Going out with 3 kids & the things that went wrong

After being MIA for weeks, here I am again! Baby #3 (aka Baby El) arrived on 24 Oct 2013, that means he’s 3.5 weeks now. (More on our birth story later on.) I’m “officially” still in confinement but we’ve got errands to run. Gosh, what a day!

Anything that can go wrong can go wrong…

While the confinement lady (CL) is still around to help, we applied for Baby El’s passport first thing this morning. The only parking space left was a small and bare piece of land some distance away from the office building. Bleah!

Upon reaching the relevant department, we got a queue number and managed to find seats. Then I realised I left my handbag in the car! Yup, after almost a month of staying at home, I remembered to carry the baby but not the bag out of the car.

Hubby had to walk all the way back to get my handbag.

Then while he was away, Jae wanted to poo! And when he wants to poo, it’s almost immediate. Of all time, why now!?! Though he’s fully daytime potty-trained, I’d put a cloth diaper on him, just in case. Phew!

When hubby returned, he brought Jae to the toilet to clean up. And when they appeared again, Jae was half naked and dripping wet. Duh… there was no paper in the toilet, so hubby had to wash him. Luckily, I’d brought a spare square nappy along, so I could wipe him dry.

In the meantime, Vee was bored and fussed for the iPod Touch, which I usually bring along for times like this when we’ve to wait for hours. I whipped it out, only to find that one of the boys (likely Jae) had keyed in the wrong password repeatedly and disabled the device for 60 minutes. Oh great…

Vee kept asking me how long he still had to wait for it to be enabled again.

How long is 60 minutes? How many seconds do I need to count?”

“Wah, now it’s 59! How long to count?”

“Mummy, it’s now 58! How many more seconds?”

This went on and on and I’d to mentally multiply the number by 60 to answer him. Thankfully, hubby found a seat somewhere else and Vee went off to “bother” him instead of me.

Then we went to the cafeteria for a drink, I breastfed Baby El, who then poo-ed, and we got him changed.

When it was time to collect the passport, Baby El decided to fuss, which escalated to screaming. Guess he was probably trying to sleep.

Finally, we left for lunch at the shopping mall just a short drive away. When we reached the carpark, Jae-the-boy-who-can-sleep-anytime-anywhere dozed off. The CL was carrying Baby El who finally napped. Hubby had a back injury and is”banned” from carrying anything heavy. So I’d to carry 12+kg-Jae to the restaurant… which was near enough before my arms broke.

After lunch, we went to the paed’s clinic. Super short queue, wonderful!

By the time we reached home, we’d been out for a grand total of 7 hours. Having slept for only 4.5 hours last night (cos Baby El was fussy for a while at night), I was exhausted. All I wanted was a shower and a good nap. Thankfully, I got both done and am fully recharged again!

Hopefully, our next trip out with the 3 kids would be much MUCH more smooth-sailing… Wish me luck! 🙂

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