.) If there’s extra soup or rice, I’ll freeze them. If there’s nothing to heat up from the freezer, then Jae will share my food during outings. When needed, I’ll rinse the food in a bowl of hot water to remove the seasoning before offering them to him.
  • The poor boy has been bothered by diarrhoea. It started with Vee, then went on to Jae. Both boys recovered, Jae took his MMR vaccine, then the diarrhoea returned, stopped and returned again. During the first episode, he didn’t eat much for almost a week, and lost 750g (from 10kg which took him ages to reach!) During the current episode, his appetite is still good, but I’ve no idea what’s causing the frequent soft stool (about 3-4 times a day). Urgh…

Mummy's Reviews - Jae 15 months

Potty Training

  • Pre-potty training (read detailed tips here) was going on well until he started having diarrhoea. At 12+ months old, he could make a forceful sound “ng” to tell me that he needed to poo, so that I could bring him to the potty.
  • Then recently, having diarrhoea or soft stool doesn’t require him to stop his activity to think / strain / communicate. So he may tell me after he has soiled his diaper. If I ask him, he may shake his head or pat his diaper / say “ng ng”.
  • Before bed, I still plop him onto the potty. Often, he’ll pee into it.
  • His first poo is upon waking up in the morning. If he hasn’t done it, then I’ll let him sit on the potty in the bathroom while I brush my teeth. And I must lock the door, otherwise he may run off with naked bums!
  • Our water supply was disrupted for many days in January. Limited water supply plus Jae’s diarrhoea mean cloth diapers weren’t a viable option. So we’d to use disposable diapers whenever water supply is affected. Sigh… more money spent and more garbage created.


  • Jae continues to nap well, usually 1.5 to 2.5 hours once in the afternoon. This is the golden time when I create homeschooling materials.
  • When we’re out, he can fall asleep in the stroller, so we’re babywearing him less.
  • And it’s great that the bad nights are mostly over! As day-weaning progressed, he fussed less at night. Finally, he went through one day without suckling in the middle of the night. Before long, night-weaning was successful.
  • When he fusses at night, he could go back to sleep by changing his position, climbing ONTO me, being patted, or carried / rocked (last resort!)
  • Last Saturday night, he miraculously slept through in the cot from 10+p.m. till 7a.m. A whooping 9 hours, instead of fussing every few hours until I give up and co-sleep. When I woke up at 7a.m. and saw him in the cot, hubby and I couldn’t believe our eyes! He hasn’t repeated the “miracle” since and I certainly hope he’ll. Soon.

The rest of Jae’s homeschooling, communication and motor skills updates are posted at Mummy’s Homeschool here.

During the past weeks, I’ve been busy taking care of the boys who have been taking turns to be ill, spring-cleaning and creating homeschooling materials. I’ll try to update more frequently (hopefully at least once a week) after Lunar New Year celebrations. Have a blessed year!

P.S. View more developmental milestones here

P.P.S. I started weaning Jae off breastfeeding after his first birthday because of very specific reasons: I wish to conceive; it’s very difficult for me to conceive when I’m fully breastfeeding (which may not be true for all mummies); I’m underweight and will have a hard time trying to eat for 3 persons if I breastfeed while being pregnant. In usual circumstances, I’m fully supportive of extended breastfeeding till at least 2 years old and I’d be doing that for my last baby. He/She can breastfeed till as long as he/she likes! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Jae from 12 to 15 months”

  1. Could u please share ur experience on how to wean off breastfeeding. My baby is a hybrid btw mummy’s milk and formula. But the critical at night fall when he needs to suckle inorder to sleep…sigh! Thx

    1. Hi Pat, I presume you mean night-weaning? That depends on your baby’s age and if he’s ready to give up night feeds.

      For us, I avoid letting baby suckle to sleep for naps and night, from day 1. If he falls asleep while suckling, I’ll try to unlatch, carry him over my shoulder to burp, walk about or bounce, and try to put him down.

      Our nap and bedtime routine has breastfeeding right in front. After feeding, we move on to dim lights, diaper change, story / songs, cuddling / carrying / walking, sleep. On fussier nights, hubby / I also use an ergonomic baby carrier, and walk about till baby falls asleep. As long as he falls asleep without needing to suckle. If he screams and wants to suckle, I’ll let him do so until he calms down, then try unlatching.

      Try reading No Cry Sleep Solution on info on how to remove sleep association with sucking. The review is here.

      Super-fussy Vee was finally weaned off night-suckling at 18 months old; Jae at 14 months old. There comes a stage when they’re able to calm down better during bedtime and fall asleep with minimal assistance.

      All the best to you! 🙂

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