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Mummy's Reviews - GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper

Here’s a review of GroVia All-in-One Cloth Diaper, provided by Tiny Tapir. It’s been ages since my last cloth diaper review and we’ve actually tried this GroVia AIO out for 2+ years.

This super-comfy diaper doubles up as pull-up pants during potty-training.

About GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper

These are the main features of the AIO diaper:

  • Outer fabric: 100% water resistant polyester TPU
  • Soaker: 100% organic cotton (1 attached, 1 small soaker can be snapped on)
  • Closures: 2 x 2 front rise snaps. 2 rows of 5 waist snaps per side.
  • Country of origin: Made fairly & conscientiously in China

This is a one-size diaper available in several colours and prints. Below are the dimensions for the various rise settings:

Rise Setting Small Mid Unsnapped
Waist 9″-22″ 9″-22″ 9″-22″
Thighs 5″-7″ 6″-8″ 7″-13″
Rise 13″-14″ 15″-16″ 16″-17″

First Impressions

Mummy's Reviews - GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper inside

Most of the cloth diapers in my stash are pocket diapers, so this AIO is a refreshing addition. (Love the sweet colour!) The soaker is sewn to the diaper at the top, explaining why it’s an All-in-One.

The organic cotton soaker isn’t stay-dry, so it’d help a toddler feel wetness during potty-training. For babies who need a stay-dry layer, be prepared to add a washable stay-dry liner.

The TPU outer and organic cotton inner feel very soft and the side tabs are super-stretchy. A closer look at the inner cotton fabric:

Mummy's Reviews - GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper fabric close-up

GroVia Warranty covers all manufacturing defects on its products for one full year from the date of purchase. More details on the GroVia Warranty here.

Our Detailed Review

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Prewash & Laundry: ★★★★★ I prewashed the GroVia AIO by hand in warm water, and it started absorbing. A pleasant surprise since the instructions suggested washing on hot 5-6 times to “prep” the cotton before first use.

Note that the warranty would be void when the diaper is washed at water temperature exceeding 60ºC.

For normal laundry, the AIO’s one-piece design means there’s no need to handle separate inserts or soakers. The soaker dangles out from the diaper cover, which reduces drying time. It takes about 1+ days to dry when it’s cloudy.

(b) Ease of Use: ★★★★ 3+ years ago when Vee was a chubby baby, I started liking side snapping diapers for the versatility of independent thigh and waist snap settings. GroVia AIO side snaps offer this advantage.

Once put on, it’s very easy to pull up and down for potty-time, thanks to the super-stretchy side tabs.

Mummy's Reviews - GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper stretchy tabs

For longer hours or on young babies (not being potty-trained), I’d have to add a stay-dry fleece liner. To skip doing this, I prefer to use the GroVia AIO only during potty-training. I remember Vee wore this diaper rather often during day potty training. 18-months old Jae would be entering this phase soon.

(c) Fit / Trimness: ★★★★ Being a side-snapping diaper, GroVia AIO is very trim and fits well under pants.

When the lower rise button is snapped on, there’s a tiny gap near the crotch (picture on the left below), which may lead to wicking. We’ve only used this diaper from toddler stage, so I’m not sure about this on smaller babies.

Mummy's Reviews - GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper compare snap settings

The elastics at the back and thighs are very gentle and comfortable.

Here’s Jae parading in the AIO..

Mummy's Reviews - GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper different views

(d) Performance: ★★So far, we haven’t experienced any leak for daytime use. I usually change the child every 2 hours at home or after he pees. The cotton absorbs almost immediately, so there’s low probability of leak due to repellent.

For longer hours or a heavier wetter, simply snap on the small booster.

We didn’t get to test the diaper with poo because Vee was poo-trained by the time he tested this out.

(e) Quality: ★★★ The sewing and workmanship is fine. But after several months, the elastic at one side loosened, so the diaper was loose at the thigh area. I didn’t bother sending it back to make a warranty claim, which should cover it.

Finally this year, I’d a stack of old diapers needing new elastics, so I sent it to one Mummy for repair. Now, it fits well again.

I certainly hope new batches of the diaper are using sturdier elastics.

Other than the elastics, the rest of the diaper remains fine after many washings.

(f) Overall Value: ★★★ Each GroVia AIO retails at RM80 in Malaysia. In the U.S., the suggested retail price is USD23.95. Depending on the location, the price is quite similar to other organic one-size AIO by U.S. brands.

We like to use the GroVia AIO as pull-up pants during potty training.

What we like about it:

  • Super-stretchy side tabs for easy pulling up and down
  • Gentle leg and back elastics
  • Soaker is made of organic cotton fabric
  • Dries rather quickly because the soaker dangles out from the diaper outer

What can be improved:

  • Use sturdier elastics

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P.S. Read more on Cloth Diapering tips HERE.

Disclosure: I received a Grovia AIO Cloth Diaper from Tiny Tapir for review.

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  1. Hi, you mentioned that you sent the cloth diaper for repair. May I know where did you send for repair? As I have the same problem too where the elastics are all loosen. I need it repaired for the second baby. looking forward for your reply.

    Thank you

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