Mummy, please smile!

Mummy please smile


Have you smiled today, my fellow Mummy?

During dinner at an eatery on Saturday, I was waiting with Jae and Baby El while hubby and Vee went to get some things. My eyes wandered around other tables and landed on a family with 3 children. (I enjoy observing and learning how other parents manage multiple kids.) The mummy didn’t seem happy… Oops, perhaps she’d a bad day?

Coincidentally, the table in front of me was a family with 3 children too. The mummy was trying to coax the youngest toddler to have his dinner, and had to feed her #2 as well. The daddy talked to her for a while and then…. erm… dozed off. The mummy was soooo patient, yet looked tense.

Suddenly, it was like looking at myself in a mirror. Mum of 3 kids –> tense –> not smiling? What’s more, I’ve been ill for the past 6 days and certainly haven’t been very smiley.

Immediately, I made an effort to smile at my little boys and they smiled back in response. Children are such amazing people!

As mums, we’re often the emotional pillar of the family. It is important to keep our spirits high and cheer up each day, even if the day has been challenging. When we’re filled with good energy, everything seems more possible. When we’re filled with good energy, we become happier. When we’re filled with good energy, our children will feel it too.

Happy mummy –> happy children & happy family

My fellow Mummy, please smile yah?



Smilingly yours,


P.S. Please share this message with your mummy friends who need a little encouragement to keep smiling each day.

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5 thoughts on “Mummy, please smile!”

  1. Hi MieVee, I’m so glad to read your post this morning 🙂 … What a coincident that last Friday I had attended my department teambuilding, one of the key message delivered was “Your Positive Energy Attracts its Corresponding State ~ Be Aware of your Energy, because it decides your engagement with others.”… So YES! We need to keep our spirits high and cheer up each day, tell ourselves every morning “TODAY IS A GREAT DAY!” 🙂 😀 CHEERS!~! -Rue

  2. Thanks so much mievee for ur timely reminder and encouragement! Appreciate this post and will share with my mummy frens! Keep up your great work with ur kids too! All the best and take care!

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