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Need lovely maternity and nursing dresses? Check out today’s Ubermums review…

About Ubermums

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Here’s a little background on Ubermums:

  • Started by: Edwina Eng, mother to a toddler and a baby (from Singapore)
  • What’s HOT: DUO range that combines maternity apparel with nursing features — a practical and popular choice
  • Country of origin: Made all over the Asian region as different countries specialise in different fabrics

First Impressions

While breastfeeding Baby #3 (El), I’m still wearing Ubermums nursing clothes reviewed here and the nursing poncho is a must-have in my diaper bag.

This year, Ubermums provided me with 3 dresses to refresh my wardrobe during Lunar New Year. I chose Cadence DUO Maxi Dress in Plum, Marseille Tiered DUO Dress in Navy, and Issa Maternity & Nursing Dress in Fuchsia. (Left to right in the photos below)

Even during the peak Christmas week, the parcel arrived within a few days by normal mail. I was surprised! Still, I’d encourage registered mail unless you’re flying out of Singapore in a rush (like I was).

Once the package arrived, I eagerly tried them on to show my arty farty sister. She likes Issa dress (1st on the right) the most.
Mummy's Reviews - ubermums nursing dresses

I’m soooo short! When Baby El starts walking well, I’ll definitely be wearing high heels again!

Our Detailed Review – Ubermums Maternity / Nursing Dresses

Rating Guide: Oh no!     ★★ Poor     ★★★ Fair     ★★★★ Good     ★★★★★ Excellent!

(a) Laundry: ★★★ The care instructions recommend handwashing in warm water under 30°C. This is fine because I prefer handwashing my nice dresses anyway. However, I think the label should omit the word “warm” for clarity.

There’s no colour run after handwashing in cold water. I also hang them flat for drying to maintain their shape.

(b) Fit & Comfort: ★★★★★ Since size XS isn’t offered, I chose size S like the last time and all 3 dresses fit me perfectly!

The bad news: I’ve “grown” after giving birth to 3 babies.

The good news: Yeah, no need to send for alteration! *Must think positive* 🙂

The waistline is made of stretchy material. Marseille in Navy (the dress in the middle) should be able to accommodate a bigger pregnancy bump than the other 2 dresses.

All the dresses are comfortable in our hot and humid weather, thanks to the sleeveless design and thin material.

Going off-point a bit: I used to get cold easily in air-conditioned places. After my first confinement, my body changed and I get warm easily. Love sleeveless or short-sleeved clothes.

If I’m really cold, I use the Ubermums nursing poncho to keep warm.

The simple designs are versatile for different occasions. Just pair up with different shoes and accessories. Ok, now I need more shoes and accessories. Heh…

(c) Ease of Use:★★★★★ Nursing is a breeze in these dresses. Simply push aside the neckline to the access the nursing openings in the inner layer. When in public, I usually nurse with the nursing poncho as well.

(d) Quality: ★★★★ Sewing and workmanship are excellent. I’ve worn each dress several times, still not enough to judge the long-term quality though.

(e) Overall Value: ★★★★★ The dresses retail between SGD59 to SGD63.90, which is a reasonable range for lovely and multi-functional dresses.

I love Ubermums nursing dresses! More designs, please…

What we like about them:

  • Lovely, simple and versatile design
  • Multi-purpose — 2-in-1 for maternity and nursing
  • Comfortable in hot and humid weather

What can be improved:

  • Omit the word “warm” in care instructions
  • More designs for beautiful nursing dresses, please… – There’re many with floral prints. How about stripes? And more with slightly stiff fabric (instead of so many drape-types)?

Win Your Own

Mummy's Reviews - ubermums nursing tops giveaway
To thank supporters of Mummy’s Reviews™ Parents Club, this Giveaway is EXCLUSIVE to Parents Club members. There will be TWO (2) lucky winners:

  1. First Prize: Tulip Maternity and Nursing Top in Black worth SGD42.90
  2. Second Prize: Zest Maternity and Nursing Top in Aqua worth SGD35

How to Participate

1. Join Mummy’s Reviews™ Parents Club here or below (existing members counted)

2. Fill in the online form HERE

Other Information

  • This Giveaway is open to subscribers with a mailing address in Singapore. Otherwise, the winner may top up the shipping fee (for registered trackable mail via Singpost) via Paypal request.
  • If you’re a winner, the colour / design of your prize depends on the stock available.
  • It will run until 11 April 2014 (Friday) 2359hr (GMT +8).
  • The usual Giveaway Terms apply.

Submit your entry now and good luck!

Get Your Own (with Discount!)

To get your own stylish and wearable maternity and nursing wear, visit Ubermums.

  • Special Treat: 15% discount
  • Discount Code: Mummy15
  • Validity Period: For 2 weeks until 13 April 2014

Disclosure: I received a Cadence DUO Maxi Dress in Plum, Marseille Tiered DUO Dress in Navy, and Issa Maternity & Nursing Dress in Fuchsia from Ubermums for review.

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